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  1. Pre-tabbed MERM, MERM practice problems, several excellent mock exam books, Marks' handbook, Keenan gas & steam table books, Lindeburg conversion book & Casio FX-115ES calc. Email for full details: trev.stephens at gmail Price includes postage
  2. 2002 Refrigeration, 2003 Applications & 2004 Systems & Equipment All in basically new condition except for a few bumps on the corners. Don't need em, so maybe it'll be useful to someone. Pick up only, pick up only, pick up only @ San Francisco, Russian Hill neighborhood Don't bother asking me to send them anywhere. please. Trev
  3. Gas tables - Keenan & Kaye 1957 (6th printing) Steam tables - Keenan & Keyes 1966 (38th printing) Engineering Unit Conversions - Lindeburg 4th ed Keenen books have yellowed pages and that old-book-smell but binding is tight and they work for their purpose Unit conversions is tabbed and there's some page tearing where an original set of tabs was removed All perfectly usable and great to have for the exam to save time. $25 shipped, pay by paypal
  4. Selling a set of all four ASHRAE Handbooks from 2002-2005. The corners are slighly bumped, but overall these are in excellent condition. No notes, tabs, anything. I bought these as backups for the TF exam and needed them only a couple of times for refrigerant data, etc. No CDs, just the books. Ships with a tracking number. Payment by Paypal. $175 includes shipping.
  5. To add another #4, I just tallied up all of my costs (less books sold) so far to be a P.E. including the EIT... Couple of bucks shy of $1,200.
  6. Divide psi by SG and it works for anything.. TDH = psi x 2.31 / SG
  7. So have you guys (who passed) : 1.) You betcha 2.) Yep, sent a couple of movie tickets and sealed the envelope with my stamp 3.) Yep, got a nice one off Amazon for $20 or so, fake wood, but looks alright with the matting. 4.) Thinking about how to ask for more money & time off, probably a discussion for next month when i meet with one of the big wigs out of town.
  8. Certificate finally showed up today!
  9. The 2010 book is the same as the 2008 book, just with only a single depth module instead of all 3. The 2001 has many similar problems and many exactly the same, but there are enough different ones to make it worthwhile if you can find it at a decent price (from a TF standpoint, I did not look at the MD depth Q's). ISBN-13 for 2001 is 978-1-932613-13-1 and ISBN-10 is 1-932613-13-7. Here's the Amazon listing, I got mine for around $40 I think, but also keep an eye on the marketplace here at You'll have to be pretty vigilent, this book is in short supply and so it won't stay unsold for long.
  10. Seems like something they could have people opt-into. Like pay an extra $5 or something.
  11. PE's I know elsewhere have a little 8.5x5.5 certificate showing their license is valid, i think this card is the CA version. I'll probably just leave it in my desk somewhere, I try to keep my wallet light. Can't imagine needing to prove my license in the field ...
  12. Nothing yet. But I had a change of address that went unopened after my application. So I imagine it's somewhere in UPS NY being redirected. Got my walet card today though.
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