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  1. Lukas, I did not intend to give the impression that the process related directly to "date of your qualifying experience", though after going back and reading my previous response, I can see how one may read it in that manner. When I mentioned "review of the submitted (claimed) education/experience" criteria, I was attempting to emphasize that the application is for the purposes of acquiring a license and two, that criteria is what is being reviewed by the California Board for the purposes of obtaining that license. Once the "licensing" requirements are considered as being met, then it is determined whether a state exam component is necessary. If a state exam component is not required, (i.e., mechanical, electrical, etc.), then the next step for the application is licensure. If the application is for a license that requires a state exam (civil engineer), then the next step for the applicant to satisfy passing the two California Civil exams. Any applications in the status of the latter process (civil) at the time of determining eligibility for testing at the beginning of each quarter will be included on that list. I hope this helps.
  2. The quarter of testing is generally dictated by the date for when the application is considered as complete and review of the submitted (claimed) education/experience is approved as meeting the minimum required criteria for licensing. Generally speaking, the list of eligible candidates is created immediately after the end of a quarter such that all applications meeting the above criteria at the time the eligible list is created will be included on the list to receive an authorization to test for the new quarter. Example 1: Application is considered as meeting the minimum requirements on July 12 - candidate should be listed on the eligible list when its created just after Oct 1 for testing Oct-Dec (4th quarter) Example 2: Application is considered as meeting the minimum requirements on September 30 - candidate should be listed on the eligible list when its created just after Oct 1 for testing Oct-Dec (4th quarter) California Board attempts to make sure that all potential approvals which can be reasonably completed by the end of the quarter, are considered in the process so the date for creating the eligible list may vary 1 or 2 days. I know that many of you track the date that the application was mailed, received, etc. and while that is understandable, the date the application is deemed to meet the minimum requirements for licensure is really the important date.
  3. The California Board is aware of the results from their own exams. As Robert_Hunter stated above, licenses are issued on a two week cycle and as long as you've met all other requirements, a license should be issued to you.
  4. About halfway down at this page you'll find contact information for the Licensing Evaluators listed by first letter of your last name. You should start here.
  5. Appearing on License Lookup doesn't have anything to do with whether you are located. Its an indication that you haven't met all the criteria for licensing. If you believe you have, I would suggest you contact the Board's Licensing Evaluator (by first letter of your last name) to verify. Last Name Applicant Types: PE/PLS/GIT/PG/PGP A-G H-O P-Z
  6. Fingerprints submitted through a Livescan center in California, are directly transmitted electronically to the DOJ and FBI. And then those agencies know to send the reports to the proper California Board electronically using the code that is on the form available from the Boards website. If that form is not downloaded and used, the results won’t be sent to the Board. Most take less than a week to process. If you haven’t heard anything, that probably means you’re ok. The Board will usually only contact you if there’s an issue.
  7. Once fingerprints are provided to the California Board for any application, a person doesn't need to do it again for subsequent applications.
  8. Well, as the NCEES Record process has evolved, the Record does include exam verification as you can see at this link But, the Record is far more that just an exam verification and most applicants to licensing boards don't have a Record. so, there is a seperate exam verification request that is available for just that purpose.
  9. It depends on the licensing schedule. I know that licenses are next scheduled to be ran this Friday 6/21
  10. Yes, processing of the manual cards does take longer than the electronic submittal through LiveScan which goes directly to the DOJ. The cards need to be submitted to the California Board, which then forwards those to DOJ for processing.
  11. The California Board processes all application for an engineering license the same regardless of whether the applicant is residing or licensed in another state. Based on you just submitting your application, I would expect it to be processed over the next 45-60 days which means you should be notified sometime around mid-August of the status of your application. If approved prior to the end of September, you will be allowed to schedule for the two California Civil exams during the fourth quarter of the calendar year.
  12. Not really, though I would recommend that you contact the board to let them know this so it doesn't delay their review while they (think) they are waiting on that. Use the following based on the first letter of your last name to email them. A-G H-O P-Z
  13. A few clarifications in addition to what Orca2552_PE provided: If you have previously passed any national NCEES exam, yes you should request that a verification form be sent to the California Board. If you submitted your fingerprints previously with the EIT application to the California Board, you do not need to do it again. NCEES Record (formally known as Council Record) - If you had one, you would know what it is for. If you don't, don't worry about it. Its not required by the California Board. Branch (or discipline) of engineering - California is one of approximately 10-12 states that licenses engineers by discipline. Your references must be licensed in the discipline for which you are applying for, or at a minimum, authorized to practice that discipline of engineering where the claimed experience occurred.
  14. The NCEES Record is designed and was "homogenized" to meet the needs of many engineering licensing boards. However, due to having to meet the needs of many, there is inevitably some tradeoffs that occur when meeting the licensing requirements of some states. While California can be considered as having the least stringent criteria for engineering licensure in the USA, there are some aspects that are just not satisfied by the NCEES Record. (I.e., most states allow unlicensed individuals to serve as professional references - California does not) This is a very short and simple explanation for why the instructions provide the suggestions that they do. Something to consider...would you rather submit the minimum, wait for review, and then be told you need to submit additional information...thereby lengthening the timeline? Or would you rather take the advice and tips upfront from the board that is tasked with reviewing your application in the hopes that your timeline is shortened? Your choice.
  15. While both are administered by CBT methods, the two California Civil exams are developed in a different format than the California Professional Land Surveyor. This is primarily due to the size of the population. Normally, the results for the CA PLS exam are released about 30-40 days after administration, which isn't much different from the release of the CA Civil exams, but due to the new test plan specifications beginning this January, more detailed analysis is required to determine the passing criteria for the first administration of this new test plan. Candidates will be hearing results very soon. EDIT: I'm told results were released yesterday afternoon.
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