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  1. Feel free to email your name and contact info to ric.moore@dca.ca.gov so it can be checked into. Most likely, since you have not received an Authorization To Test notice by now, your application was not approved. But you should have received communication one way or the other.
  2. You submitted your application last September 30? 2016? At that time, applicants were required to submit the application prior to being approved by the California Board to sit for a national exam. Did you mean September 30, 2017? I'm guessing you did and if that's the case, you should hear something by mid November at the latest. If you don't by then, feel free to email me at ric.moore@dca.ca.gov and provide me with more info.
  3. If you wish to become licensed as a Traffic Engineer in CA and can demonstrate that you have the experience to practice traffic engineering, you will NOT have to take the CA Civil Seismic or Civil Engineering Surveying exams. However, you will have to pass the California Traffic Engineer exam which is a state specific exam. Traffic engineers in CA are considered Title Act Engineers. If you wish to become licensed as a Civil Engineer in CA, then you will need to demonstrate the required number of years experience in civil engineering, pass the NCEES PE-Civil exam (which you may have already done), and then pass the two CA Civil exams. You can find more here: http://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/apps.shtml
  4. The Board began having issues with the phone system yesterday morning. It only appears to effect the primary number and toll free number. If you call any one fo the contact numbers under Contact Us from the web site, those still work and staff is aware that your call may need to be transferred to other staff members due to this.
  5. The "deadline" is for Prometric to hold seats available for the Board's candidates. After this date, approved candidates can still schedule. It is just not guaranteed that a seat or time will be as available to fit your schedule within the allotted 3 week administration window. For example, you may need to travel further to get a seat at the time or date you want.
  6. Please help me. I have sent the $300 for the CA specific exam and the board received the money, You told me that I should be receiving the ATT on Tuseday at latest, However today I called the board they told me I can't register for this fall!!! I have sent you a reply on your mail with subject I didn't receive ATT please help.

  7. If you have just received an email recently with your ATT notice and you haven't scheduled, go ahead and try contacting Prometric to schedule. If that doesn't work, contact your Licensing Evaluator to resolve the issue.
  8. Enea, please feel free to email me at ric.moore@dca.ca.gov with your name so a status can be checked
  9. Sorry...that's what I get for trying to respond to multiple messages at one time
  10. I'm sure the Board would be happy to delay notification to those applicants who submitted their applications for licensure by May 1 so the remainder can be included. Wouldn't that just make EVERYONE happy! Everyone who submitted their applications by the later July date is being treated the same. Please simply refer to the response given in your private message.
  11. Then you must of submitted two additional engagement/reference forms claiming no additional time so you met the requirement for 4 references.
  12. There is no 'go to" source that I am aware of. Not trying to sound harsh, but it is really up to the applicant to understand the definition of the what constitutes the practice of the discipline that you are applying for. And it is really up to the professional references that serve as your mentor(s) to truly understand what is and what is not the practice and guide you accordingly. Best advice is to describe exactly what experience you have gained, how applicable that is to the discipline that you are seeking licensure for, and above all else, describe your role. That last one cannot be taken lightly. Many applicants will say something like "Performed an evaluation on a $100m transmission project involving X number of buildings, x miles of pipeline, and many change orders that needed to be compared to design specs." The Board doesn't give a d__n on how much a certain project cost or how many miles of pipeline is involved. And an immediate reaction will be "You performed what type of evaluation? And was it an engineering evaluation? What engineering did YOU ACTUALLY do on the project?" Be specific to the discipline of engineering you are applying for. A situation that arises often, especially for out of state applicants, is not working under the supervision of a licensed engineer, on a specific project, located in some other state for which the applicant is claiming experience. For example, applicant claims 12 months of engineering experience working on Homer's Nuclear Power Plant in Springville, IL and the reference doesn't provide any evidence that he/she is licensed in the state (IL) that the project was located in. It doesn't matter to the Board where the applicant lived or was sitting when doing that design, it is about where the project is located. If any or all of your claimed work experience is not granted, you will be given the opportunity to provide additional information (engagement reference forms) until you reach the number of months of experience needed. As of right now, there is no time limit after passing the exam and there is nothing being discussed otherwise.
  13. CA IS OUT

    If you both are referring to sending back the certificates with the typos in it and waiting to receive a corrected certificate, those are processed regularly and no longer than two weeks out. If you are referring to other situations, email me at ric.moore@dca.ca.gov with the specifics of your situation and I'll check on it.
  14. micosson, please feel free to contact me with your information also.