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  1. Wildsoldier PE

    Where was you?!

    Post the location and what you were doing when you received the news that you passed the PE. In my case, It was December 2011, I was at KFC eating(not a good healthy choice) with my wife and I searched on my old iPhone 4 to see if the results were posted on NCEES. Then notice that a link was added saying Results Report (my heart palpitations increased like if I was going to have a car accident)....I clicked on it, I saw the word "Congratulations" but when I read it I was so nervous that I couldn't make sense out of it. Took me like 4 long seconds to find that word "status results: Passed". I told my wife result are in...I passed....my wife couldn't believe it, she had to see the report in the phone. What a relief....after that I spread the word.
  2. Wildsoldier PE

    DC machine losses

    I believe DC is not in the PE exam specifications...but is always good to understand DC as well.
  3. Wildsoldier PE

    Power system analysis chapters

    I recomend to do as much problems as you can...you need to develop a pretty good way on how to solve complex problems efficiently and fast and you get that knowledge by solving and solving problems. I finished my pe test early and i had time to solve the difficult ones after the first round even had time to review all of them. But the problems aint easy believe me.
  4. Wildsoldier PE

    Power system analysis chapters

    I know...is a lot..when are you taking the test?
  5. Wildsoldier PE

    Power system analysis chapters

    Yup i still remember when i post that
  6. Wildsoldier PE

    what is the exact name of KAPLAN book ?

    I also heard that Kaplan can do more harm than good...the problems are harder than the actual exam and i think i heard it have a bunch of errors...but that was 3 years ago dont know if new revisions have been released
  7. Wildsoldier PE

    FERM3 and new CBT exam

    If I was you I wouldn't worry about it. Not every review book covers 100% of any of the exams. In some questions you would be on your own to solve them. The key to pass is study study and solve a loooot of problems.
  8. Wildsoldier PE

    Fe Exam for non- ABET foreign degree

    You need to check with the board of the state you are taking the test. I already passed thru the evaluation. First, when I graduate my institution was not accredited by ABET so in other words i have a non-accredited degree. Five years after my graduation my University received the accreditation. But this doesn't mean that my degree automatically become accredited...i still have a non-accredited degree...good thing in my case the NCEES results from the evaluation came positive for me..it said that my degree fulfilled NCEES criteria...I didn't had deficiencies. If deficiencies are found the board may request to fulfill the deficiencies (take the classes that you are deficient) in order to proceed.
  9. Wildsoldier PE

    EIT certificate

    The board is the only one that can answer that question...they trust NCEES judgement...if your degree does not fulfill NCEES criteria and you have some deficiencies....the board may hold their decition until you fulfill those deficiencies.
  10. Wildsoldier PE

    Complex Imaginary Volume 3 problem 6

    Complex imaginary have a few errors. If its 3 phase you have to use sqrt of 3
  11. Wildsoldier PE


    still too low. we are not living in the early 90's any more.
  12. Wildsoldier PE


    Very true. Is very low. It shall be at least 85K minimum.
  13. Did you called them and ask for the status? If i have questions i always call the board. When i submitted my reciprocity for pe to 9 states at the same time CA was the first to get all done. i think it only took like a month. They are pretty fast if everything is in order.
  14. Wildsoldier PE

    Looking for a job

    This could be multiple factors. Are you willing to move? Are you looking locally only? Is the area that you are living have good demand for electrical engineers? Is your experience based on something very specific or something that have a lot of demand. Do you have friends or contacts that have moved to other places that can help you? You already have 8 years of experience with EIT and have not taken the PE(sometimes some states requires 8 years of experience for non-abet accredited degrees)? Some employees see well he have 8 years and no PE sometimes raise a flag. I haven't seen your resume so I don't know!
  15. Wildsoldier PE

    A good approach to PE question?

    KatyLied just told you what you need to do...thats a really good advise...something like that is what i did.