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  1. CT you can sit for PE without a degree and 20 years experience as a class 3 applicant. Ten years with an AS degree as a Class 2 I have to believe it would be challenging to pass without education. Tim
  2. This was not the case when I took the test in spring 2011. While it is true you cannot write in anything, you did need to bring all your own referances. Tim
  3. Also - eat a good comfort food meal the night before - I had mac-n-cheese and slept in a spare room so I wouldnt be awaken by our little one. I still woke at 4am nervous but at least the time spent sleeping was quality sleep. Good luck all Tim
  4. You need to be able to solve those problems quickly, which means not only understanding how to solve it, but know were the information can be quickly found. At this point I would work as many problems as you can until wednesday, then take thursday off. Tim
  5. Another example section: Another recent example involved a year long, critical path, team collaboration project. The projects goal was to engineer, design and build a device that would facilitate weld inspections and repairs to the core flood (CF) nozzle piping (located directly on the nuclear reactor) during a refueling outage in a commercial nuclear power plant. This work was focused on the pipe to vessel connection, adjacent to the reactor and required access to the annulus between the reactor vessel and reactor bio-shield, at approximately a 30 ft elevation. Access was obtained by cutting and removing a portion of the reactor’s six foot thick bio-shield adjacent to the CF piping. A work platform was developed and allowed entry into the annulus space. Once operators were in position, installation and monitoring of the welding equipment was completed as well as performing all required weld repairs. A significant radiological risk was associated with this entry due to the high radiation general work area levels from the reactor, as well as from the in-core instrumentation which was removed from the core (i.e. in the pulled position) and left within the instrumentation tubing below the CF nozzle. This project was successfully executed in XXXXXXX. Tim
  6. I had recieved a similiar request and responded with a four page letter expanding on my experience. If you dont have it then your not ready. Here is a snipit to give you a sense for the level of detail. I am currently working with XXXXXXXXX, to develop facility upgrades that would allow for a new Transuranic (TRU) Waste Box Remediation Facility to be located XXXXXXXXX. This involves site walk downs, evaluating existing radiological conditions, and the design and development of containment modifications. These modifications are required to be performed under industry accepted codes and standards (I.E. ANSI, AISC, ASTM, UBC, NFPA, SMACNA, ect). The modifications consist of four 16’ x 16’ x 16’ (nom) structural steel airlocks with rollup doors, bi-fold doors, air louvers, back dampers, status controls lights, ect. The airlocks will provide cascading pressure gradients between process areas ensuring directional air flow from least contaminated area to highest contaminated area. Included in this design is a custom filtration system using HEPA filters, spot ventilation, and custom duct connections. Also - remove the word "ONLY"out of your second paragraph. Hope this helps Tim
  7. Actually most of those "idiots" are already PE's!
  8. I agree 100% - work as many problems as possible in all of the areas that you can! I certainly agree that one should not work in an area unless they are competent, but I feel compelled to point out that most stamps that I have seen do not indicate title or discipline. Just name, state and license number. Tim
  9. All, I remember like it was yesterday the way you all are feeling! I was on a video conferance with 10 people in my office and it was killing me I couldnt check NCEES for an entire 90 minutes! Video conferance was done, refreshed NCEES and there was the results - passed! It is part of the game - it will all be over before you know it - and you will either be celebrating or getting ready to study some more! Good luck Tim
  10. I passed too! Wow what a load off my mind!
  11. My bet is they start being released today!
  12. I bet they start getting released this wednesday!
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