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  1. In Government, a raise or promotion does not depend on your PE ow how good you are. This country is heading south!
  2. i doubt the NCEEs got all correct answers for all questions.
  3. born in 66. graduated from top 3 engineering graduate school and had no need for PE. but those people graduated from inferior colleges (like not even top 100 down the map) witih PE had been sarcastic and saying they are real engineers (apparently they think PE makes them real enginners.) Just had to bite the bullets to pass the PE to shut their mouth.
  4. please post your score ##/80, fail, state. thanks.
  5. sure. can you send me your email? (i couldn't send message to your inbox) are you interested in PPI exam cafe?
  6. I am looking to exchange for six minute solutions - Geo. I got Structural, Water, transportation. please email me if interested. also is there anyone interested in PPI exam cafe? thanks.
  7. hello i 'm interested in NDS for Wood Construction (Wood Design Package), 2005 Edition by American Wood Council No Markings, Like new .
  8. I was told by TXBPE 70% is passing score. 50/80=68% 51/80=69% 52 is passing score for construction Well since my score was 51/80 construction- I feel like crap if I missed by one point. sorry. you missed by one question (out of 80). you'll nail it in Oct.
  9. I was told by TXBPE 70% is passing score. 50/80=68% 51/80=69% 52 is passing score for construction
  10. afewgood

    NCEES PE Pass rates

    I hope I'm a part of the 40% of repeaters that passed. ::crosses fingers:: that still doesn't tell overall passing rate. (1st timer and repeater) does anyone know? thanks.
  11. did NCEES give you % or how many questions you got right? thanks.
  12. afewgood


    50/68%, Arp 2011 PE, FAIL :i_cry:
  13. Taking April 11 Construction. anyone else?
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