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  1. I just found out that I passed the SE II. I'm extremely relieved, and quite excited. But now what? The whole point of taking the SE II for the last time (Oct 2010) is so I don't need to ever take the new 2-day exam. So, now what are my options? Get my SE designation in Illinois? I live/work on the east coast, and don't expect a west coast move anytime soon. Any suggestions/opinions?
  2. I'm signed up to take the SEII this October (the last time this test is offered). However, at the end of the day, assuming I pass, will this really do anything for me? I was hoping to get out of ever taking the new 2-day exam. I live on the east coast, so I'm not so concerned about getting a CA or WA license. Does anyone know where I can find a state-by-state list of what's required to practice as a structural engineer? For example: In CA, you need SEI, SEII & SEIII In IL, you need SEI & SEII In ...., you need .... Thanks.
  3. Hi, I also have the Kaplan 3-book combo. I'm starting my SEII exam studying now for the October exam and I am curious about something. In the "Civil & Structural Engineering, Seismic Design Review for the PE Exam" Kaplan book, Chapter 1 goes over some example problems which require matrix operations. My NCEES-approved calculator, TI-30X, does not perform matrix operations. I am not sure whether the other NCEES-approved calculators do matrix operations. But, if not, I am not sure what to conclude. While I am capable of doing freehand matrix problems, I doubt that the purpose of the SEII exam is to see whether I'm proficient in freehand matrix calculations. I do not want to violate the rules of this forum by discussing specific exam problems. I am merely trying to see what others think about the SEII exam and the ability to perform matrix calculations. Thanks.
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