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  1. Driving an hour roundtrip?! That's a hard no for me.
  2. "I have plans." They don't need to know it's Dominos. NYE parties can be awful. Parties where you don't know anyone are especially awful. And if they ask again, hand them one of these:
  3. csb

    Movie thread

    Well, Eastwood is 117 years old.
  4. I ended up being the neighborhood lead for my neighborhood through some random assignment. Ours is 70% missing pets, 5% looking for a handyman that will work for peanuts, and 25% "There was an ethnic fella walking around. Lock your doors."
  5. I sold them via Amazon- I was a "used" listing under the main listing. They even gave me shipping credit. However, I totally get the Amazon cutting. It's a drug for sure. We once freecycled a toilet!
  6. I sold all of my PE materials I wasn't keeping on Amazon. It was pretty slick.
  7. Nextdoor is all old people! What did he expect?!
  8. I'm toying with the idea that Zwift or TrainerRoad might keep me motivated, but it requires a pretty big upgrade on the trainer. I'm thinking I want to go with a Wahoo Snap, since I can leave the tire on, but boy isn't it a lot of money.
  9. Anybody riding a Wahoo trainer of any kind?
  10. Once today is over, I'm off work for five whole days! I'll be like one of those fancy consulting people!
  11. I'd like to give a shoutout to Target for having order pickup, so I can just walk in, grab the order, and leave. This is much better than the aimless wandering going, "WTF am I supposed to buy my dad?"
  12. I bet you're just surrounded by a bunch of Toyota drivers who need the government to invest in DSRC and fiber to make connected vehicles work and they don't want that 5G nonsense that Cadillac is trying to sell.
  13. I got this for @knight1fox3
  14. csb


    Fare thee well to Whamhalla.
  15. csb


    Don't go on a suicide mission- listen to the Taylor Swift version to stay safe.
  16. csb


    https://www.whamageddon.com/ Anyone else doing this? I panicked at lunch today when I realized the restaurant was playing a pop Christmas playlist, but I escaped alive.
  17. Welcome to the board! We're barely have the funds for the website, but I bet if you signed up as a supporting member, we can get you a sticker.
  18. I just bought anise extract this weekend and I live in the middle of nowhere.
  19. Yes, yes it does.
  20. My friend made a delightful Nutella pull apart pie and I ruined it with similar words. "Hand me some labia!" definitely works better with adults than children.
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