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  1. Any re-examination forms submitted/received prior to June 1 will be considered for the Q3 administration.
  2. No. It is planned to release results about the middle of each month for all exam takers that sat the previous month. Anyone taking the exam during May should receive their results about mid-June.
  3. Licensing is completely separate from the release of exam results now due to the new process. BPELSG is essentially releasing exam results when received from Prometric. Licensing will follow the normal cycle of 1-2 times a month. It just depends on the timing of when your application is fully satisfied as to when your name appears on the licensing list.
  4. It's my understanding that if someone is licensed and practicing as a Civil Engineer in one state, based on passing the PE Environmental exam, that California accepts it as long as the person's professional experience aligns well with the definition of civil engineering in California laws. However, if an applicant is seeking initial licensure in California, the Board requires passing of the PE-Civil exam. California doesn't offer administration of the PE-Environmental exam.
  5. The expectation by the Board is that once a month of testing has completed, in this case April, the results will be provided to the Board for approval and release. Anyone that is eligible for licensing after that will receive notification of licensing. Right now, the expectation for the April testing candidates is that results for that month should be released sometime during middle of the following month (May). The first time may be a little later, but the goal is to meet the expectation.
  6. Possible, yes. It depends on when the Re-Exam form is received by the Board.
  7. CAPLS

    CA PE Timeline

    The CA Board has very specific policies related to approving postponements and it’s my understanding that not having enough time to prepare or work does not qualify to postpone. Especially given that the Board has essentially opened up the exam administration to be almost any day during that 90 day window that you were approved for. You would need to contact the Licensing Unit at the Board.
  8. Matt267 PE is right, there are some jurisdictions that don’t recognize the Environmental PE exam towards all license branches. While the Civil PE is pretty much accepted everywhere. Check the jurisdictions where you think you may get licensed in to be sure. California would be looking for the Civil PE exam if you ever want the Civil license there.
  9. It is not immediate. The CA Board plans to release scores on a monthly cycle.
  10. CAPLS


    Once per calendar quarter (i.e., Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec), maximum three times annually based on when you first sat for it. Unless your licensing board dictates otherwise.
  11. CAPLS

    CA PE License application

    That last sentence is there as a precaution. The staff performing the technical review are not the ones finalizing whether the applicant has met all requirements. There are always those that haven't submitted the Take Home exam or fingerprints yet. That and licensing lists are generally only generated every 2-3 weeks before certificates and cards are printed and mailed.
  12. CAPLS

    CA PE Timeline

    Technically, all you need is the appropriate work experience. Taking a review course is solely your decision and not a requirement of any licensing board.
  13. You obviously failed to either really read my response or are unable to fully comprehend the context. Anytime you want to have this debate and discussion openly in front of peers, I’m willing to continue this. Until then, I wish you the best on your journey to gain a license and learn how to respectfully and professionally understand your need for personal growth.
  14. Generally speaking, yes. However, there are always a few each time that fail to submit the take home exam or provide fingerprints.