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  1. Authorization to schedule exams California Civil exams during the 2nd quarter (April-June) will be sent out near the end of March to all eligible candidates. And then a follow up notice will be sent to capture any remaining eligible candidates shortly early into the 2nd quarter.
  2. CAPLS

    December 2018 Test Results

    Yes, that notice is required when submitting a new application.
  3. Your openness to communicate on this is commendable. If you can please respond to my IM, we can get this resolved sooner rather than later.
  4. I responded to your message. Good plan and better this is resolved sooner rather than later.
  5. CAPLS

    Re-Examination Application

    Generally speaking, when the re-exam form and appropriate fees are received, it is accepted. You can always contact the Board to check, but its probably just seasonal workload. Prepare for the exam and do well.
  6. CAPLS

    San Mateo Area?

    No, I don't. NCEES manages these. You should be able to find out through your MyNCEES account, though it might not be posted yet since registration for Spring is still open. At the minimum, you should be able to chat with NCEES through your account to find out. Best guess would be San Mateo County Fairgrounds, but ti does change from time to time depending on site availability.
  7. Not at this time. The only thing that could come up related to this is the NCEES 16-hr Structural Engineer exam. NCEES has a council policy that both portions of that exam (Yes, it is one exam) must be passed within 5 years of the date from when the first portion is passed. So far, that has not been an issue...
  8. The reason the Board's website doesn't provide an answer to this, is that limiting examination attempts is a foreign concept to California...at least in terms of engineering, surveying, and geology. There is a state statute that specifically prohibits a limit unless there is cause.
  9. CAPLS

    My take on PE Surveying. Anybody agree?

    To answer your question the most simple way possible...the California Board provides this exam because 1) the laws require the California Board to do that; and 2), Section 6755.1(b) states that the examination "...shall also include questions to test the applicant's knowledge of seismic principles and engineering surveying principles as defined in Section 6731.1." Section 6731.1 of the Professional Engineer's Act defines what 'surveying' a licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice or offer to practice. Whether that civil engineer actually practices that is not the point. The fact that you are allowed to, is the point. Since the licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice this, that licensee must demonstrate sufficient competency in doing so, all in the name of protecting the public. And for these latter facts, it is assumed that the candidates for licensure as a civil engineer already know how to perform these activities, not simply that it is something one would read up on. If anyone wishes to eliminate this requirement, it's quite simple to resolve. Just lobby a member of the California Legislature to author a bill to remove that requirement. In the meantime, I would recommend that you review the reference list (already posted by someone else) and the test plan specifications for this specific exam which can be found at https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/plan_civsurvey.pdf
  10. CAPLS

    Reference Form

    Part B, the portion completed by the designated reference, can be handwritten by the reference.
  11. CAPLS

    CA Seismic

    California laws do not allow for the review or appeal for these exams.
  12. CAPLS

    December 2018 Test Results

    The diagnostic is related to the published test plan specifications. Test Plans: https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/refs.shtml Document explaining proficient/marginal/deficient: https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/diagnostic_reports.pdf
  13. CAPLS

    December 2018 Test Results

    Sure, that can be a problem. You can always email them...again...to verify that.
  14. CAPLS

    December 2018 Test Results

    I've said this before...release of exam results is entirely separate from the licensing process. If you are waiting for exam results, the email will be your communication. If you subsequently are waiting to be notified about licensure, feel free to watch for the email or the online license search.
  15. CAPLS

    EIT Verification for PE Application

    Yes, that is probably true due to two reasons. First, not all states issue an EIT or Engineer Intern (Licensing data is much more consistent). Second, and due to the first reason, the NCEES verification only really accommodates exam verification (primary purpose) and licenses as reported by the boards.