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  1. Thank you. I just called this place: />http://www.contractorschool.com/ And they confirmed that the Class A - Engineering - does not require a degree of any kind, just experience. This confirms that the Class A is outside of the scope of Professional Engineering.
  2. Other than this link from the California State Licensing Board: http://www.cslb.ca.g...gContractor.asp and some general references, I have been searching all over Google Sucks Sucks to find the requirements for a Class A engineering contractor in the State of California. Despite using the keyword "requirements" and "exam", I can't find any details listing the requirements to have, for example, an B.S. in engineering and/or a professional engineering license. Also, I can't find any information regarding the Class A examination. Is there a link that states the requirements to be eligible (i.e. B.S., P.E., etc.) for Class A? ----------- Does an CA Class A Contractor license require: * A B.S. in Engineering * A Professional Engineering License * What are the specifics about the exam?
  3. Is anyone here enrolled in the Excel Test Prep - PE ME review course? The Northern CA course has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Is anyone currently taking this course in another region? Has anyone taken this course in the past? TIA
  4. I've taken the exam before and scheduled to take it again October-2011. Application paid and approved with both State of California and NCEES. I'm not prepared to take it in October. Is it possible to roll everything, $275 payment, NCEES approvals, etc. to April-2011? Essentially a deferral to April-2011?
  5. For those who took the ME and failed, please post your fail score here. Trying to determine the highest fail score. Please indicate: * TF * MD * HVAC -------------------- My score was: TF - 40/80
  6. If anyone has this item: 101 Solved Mechanical Engineering Problems (MESPT) - 2nd Edition (2009) http://ppi2pass.com/ppi/PPIShop_pr_MESPT I would like to purchase it, new or used. Must be 2nd Edition. I am leaving the country for a month beginning February 18th, so I need to have it before that date, willing to accommodate expedited shipping. Please feel free to email me at: http://scr.im/apr30
  7. Thank you. I have respectable source of advisement, an instructor of a program who's students have an 80% pass rate on the MEPE, who recommended 101 problems for my particular and unique situation at this point. It might not be for everyone, but I just failed to pass the first time around and I need to focus on just doing problems for my particular weak areas at this point. If anyone has a copy of 101 Solved ME problems, please let me know.
  8. I would like to obtain a copy of this book ASAP. Is there someone who passed the test who could sell me a copy? Please PM me.
  9. ^ Thanks for that information. It's encouraging. I got 37/80. I plan to take it in April-2011, and if necessary, October-2011, April-2012, and October-2012. As long as I see a progression and improved scores, I'll continue. I was shocked. I thought I clearly got 50/80 correct, not including the guesses. But it showed I was high on Hydraulics, weak on Heat Transfer (as expected), etc. I was shocked that I got both of the standards and codes wrong. I thought they were simple, basic, and slam dunks. Makes me wonder if there's a error in my grading, but I hear that's highly unlikely. I'll get into it in more detail in a separate thread, but I would like to find a private tutor if possible.
  10. I've seen elsewhere on this forum that between 56 and 53 is the approximate cutoff but I'm not sure.
  11. Based on the diagnostic reports, Seroge and others have posted their number of correctly answered in this thread. I did not pass and scored below 47/80 I'd like to know if anyone scored above 47 and still failed. If you wish to share, please post your fail score and concentration. I'm curious to know how high some of the fail scores are, especially for this discipline.
  12. I'm awaiting the PE results. In the, hopefully, unlikely event that I didn't pass, is there an automatic re-registration process?
  13. First timers and repeat takers are independant and mutually exclusive from the overall pass rate of 55%. I should note that the pass over the past seven tests, excluding an easy exam that had a 62% pass rate on year, avaraged about 52% and ranged from 48% to 56% (a calculation I did by looking at the link provided before). Yes, the pass rate is higher for first-timers. However, overall, if approximatley 50% pass the test, being above the median will likely result in passing, regardless of the magnitude of how many are in each category. The overall pass rate is based on the total number of exam takers. Afterwards, they may be categorized by first-timers or repeat takers. The bottom 1/3 will clearly fail, as well as many others above that and below the median, first timers or not.
  14. I read on the NCEES's web site that they don't release the cutoff score because it always changes on each exam. While the pass rates might be similar, the cutoff certainly varies. We may reasonably assume that 70% is likely pass, and we may also assume that the cutoff is usually a little below that. I did hear that for ME's, the pass rate is about 55% overall (both first-time and repeat takers). Hence, I'd like to hope I scored above the median.
  15. Maximums, Thanks for all the great advice on this matter. I am going on a three-week vacation soon which I planned months ago. My review teacher said the cutoff is generally a little below 70%. Of course, the Thermo people are feeling good about this test, hence, the cutoff may be on the hight side. I feel pretty good about the afternoon session, but my likely case is about 25+ out of 40, or 63% for the afternoon. Of course, this assumes 100% of my guesses are incorrect which I'll get to below. Yes, I do know that my strong points are fluids, thermo, and pumps. I definitely need more attention to HVAC, Combustion, and Heat Transfer. I was week on solving the mass flow rates into a room for HVAC, some Chemistry on Combustion, etc. Also, I really messed up on the graphics and electrical problems in the morning. As for your 56/80 cutoff: If I got 25 in the mornig and 25 in the afternoon, that's a total of 50, hence I only need six more. I know for sure I got two answers wrong after discussing analyzing them afterwards, so, removing 78 - 50 = 28 28 would be the number I guessed on. Of these 28, I need 6 / 28, or 21% of my random guesses to be correct. If got 21% of my random guesses correct, this would put me around the 56 cutoff. 70% cutoff might be conservatively high. 25 correct in the morning and 25 correct in the afternoon might be conservatively low. In theorey, about 25% of our guesses should be correct, but that can easily be significantly lower. You should know, I took the PPI review course which I'm able to take again for free if I didn't pass. The review course begins early January before we get the results, so I'm going to start again with studying and classes at that time just in case while awaiting the results. I have a lot riding on this exam, instant promotion, increased salary potential, etc., so if necessary, I'll take this test repeatedly until I pass. Thanks again for your feedback.
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