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  1. I just spoke to Barbara and according to her letter sent on 27th Feb-2012. Hope we will receive next week !!!
  2. Congratulation ferroresonance, Now how long we have to wait for PE & certificate ?
  3. monty74

    CT EIT

    Congratulations ferroresonance ! Best of Luck for PE exam ! I passed PE-Civil in Apr-2011 and this time pass FE. Waiting for now PE Iicence & stamp. How long it takes to get ?
  4. I took Transportation. Morning was ok. I had School of PE classes and was able to find at least 4 answers (of cause not exact, but close enough to answer the questions). Structural is out of my expertise, so if i didn't guess any structural answer correct, my chances to have 70% in the morning are low. I only would have to miss 4 out of Trans, WR, Const. and Geo. Afternoon session was complicated to me. I don't remember 12 Geometric Design questions. They probably were there, but they didn't look like using formulas. It probably were questions from Green Book. These questions were asking the least useful tables to find, some questions I had to read 3-4 times to understand the task. They gave scenario in the problem, than they said, "what if...", and gave a different scenario. It took my to read 5 times to understand which scenario they wanted to calculate: first, second or the difference. Any way, I felt like everything I learned was for nothing. On my practice tests I had very good scores, but last Friday, working my way to a goal, I was absolutely not sure if my best engineering judgment comply with NCEES judgment. I hate to do it again. I studied very hard, worked out hundreds of questions, but probably I am not a good test taker. time will show. Tanya , I took School of PE classes too. I feel Morning is o.k. Only I found difficulty in Geotech rest subject was ok for me. For Afternoon I did well in Traffic Analysis and Geometic Design. For Transportation Planning and traffic safety questions were chanllenging and not sure how many I did well and same thing for other topics.
  5. yes this time exam was challenging after 20 questions. I was struggling to find correct answer after 21 questions. Mostly in Trasportation Planning and Traffic Safety ( 9 questions).
  6. I agree with Maximus808. In oct-10 I got 48/80. I try this time hope I will pass though this time exam is difficult than previous one. ( Civil-transportation)
  7. Congratulation!!! Can you please advise how's level of difficulty between April-10 and October-10 exam. I took Oct-10 exam transportation depth and got 48/80. Morning 21/40 ( Transportation 2/8) and Afternoon 27/40. I am thinking to appear again in April-11.
  8. Here is mine- I fail - Civil- Transportation Knowledge Area ..... Number of Items ..... Your Performance (No. Correct) ..... Your Performance (% Correct) 1 ..... Construction ..... 8 ..... 4 ..... 50 2 ..... Geotechnical ..... 8 ..... 4 ..... 50 3 ..... Structural ..... 8 ..... 6 ..... 75 4 ..... Transportation ..... 8 ..... 2 ..... 25 5 ..... Water Resources & Environmental ..... 8 ..... 5 ..... 62 6 ..... Traffic Analysis ..... 9 ..... 6 ..... 66 7 ..... Geometric Design ..... 12 ..... 10 ..... 83 8 ..... Transportation Planning ..... 3 ..... 3 ..... 100 9 ..... Traffic Safety ..... 6 ..... 3 ..... 50 10 ..... Other Topics ..... 10 ..... 5 ..... 50 Total = 48/80 = 60% Please advise me how to improve for traffic safety and trasportation in morning section.
  9. Fail ! Civil-Transportation 48/80 Morning = 21/40 Afternoon= 27/40 lose confidence. I did very well but somehow got 2/8 in Transportation morning, 4/8 in Construction
  10. In depth,do they ask questions related to Spiral Curve. Most of states DOT no longer use Spiral Curve.
  11. I have checked with our within our company. Correct Answer is 480 ft. Following is procedure : L=KA , K=136 ( EXH- 3-78) , L= 272 feet. As per ITE we need to check clearnace criteria - page 75. L= 4w-2z+4(w^2-wz)^1/2 Based on this eqation you can get 4.76stations. Thanks for your support to resolve this problem.
  12. Sorry Guys ! working in NY is headache, long commute, longer working hrs! Anyway, what about if we use formula based on CERM 78.17. As per CERM 78.17 " IF THE STATION AND ELEVATION OF THE POINT P, THE STATION AND ELEVATION OF THE BVC OR THE VERTEX AND THE GRADIENT VALUES G1 AND G2 ARE KNOWN, THE CURVE LENGTH CAN BE DETERMINED EXPLICITLY". This problem is not same as per fig. 78.11 but it reverse ( obstruction is below ) Based on this formula I get 1520 ft answer. TANYA : Based on your solution , I am not getting 422 ft as per CERM table 78.4. Which formula you used.
  13. Please advise me regarding this quetion. When I calculated, my answer came 1520' based on CERM formula. " A Vertical curve joins -1.2% grade to a + 0.8% grade. The PI of the vertical curve is at station 225+00 and elevation 167 feet above seal level. the centerline of the roadway must clear a pipe located at station 226+20 by 3.0 feet. The elevation of the top of the pipe is 167.65 feet above sea level. What is the minimum length of the vertical curve that can be used for 60 mph design speed ? A. 280 feet B. 480 feet C.500 feet D. 300 feet My answer 1520 ft doesn't match from above. Please advise.
  14. Great ! this gives inspiration to take Transportation depth.
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