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  1. csb

    Movie thread

    It's in your best interest that that is not a reality.
  2. But this would be a kind of amazing social media comment.
  3. "A situation like this is not unheard of –, especially for longtime Colorado residents. The evening of Aug. 2, 1985, two Burlington Northern trains collided head-on beneath a U.S. 36 overpass near the same spot that's collapsing today, igniting a fireball that could be seen for miles and heavily damaging a bridge then carrying 37,000 vehicles a day." Cripes. That was a stretch to get people to click on an article from last year about a wreck from 35 years ago that WAS TWO TRAINS AND NOT THE SAME THING.
  4. Carne asada, rice, beans, pico de gallo
  5. We're one episode away from the end, having made a pact to watch it together. My kid started watching and this season is a pretty standalone season. It's been pretty easy to fill in details and be caught up. I can't get past how The Lost Boys it's been. Corey Feldman is going to show up at some point; I just know it.
  6. That shovel didn't look entirely innocent at first glance.
  7. There's approximately the same number of people here as any given Friday for my office. I'm proud of those overachievers.
  8. I'm glad Violater bumped this old thread so I can now tag @Supe for my brilliant observation above.
  9. Poopers from Different Group-ers.
  10. Correct. However, I think this is an arbitrary birthday he chose for the Fudgeman. It makes me remember Mat on the day.
  11. Thanks, everyone! I spent the day on a business trip with a bunch of engineers, but I've done plenty of celebrating outside of that.
  12. Happy actual Friday!
  13. What town did you ride to in Maine? I'm from "The County" originally.
  14. My exact words were, "It tastes okay, but then it kind of tastes like dry heave." Oskar Blues should get back out of the spiked seltzer business. That hippie pop tart had gluten!
  15. Even pretty cheap suspension has a way to lock it out. Have you tightened down the adjustment knob?
  16. csb

    Movie thread

    When I'm out on a long run, I think of The Long Walk.
  17. I enjoyed Forever, but not in a "I need another season" kind of way.
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