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  1. I apologize for the delay in responding to this...didn't really see this until recently. The California Board includes that reference, in addition to references to specific building codes, in its suggested reference list because it is believed that this is a good source for the theory of designing diaphragms, sub-diaphragms and distributing loads to shear walls, etc., which does not really change with a change in codes. It is important to understand that the intent of the California Civil exam in this instance is to provide a manner for the licensure candidate to demonstrate competency in practicing civil engineering as it relates to seismic factors normally occurring in California and the application of certain building codes. The exam is NOT intended to test the candidate simply on their knowledge of the building codes. The intended audience for those codes is not limited to engineers and in many cases do not require a license to understand. I hope this answers your question.
  2. After briefly reviewing those three websites, I notice that only one specifically mentions the 2018 change in the California Civil Exams test plan specifications. You want to make sure that any instruction you are paying for will be up to date in terms of what is published for exam content.
  3. Feel free to discuss engineering theory all you want. Just do not discuss actual questions that you've encountered on the examinations.
  4. CAPLS

    CA GE Prometric Fee

    Looks like the cost described above for the next GE exam is $151.29
  5. CAPLS

    CA GE Prometric Fee

    It sounds like you are referring to the seat fee which Prometric charges all exam takers. This is paid during the time of scheduling as it changes exam to exam and is based primarily upon the amount of time you are occupying the "seat". The CA GE exam is 8 hours long and when you count in the optional break halfway through, you are paying for somewhere between 8-9 hours of seat time. Best estimate would be about $180. If you send me a private message, I can get you the exact cost for you seeking reimbursement.
  6. Ah, that makes much more sense now. Sorry for my confusion.
  7. You consider 5 weeks as too long to wait! Wow, you don't realize how much nicer it is now. Good luck!
  8. Results for everyone that sat during the previous month are released approximately middle of the following month. Ex. Everyone sitting for the exam during September will receive an email with results sometime mid-October.
  9. CAPLS

    California PE Questions

    Brancity, the California Board does NOT require you to physically take the NCEES PE Exam at a site in California. However, when you register on NCEES to sit for the PE exam, IF you choose the California Board as your intended licensing state, you WILL have to travel to California to sit. My advice would be for you to check with your current state board or other surrounding state boards to see if they will allow you to sit for the PE exam without first applying for licensure. There are other states that have a similar model as California.
  10. private message me your name and contact info and I will check on status
  11. CAPLS

    August Test Results

    I know the studio session guitarist who played the bass lines on this recording. Funny thing is that he didn't know about the record until years later and he recognized his portion.
  12. CAPLS

    August Test Results

    Licensing lists are typically generated 1-2 times a month.
  13. CAPLS

    CA Survey Spring 2018 Results

    PM me your contact info so I can check
  14. CAPLS

    August Test Results

    "... saw the tricks to the questions"! There are no tricks in the questions.