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  1. constructjerry

    Map: April 2012 Results

    I'm surprised there aren't more apologies from those who have been bellyaching on here over the past week about the extra time it took for states to evaluate as well as the premature self-declarations of failure....especially when it turns out they actually passed. Don't get me wrong, I wish PA was able to release a week and a half ago with most others, but it seems like this is consistent with past history / results. But seriously, life doesn't need to be as stressful as some of you guys seem to make it for yourselves!
  2. Does anyone have the new 6 minute solutions for construction? />http://ppi2pass.com/six-minute-solutions-for-civil-pe-exam-construction-problems-sxccn.html If so, does it contain alot of good new questions, or is it just a repackaging of construction related problems from the other six minute solutions books?
  3. constructjerry

    Construction Depth Reference Manual

    Can you give an example or two of what the book covered vs. what you think it should have covered? Was the problem that it covered theory too much and not enough practice? So far, I thought it did a decent job with earth and material quantity estimating and equipment production, but I haven't taken any practice tests yet to see whether it covered what was necessary.
  4. constructjerry

    Construction Depth Reference Manual

    Can anyone who used this book to take the October 2011 exam weigh in on how well it prepared you for the Construction PM exam? Were there certain resources and topics that it did a better job of covering than others? Was there anything important it totally missed? On the same lines, was there anything it essentially substitutes for? (it seems to include a lot of appendix tables from ACI SP-4 and ASCE 7) I'm going through it now and find it pretty well put together (other than the calculation errors in examples...check the errata on the website for corrections). But, i haven't dug much into other construction references yet to see whether there is a lot of key info that the Depth Reference Manual is missing.
  5. Do you have a link to the Perofony book you referenced? To clarify, I'm primarily asking about PE exam practice problem and practice test resources people have used that are good, particularly for Construction topics. I plan to get reference sources like (ASCE 37, AISC, ACI 318,SP-4, OSHA etc.) that are identified in the NCEES exam specs and elsewhere on these boards as well, but they don't typically provide practice problem sets tailored for the exam in themselves.
  6. Thanks samuel. The Indranil Goswami book looks like it could be a good "cliffs notes" to the CERM based on reviews here. http://www.amazon.com/Civil-Engineering-Al...e/dp/0071502653 How does it do with the constuction depth information by way of information and examples? Did you find you used or use it more than CERM for certain subjects? Does it have practice problems or just worked examples? I.E. do you still need to get one of the other resources I mentioned above for practice material? The other books you referenced are resource materials and don't have specific practice problems themselves, correct?
  7. I'm trying to figure out which study resources there are currently out there specifically to prep for the Construction Module. From what I can tell, the following is what is available so far.... Can anyone with past or current experience comment on their usefulness? A) CERM 11th edition - that has new construction chapters. How well do they actually cover the actual test material? Too much, too little? B ) Lindeburg Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 11th Edition. Some have said these are too involved. But are the Construction questions at least a good preparation for the actual test? Or is it all just overkill? http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop?ct=CIVIL&a...1&pr=CEPP11 C) Lindeburg Civil PE Sample Examination 2nd Edition. Again, people seem to say the sample test is much harder than the actual test and is just frustrating. Again, is it still worth it to get for the construction questions though? http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop?ct=CIVIL&a...=2&pr=CESX2 D) NCEES 2007 sample questions with construction. These seem to be the considered the best representative questions of the test but unfortunately only have 20 morning and 20 afternon questions per depth, so it's not a comprehensive resource. Still worth getting though it seems. http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop?ct=CIVIL&a...2&pr=NCPEC4 E) Rajapkse Civil PE Professional Engineer Exam Construction Module Practice Problems, 2010 edition. http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop?ct=CIVIL&a...=2&pr=CECPP This seems to be the only other construction specific sample problem resource currently out there. But many appear to be critical of it not being put together well. Are the questions and test worth it though? Can this be used on its own with the CERM or do you need the other Rajapske manual to go with it, 3rd edition? (http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop?ct=CIVIL&idx=0&pr=CECM3) F) Six Minute Solutions books. They seem to be a very good resource for morning and depth questions for Transpo, Geotech, Struct, & Water Res disciplines. But, there is no Six minute Solutions for Construction yet and I have no idea if and when one is intended to be developed. Would they be good prep for construction anyway though? Of these resources or others, what have, or are you guys currently finding useful for Construction related practice problems? Thanks!