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  1. ASME/PPI Courses?

    I highly recommend the PPI refresher course on DVDs by Dr. James Kamm for both morning and afternoon preparation. The best strategy is to view/ listen to a course topic (e.g. refrigeration), solve some basic practice problems given at the end, and then tackle the same topic on the MERM. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE TIME ON THE ASME DVDS. I didn't mind spending money on prep stuff but it was a frustrating waste of time trying to gather anything useful from the DVDs.
  2. I meant in South Carolina but thanks.
  3. Do they send us a letter confirming the exam results?
  4. Marie, You were cutting it too close. They check all the stuff (references, past jobs, etc.) that you supplied in your application. If you sent it in 2 weeks before the closing date, there's no way they can verify your work, contact your references, and get the responses back from your references in that short amount of time. However, I do think they will apply your fee towards the October exam. As you can tell by my name, I've done this a few times... I mailed my application in June 2010 just before the deadline and got approved for the Oct 2010 exam. You might be okay.
  5. FAIL!

    Spoken like a great Engineer! I wish you the best for the April exam!
  6. *OFFICIAL* PE and FE Results Thread - Oct '10

    I passed the P.E. in SC! I owe a lot to EB.com
  7. SC PE Results

    I passed!
  8. Ever heard of this??

    I'm guessing any unusual statistics may cause more analysis of the results and could cause delays. Sorry, didn't finish........ That would mean delays to all results and not just individual results. Your colleague's acting a jerk.
  9. Ever heard of this??

    I'm guessing any unusual statistics may cause more analysis of the results and could cause delays.
  10. validation for Texas Board means match name and scores, which is a very quick process Thanks. Hope it's quick enough!
  11. Here's what NCEES says for SC results: "When results have been released to the South Carolina board (8–10 weeks after the exam) and validated, NCEES will send an e-mail informing FE and PE candidates that their results can be accessed through My NCEES." What exactly do they mean by validation by state board?
  12. FBI Job interview

    Pearls of Wisdom!
  13. What occupation do engineers marry?

    Makes sense. I guess a teacher or nurse would have the patience to deal with arrogant bastards like us.
  14. Latest update from NCEES

    Thanks for the update!
  15. Good Luck to us!

    The best of luck to us all! We will all do well tomorrow!