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  1. Is the building at the bottom your box? (heh)
  2. I've started to watch Being Erica, a Canadian comedy from a few years back. It's fairly entertaining and raises that question, "If you could go back and redo parts of your life, how would you do them differently?"
  3. It was an ag sprayer! Stop showing her my facebook feed! I get it. The first bike trip my mom went on she called to let us know that a woman had been hit and killed by a semi. By all accounts, she pulled out in front of the truck. They aren't sure if she saw someone up ahead turn and she thought it was clear or what, but don't think I don't think about it when I'm out there. However, I work alongside highways and I know there's always that chance at work, too. I always go solo. It's my time to ride and think and eat and just be. Some couples do it and have fun and some couples do it and hate each other. I think the ones that come, ride separately, then see each other in camp have the best time. Also, if she was a chonky female, you wouldn't need her to put on a coat. She'd also go downhill faster.
  4. BRAN is pretty desolate. There's usually not a ton of riders around, but there's also not a ton of vehicles either. I had zero problems this year, but we were pretty far north. RAGBRAI is mostly all bikes on the road, but I've encountered plenty of cars as well. I've had more aggressive driver experiences on RAGBRAI than BRAN, but that's because drivers who forgot RAGBRAI was happening are super stuck and super pissed. However, don't tell your wife that. Way more crashes on RAGBRAI for sure with bike to bike and bike vs road. It's a lot of people who haven't ridden bikes trying to ride all together. So, I guess what I'm saying is, I've seen more carnage on RAGBRAI, but if cars are scarier, it's fine.
  5. You're an electrical engineer! You should have totally chosen charging over looks!
  6. All things that went into my decision- plus it was cheaper than the Fenix.
  7. Are we talking full or heavy half? I'm a Garmin 935 person and I love it. Love it.
  8. I came here to say this. Engineers get heckled all the time at public meetings.
  9. I've locked in on BRAN with a couple of people traveling out for it, but I'd be down for RAGBRAI 2021. Let's make it happen.
  10. I know a couple in New Hampshire that will be driving out for it! They moved from Old Town, ME, to the Littleton area, so let me know if you need a ride.
  11. http://bran-inc.org/wp/
  12. When I was in fifth grade, I hit a patch of sand while flying down a hill. I dislocated my elbow and flew through the air, then slid on my side for a bit, putting a flat spot in my Avenir helmet. I don't envy you at all.
  13. Oh no! I hope you're okay!
  14. Fremont Street is less intimidating during the day than at night, if you're rolling solo all the time.
  15. Gosh, it's tempting, but I should really adult tomorrow.
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