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  1. I'm not sure if it is the same or not. Since I already took it (and passed, I'm sure) I was thinking I must have received it by error, so I didn't really examine it.
  2. Thanks for the congrats! I just called NJ PELS and got someone to answer... Here is what I found out for those who may be in the same boat... The woman said that they don't yet have results from the testing service for the people that took and sent in the NJ Law Exam subsequent to the October PE exam. So, those people are all receiving the NJ Law Exam along with their registration information. She said that I could: A ) Send in the registration and wait for results from Law Exam I already took B ) Send in the completed Law Exam they just sent along with the registration now and they will grade it if they get around to it before the results come in. She recommends option B ) because they may not have the results back from the testing service for 1 week or more...Also, there is no additional cost for option B ), still just the $80 for the registration. I suppose I'll just fill it out and send it in, cheap insurance.
  3. Did anyone get their NJ Law Exam results from October/November?? I sent the law exam in last November after sitting for the exam (per instructions included from the testing service), but have not received a grade. Then, when I received my materials last Friday from NJ that said I passed the PE exam, they included a law exam with my registration materials. Does this mean I didn't pass or do they just send one to everybody because they are lazy? Or have they not sent out law exam results yet?? Thanks for any info!
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