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  1. NCAAF 2017

    Best reason to be a WSU fan - Mike Leach interviews
  2. Have you guys ever started your own business?

    Can't she be the "marketing" person or "sales" person as CEO of the company and get the same benefit?
  3. Have you guys ever started your own business?

    If you will be competing against your current employer (or could be seen as competing) I would recommend doing everything you can now to have everything set up that will take away time from going to get clients or completing work. Word templates, schedules, blocks, details, forms, reports, file structure, website, excel templates, whatever. That way once you make the move you can go full bore getting clients and not spending time on other non revenue generating opportunities. Also plan not getting paid for six months. Get a client and perform services for thirty days -> send invoice for net 30. Wait 30 days not paid repeatedly follow up until they finally pay six months later
  4. Depends on the day - I think my kids will go trick or treating five times this year. This is the first year my wife and I haven't dressed up in the past couple. Son - Batman, ninja, power ranger Daughter - Panda bear, any number of princesses
  5. Movie thread

    Never saw Lebowski But The House is nothing funny like Super Troopers. I mean I like bad funny movies - this just wasn't funny.
  6. Movie thread

    God that movie was awful We rented it last weekend - turned off after 30 minutes.
  7. The Baking Thread

    I thought it said balking thread Thought that was a weird thread title for baseball
  8. I was affected I didn't do anything
  9. NCAAF 2017

    College Gameday coming back to Louisville for Lamar Jackson vs Clemson. Also opening day of the fall meet at Churchill Downs so the bourbon will be flowing all day. Lamar looking more comfortable in the pocket and not just looking to scramble if the first read isn't there. Clemson DL is something else though.
  10. Pool Safety

    My in laws have a deck and then a separate gate to access the deck where the pool is that is locked whenever my kids are over.
  11. Side Hustle

    I do
  12. 13 Reasons Why

    I haven't seen the show, but kids fairly regularly drank and smoked at my high school. Water bottles in class, smoke out back at school.
  13. Top Gun 2

    Twitter has the answers on the plot: Top Gun 2 mainly just takes place in the Pentagon trying to figure out why the F-35 is so behind schedule Premise: Tom Cruise battles rude United Airlines flight attendants on a cross country flight.. Top Gun 2 is officially in the works. Get ready for the sweatiest, sexiest game of shuffleboard EVER. You do know Top Gun 2 is just a series of endless ready to fly program meetings in which cost overruns and delivery slips are reported. Top Gun 2 will be about Pete Mitchell breaking all the rules and then waiting on paperwork to clear to get DoD travel reimbursements. Top Gun 2 is just three hours of maverick sitting in a windowless room staring at a monitor showing the feed from a drone camera Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise is now a teacher at Top Gun school and all the students are drones. he's the only actor in the movie Top Gun 2 is about Maverick returning to the Navy because he's the only one who can get an old version of powerpoint to work Top Gun 2 is going to be 180 minutes of Tom Cruise sitting on a runway while his F-35A's code debugs until a $1000 drone explodes on him.
  14. So when do you throw in the towel?

    Let me tell you about the shell building from hell I'm working on...................
  15. Do you charge per hour?

    I did work on a brewery and tried to get paid in free beer. Wife told me no