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  1. CA Specific Exams

    Naw, would have been easier to just print out the certificate, sign it, and hang it on my wall.
  2. CA Specific Exams

    Christina will tell you the same thing. You're not getting them today. Have a nice weekend and plan for early next week.
  3. CA Specific Exams

    You all create your own perfect storm. Why not take it a step further, license yourself as a Pharmacist, and prescribe anti-anxiety meds.
  4. Do I need 2 years to take exam?

    Absolutely. One does not apply to take an exam. Your application is to become licensed, which means you need to meet the experience criteria in California to apply.
  5. Deceptive Exam

    For those of you that think the test is tricky and deceptive...maybe you’re just not experienced enough to be licensed. Yet.
  6. BPELSG is currently only accepting NCEES Council Records from those already licensed in at least one state and seeking additional licensure in CA. This being said, if you claim education credit on your application and include that the official transcripts are located in your NCEES profile, BPELSG staff can find the transcripts there. You and your direct supervisor should complete an engagement/reference form when he retires and you can submit that with the others when submitting your full application later. In your NCEES profile, there is an option to request exam verification be sent to BPELSG electronically. Once you have submitted fingerprints to BPELSG and those have been accepted for the EIT, you do not need to ever submit again.
  7. CA is out!!!

    Only the actual practice can be grandfathered in, not the use of a title, and TE is a title act license only. Anyone can practice traffic engineering in California. The license only gives someone the right to use the title, calling themselves a Traffic Engineer.
  8. CA is out!!!

    I don’t know where you’ve heard those rumors, but there’s definitely no talks about eliminating the Traffic Engineer license or exam.
  9. waste of time. Don't call the Board like everybody else is already doing. Nothing you will do that will end up with getting the results any sooner. Just be patient.
  10. Release Date

    see above
  11. Release Date

    it could be before or after. Completely independent release.
  12. That won't be known until NCEES announces it as each exam converts over. However, indications are that all will go closed book. But like I said, it really is TBD by NCEES. I do know that having to create the searchable reference on the computer is a large part of the conversion process for NCEES.
  13. Release Date

    The link between national exam results and California state exam results was officially severed with the release of the Spring 2017 exam results. The results and the release date is now entirely independent of the other process. The Board posts the date for releasing the results as a way to inform everyone that results were released to the candidates. Sometimes, candidates don't receive the results (by email) for a variety of reasons and this is a blanket way for making sure everyone that cares, knows. If email results are returned undeliverable, then results are mailed the old-fashioned way.
  14. .

    No one should need to have the engagement/reference forms re-issued. They essentially do not expire.
  15. Only thing I would add to this is that ALL of the national PE exams are slated to be converted to CBT at the rate of about 2-3 annually. Chemical begins in 2018 and I believe another smaller one later in the year. Civil is currently slated to be 4-5 years out at this point.