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    Jeez got my results.failed! Just curious as to why the results are notnumerical. Iwould think with such a technical field it would be just natural. With results like marginal it seems a little like the "evaluations" given at uc santa cruz.(Works if you are in liberal arts) instead of grades.
  2. PE2BE

    CA Surveying

    Does anyone know what the cut off score was this time? Guess? thanks
  3. Thank you everyone for the support! You guys are great. I would appreciate it if someone would start a "Dont Miss This !!!!!!" thread. Maybe one could be started for each subject including AM. Squishles10 please scan your note cover sheets!!! It would really be interesting how you put this together. There are so many parts of this test to go through that it can be overwelming. With the time limit left, I am not sure if I will be able to feel confident enough to sit in this Oct. test but, may wait out until April. I have been almost exclusively been working on practice problems. Sometimes I feel the questions are just not the ones that would be similar to the ones on the test. As Squishles10 suggested I have worked the index properties and feel pretty good with that type of problem. There is always a deflection problem. But, I just feel that there is so much the people who design the test can chose from that it makes it really hard to focus in on the specifics. The subject titles are not enough in my opinion. But, also to be fair I have been out of school for a long time so I needed to review some of the material. So not be long winded , I really appreciate the help.
  4. Has anyone noticed the multitude of references the NCEES sample exam uses? Is the intention of the test designers for test takers to have/use all of these references? Is it really that complex or can I just use the CERM as a single reference for the AM portion of the test? Thanks ahead of time!
  5. I am taking the Transportation PM plus Surveying. As for the books ,I have are everything except the Traffic Engineering book. My scores were disappointing in the morning ( total score of 51) which is what I really want to focus on this time. For now I am focusing on Geotechnical. What I find hard are the easy questions ,if that makes any sense?!! The subtle pieces of information maybe tricky or not but, information that you overlook that leads you to the wrong answer. I have felt so confident when I left the AM in the past I dont know. Geotech 25 Transportation 62 ( not 63??) Structures 75 Water 88 Contruction 63 Any suggestion would help. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you everyone for your encouragement. Siddus your specifics are perfect (although the test results for CA specific surveying is higher than you stated,but whatever...). But, what does this mean??"I really can understand your frustation on the board's delay in releasing the exam results. I guess they are taking a leaf out of our state senators way of dealing buget passing." I've heard alot of reasons why there is such a long delay to get the results out. I dont have alot of time and it's about being efficient. I was wondering what other people were doing to prepare the 2nd/30th time around ? Be specific. Thanks again. I really want more than anything to get this over with.
  7. I agree that if you didnt do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Having sat for the test in Cali, I can say that I never felt that anyone was trying to cheat. The proctors were always close by to watch everyone. However, I have seen alot of disorganization which makes it all the harder to test and puts the process in question. Recently, there was a test interupted in the middle of the exam for about 10 minutes because some people had books with staples in the bindings. These books should have been identified and confiscated in the beginning of the test instead of interupting all the test sites. Alot of confusion!! If there is an investigation, there really needs to be a through investigation of not only what you are going through but, the way the test is handled while the test is given, collected, and graded back in the office. This "thoroughness" would confirm that the test is above board.
  8. Thank you so much for your support. That's why this board is so great! :p10940623:
  9. I found out ( cali) that I failed and this failure is not the first time. Californial is the last board to make a decision on the cut scores and hands out the results, I believe, the latest in the country. So, by the time you get your results, you dont really have alot of time. I am so discouraged that I want to give up. With a 23% ( about) passage rate for repeat taker is there hope that one can pass? I have been so close so many times yet not close enough to pass. I have everything I need in terms of books, practice and class material. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate your help. This situation is so depressing. Help
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