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  1. CA does not have continuing education requirements at this time.
  2. I appreciate your attempt at clarifying your previous response. Just saying, it came off to me as condescending.
  3. The California Civil Seismic Principles exam is intended to cover the general structural engineering aspects that all civil engineers are allowed to practice in that state. There are codes, other than the PE Act in California, which require a licensed structural engineer for the design of public schools and hospitals and for which the California Board relies upon the NCEES 16-hr SE exam to demonstrate that additional expertise. From my perspective (not a structural engineer), the difference is predominately the height, material, capacity, and purpose of the structures which is the predominate distinction. A review of the two different test plan specifications should help you a lot in that understanding. Well, good for you. There are many with a strong narrow level of structural expertise that likely feel the same way. Try telling those that have acquired a more broad range of overall civil engineering experience that it is a joke and see where that gets you.
  4. Assuming that you've met all other requirements for licensure, it should occur within the next few days.
  5. You need to submit a completed 3 page application form. At the top of that form, one of the checkboxes is "A complete NCEES Council Record has been ordered" You will need to check this box if you intend to rely upon a (Council) Record to be sent to the California Board in lieu of the reference and engagement forms that the Board normally requires. You should note that sometimes, the Record is not sufficient to meet the California licensing requirements, so additional engagement/reference forms may need to be submitted afterwards if there are any deficiencies noted by the Board. If the college transcript is included within the NCEES Record, that will be sufficient. EDIT: You still need to list your engagements/references on page 2 of the 3 page application form.
  6. Whether it was included in past exams (and superficially it was) or not should not be a concern. Laws may change or processes may catch up and modernize. I can confirm to you that the exam includes exactly what it specified in the test plan specifications posted on the California Board's website. No more, no less.
  7. You should rely on the published test plan specifications posted on the California Board's web site for what topics to expect to be encountered on the California Board's examination. Any study materials that include topics outside of that are can only be based on that author's own interpretation of the California examination and is not an official representation like the published test plan specifications are. Additionally, the published test plan specifications should be consistent with the laws/rules that define the practice. In this case, Section 6731.1 of the Business and Professions Code.
  8. please send me a private message with your contact name and info and I'll check on it for you. Since you've passed the NCEES exam last, it's very likely that the Board is not aware of that yet.
  9. Probably won't happen until this Friday at the earliest.
  10. Obtaining a stamp/seal is your responsibility. Once you receive the actual notification from the California Board with your license number, you should be able to order a stamp/seal.
  11. PM me if you don't hear back promptly
  12. Depends on which state you are in and whether that licensing board has requirements stating a renewal. An EIT in California only expires upon being issued a PE license or if you pass away. Though I am aware of at least two states that do have a renewal period for EIT certificates. EDIT: I just went back and reread your question again. Sorry, i missed your point. Once you obtain your PE, the EIT is generally automatically expired at that point.
  13. Should be soon. For the CA PLS exam (for land surveying licensure) which is only offered two days a year, they try and send those notices out about 30 days prior to the actual exam date so approved candidates can schedule with Prometric. Edit: If you haven't received notice that your application was approved, you should contact the Board to verify that.
  14. I don't believe authorization notices were sent out yet by the Board. They will all go out together.
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