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  1. CAPLS

    Board Re-exam form approval timeline

    No, not at this time. The re-exam form cannot be submitted until after a fail result is received.
  2. CAPLS

    CA License Question

    A Council Record is an optional manner in which to track your pertinent qualifying engineering (or surveying) experience/education/licenses established by NCEES for the purposes of easing the requirements for application submittals to multiple licensing boards for those individuals intending to obtain licensure in more than one state. Here is the link on NCEES web site: https://ncees.org/licensure/multistate-international-practice/ It is entirely optional on the part of the individual seeking licensure and is submitted by the applicant by requesting NCEES to send it to the Board. The California Board (like many other licensing boards) has that check box so the Board knows to expect to receive a Council Record from NCEES. MechanicalApril17 - this option has been on the California application forms for quite a few years. If you don't plan on submitting a Council Record to the Board, just don't check the box.
  3. I've already followed up with structural2552 but this situation may be one that the California Board emails ended up in a spam folder or filtering, which could result in someone not realizing that they've missed the scheduling notices. Suggest checking these first if you haven't received anything
  4. Please send me a private message with contact info and I'll check on status for you.
  5. CAPLS

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Not as unique as you would think. She should send in the Re-exam form indicating which exam she needs to sit for with the accompanying state exam fee. That form can be found on the Board’s website.
  6. CAPLS

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Any first-time applicant for licensure will (should) be notified of status, deficiencies, or approval throughout the process. Not always consistent as it should be, but it does happen. All first-time applicants that have licensure applications approved prior to the end of the quarter (December 31) will be provided the same scheduling instructions.
  7. CAPLS

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    All re-exam forms received prior to the end of December will be notified for scheduling for Jan-Mar admin. Initial Emails will be sent towards end of month.
  8. CAPLS

    October Test Results

    If you don't hear anything soon, send me a PM with your name. etc. and I'll check for you
  9. CAPLS

    October Test Results

    Releasing exam results and issuing licenses, while related, are two distinctly separate processes. Exam results is just one of the criteria necessary to qualify for licensure.
  10. CAPLS

    October Test Results

    There will be at least 1 more licensing run expected to be issued before the end of November.
  11. Your confirmation is the new test plan. If it’s included in that plan, you can expect question(s) on that topic. If it’s not, well there you go.
  12. Yes, that is what I was referring to. I believe the materials (for both the California exams and the NCEES exams) also state that candidates cannot bring in any loose papers. I sheet of paper in a plastic sleeve protector would most likely be considered as similar to a sheet of paper inserted into an inside pocket of the binder. As others have stated, if its important for you to have with you, simply 3 hole punch the papers and put in a binder or include in a spiral bound document prior to arriving at the site. You simply have too much other important things to prioritize on that day than worrying about punching holes in papers at the site.
  13. "...can't cite a phone call..." understandably awkward, yes. However, the Board's restrictions are detailed in a client document that every Prometric CBT Center has on site which should also be consistent with the Authorization to Test notice that was emailed to you (also available on Prometric web site) so if there are any issues with compliance, you can always request to be reviewed onsite with the client's (Board's) requirements document.
  14. I apologize for the delay in responding to this...didn't really see this until recently. The California Board includes that reference, in addition to references to specific building codes, in its suggested reference list because it is believed that this is a good source for the theory of designing diaphragms, sub-diaphragms and distributing loads to shear walls, etc., which does not really change with a change in codes. It is important to understand that the intent of the California Civil exam in this instance is to provide a manner for the licensure candidate to demonstrate competency in practicing civil engineering as it relates to seismic factors normally occurring in California and the application of certain building codes. The exam is NOT intended to test the candidate simply on their knowledge of the building codes. The intended audience for those codes is not limited to engineers and in many cases do not require a license to understand. I hope this answers your question.
  15. After briefly reviewing those three websites, I notice that only one specifically mentions the 2018 change in the California Civil Exams test plan specifications. You want to make sure that any instruction you are paying for will be up to date in terms of what is published for exam content.