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  1. Not really, though I would recommend that you contact the board to let them know this so it doesn't delay their review while they (think) they are waiting on that. Use the following based on the first letter of your last name to email them. A-G H-O P-Z
  2. A few clarifications in addition to what Orca2552_PE provided: If you have previously passed any national NCEES exam, yes you should request that a verification form be sent to the California Board. If you submitted your fingerprints previously with the EIT application to the California Board, you do not need to do it again. NCEES Record (formally known as Council Record) - If you had one, you would know what it is for. If you don't, don't worry about it. Its not required by the California Board. Branch (or discipline) of engineering - California is one of approximately 10-12 states that licenses engineers by discipline. Your references must be licensed in the discipline for which you are applying for, or at a minimum, authorized to practice that discipline of engineering where the claimed experience occurred.
  3. The NCEES Record is designed and was "homogenized" to meet the needs of many engineering licensing boards. However, due to having to meet the needs of many, there is inevitably some tradeoffs that occur when meeting the licensing requirements of some states. While California can be considered as having the least stringent criteria for engineering licensure in the USA, there are some aspects that are just not satisfied by the NCEES Record. (I.e., most states allow unlicensed individuals to serve as professional references - California does not) This is a very short and simple explanation for why the instructions provide the suggestions that they do. Something to consider...would you rather submit the minimum, wait for review, and then be told you need to submit additional information...thereby lengthening the timeline? Or would you rather take the advice and tips upfront from the board that is tasked with reviewing your application in the hopes that your timeline is shortened? Your choice.
  4. While both are administered by CBT methods, the two California Civil exams are developed in a different format than the California Professional Land Surveyor. This is primarily due to the size of the population. Normally, the results for the CA PLS exam are released about 30-40 days after administration, which isn't much different from the release of the CA Civil exams, but due to the new test plan specifications beginning this January, more detailed analysis is required to determine the passing criteria for the first administration of this new test plan. Candidates will be hearing results very soon. EDIT: I'm told results were released yesterday afternoon.
  5. What are the building departments in local and state agencies requiring you to design to at that time? I ask this because the test plan specifications found at state "(NOTE: As used throughout this test plan, the term applicable code refers to the current adopted California Building Code.)"
  6. The computer system that "allocates" license numbers never takes off for the weekend.
  7. The term "registered" is an outdated term. The Board began moving towards "Licensed" or simply "Professional Engineer" or "(insert discipline here) Engineer" over a decade ago. Not all of the laws reflect this change because it is simply too cumbersome and potentially troublesome to have the Legislature initiate a bill just to do that so changes get made as opportunities arise. It's my experience that more licensees now use the term "Professional Engineer".
  8. Is it not clear on the instructions and application form that fingerprints were required
  9. Well yes, that would be the most prudent thing to do since the person is not officially licensed until the letter is sent out by the Board with the license number. I was just focused on the questions about the configuration of the seal in my previous response. The letter is confirmation that the person met ALL requirements for licensure, not just that an exam or two were passed. So you are more correct.
  10. The seal just needs to meet the requirements as stated in Board Rule 411 as a minimum. Feel free to expand upon that as you wish as long as it complies with the regulations.
  11. You are applying for a license, not to sit for an exam. Once you have passed the FE and PE-Civil exams from NCEES, gained your required minimum education/engineering experience, submit your application to the California Board. Once your application for licensure is approved, you will be scheduled for the two California Civil exams. The California Board hasn’t seen what you submitted to Washington for licensure, so how would they know you meet the qualifications for licensure? If you’re already licensed in another state, you also have the option to submit an NCEES Record, but you will need to first create and complete that with NCEES.
  12. Depends on when the Board receives the additional information and that you have satisfied the criteria for becoming licensed. Feel free to include a note to the reviewer asking for contact upon further review so you can plan ahead.
  13. Any completed Re-exam forms received by the Board prior to the end of the quarter will be processed for the following quarter. There is a supplemental list prepared to accommodate those received very close to the last day of each quarter.
  14. PM me your name and contact info so I can check on it for you.
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