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  1. How is this? I see ads for it all the time and it seems like Soylent Green.
  2. Holy cow! Hey, old-timer! I have nothing exciting to report, which I think is a good thing.
  3. I found a relative that appears to be the result of an extramarital affair by a great uncle. That was a fun message.
  4. csb

    Movie thread

    7PM is late on a school/work night. That means I don't get home until 9PM and I'm at work on Monday's by 7:30 at the latest. I don't understand how anyone on the east coast ever sees Sunday Night Football.
  5. She really could have used them as weapons.
  6. I played the original Tomb Raider in college. #old
  7. I was supposed to do a Warrior Dash, but they went out of business, so SPartan gave us free entries to next year. That's the one I'm signing up for.
  8. Y'all in here acting like you forgot what Ford did to the Mustang in the 1980s.
  9. Correct. 30 burpees and you move on. 19 burpees and you can move on, but you take a time penalty for the other burpees you didn't do. And a lady at my gym told me the trick the rope climb is to bring some rubber gardening gloves in a fanny pack. Slap them on for the rope climb and then slide down after you hit the top.
  10. I have to decide on registering for a Spartan by December 1 for next August. Is the Sprint pretty manageable?
  11. I am ashamed to admit that I laughed out loud at that one.
  12. My dad is from Ohio, my mom from New Jersey, and we live in a town with an AFB, so who knows why I know the term. As a personal preference, I like the way carry-in sounds as opposed to potluck, but that has everything to do with how I feel about consonant sounds and that potluck reminds me ever so slightly of portapottie. And yes, I'm weird. And, @JayKay PE- no one in the Midwest will ever say anything out loud about food at an office gathering being gross.
  13. Well, tomorrow IS Wednesday.
  14. Correct. https://dare.wisc.edu/words/quarterly-updates/quarterly-update-14/carry-in-dinner/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potluck
  15. The flyover states are built on a foundation of carry-ins.
  16. Back to baking- have any of you made sprouted bread?
  17. May I clarify what you almost peed your pants with? Circle one Front Back
  18. If you wait for @Supe to settle his tummy issues, you're never baking for your dog.
  19. Happy birthday, old timer! And, @leggo PE, happy birthday, whippersnapper!
  20. Yes, of course, the summer sausage is adjacent to Menards.
  21. Please refrain from talking about your nards on the board.
  22. God bless you, three day weekend.
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