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  1. You should have received an email with a new ATT notice for scheduling after July 1. Check your spam and junk filters. If not, send me a private message with name and contact info and we’ll get it taken care of.
  2. All applicants approved for state exams in California, that were NOT previously scheduled for Q1 or Q2, will be sent ATT notices near the end of June similar to normal end of quarter notification. If you have not received notification of approval, send me a private message and I’ll check on the status foe you.
  3. I responded to AB88 through a private message to me. No one is sitting for any California engineering exams until after July 1. Please refer to this found on BPELSG's home page which was posted May 14. It is certainly understandable for all the confusion. As I explained above, things are changing rapidly in reopening situations....often as rapidly as the shutdown happened. All eligible candidates will be rescheduled until after July 1. If you need to, please message me with your name and contact info for further assistance.
  4. I have some follow up information related to these posts and current issues with rescheduling California BPELSG exams at Prometric. The varying degree of restrictions and inconsistent lifting of social distancing restrictions from a local and regional perspective have created situations where Prometric is having to essentially reprogram their scheduling system almost daily. I'm being told that the issues brought up by ps6420 and sl123 in their respective posts are actively being worked on at this time. My best suggestion is to continue to be patient and try again in a day or two.
  5. Additionally, you can try this link as a temporary measure, but there are limited markets that are open at this time: To find and schedule into these available appointments, candidates should visit and locate their program/sponsor's page. Given these appointments will be on a first come, first serve basis, availability will be for a limited time only.
  6. I would imagine that much of the issues both of you are encountering could be related to the fact that 1) Prometric is not able to open all of the centers at the same time in every region of the country; and 2) Prometric is operating at a limited capacity (approximately 50%) due to the local and regional requirements to maintain safe distancing. Not to mention that Prometric just like many, MANY other companies at this time in terms of staff operating remotely and in some cases with less staff than before. If you have concerns with your ATT notice or rescheduling your appointment, feel free to send me your name and contact info through a private message and I'll try and help.
  7. Yes I believe you are reading that correctly. But I would highly suggest you send me a private message with your name and contact info to verify.
  8. You were supposed to receive a refund of your scheduling/seat fee from your initial appointment....did you not receive that? Did you check your account to be sure?
  9. Look at Section 438 of the California Board Rules here
  10. Please send me a private message with your name and contact info so this can be checked on. Thanks.
  11. NCEES and Pearson are trying to get as many CBT Centers up and running as soon as possible, but they are doing this while having to limit capacity at any given time while also adhering to any local or regional social distancing constraints. Not to mention there are other professions testing simultaneously including those medical that will likely be receiving priority access due to COVID. It will slowly get better, but appointments will be strung out over a longer period of time than anyone involved had hoped for. Good luck.
  12. You can subscribe so that all messages posted on the Board's web site will be emailed to you
  13. Your confusion is certainly understandable. Please keep in mind that many things are happening simultaneously across multiple organizations and public agencies with many people that are teleworking and not at their normal offices or schedules. Prometric centers are open on a limited basis for exams related to essential services (e.g., nurses, etc.) and even those are being scheduled at less than normal capacity, at some centers across the nation where they are allowed to reopen. Speaking only for California (because I have no firm idea about elsewhere), exams for engineers, surveyors, and geologists are not currently considered as essential at this time. The message posted on BPELSG's web site as shared above is the result of communication between BPELSG and Prometric.
  14. Did you see my previous post with a link to the message on BPELSG's website? Here is the message: ANNOUNCED APRIL 22, 2020 - Prometric has announced today that the temporary closure of their test centers in the United States and Canada has been extended through May 31st, 2020. Prometric will contact all exam candidates who are scheduled for exams during this period and will cancel their original testing appointment in Quarter 2. Those eligibilities will then be processed for eligibility in Quarter 3. Once the Board receives acknowledgement that all eligible names are ready for scheduling in Quarter 3, the Board will email you a new ATT notice for Quarter 3.If you are a civil engineer exam candidate for a California state exam in Quarter 2, you do not need to do anything at this time. We will send you a new ATT notice and then you can contact Prometric to schedule your exam during Quarter 3.Please be advised that Prometric continuously updates its website with current information. You can visit their website at:
  15. Posted on California Board's website late yesterday afternoon: (See April 22, 2020 message)
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