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  1. High death rate from listening to people talk about sweet tea and the SEC?
  2. Who the heck is tweeting about ice cream flavors? Especially vanilla?
  3. I'm not telling you anything, Greenie. I am curious to see what travel trends end up looking like. Usually you can count on mid-August meaning everything has dropped way off as school starts up and we head into our Newlyweds and Nearly Deads season, but if everyone keeps homeschooling, I imagine they'll travel? I dunno.
  4. Yeah, if you could all STAY HOME that would mean our normally pretty nice mountains wouldn't have looked like fricking Yellowstone for the last few months. Or, at the very least, buy some fricking gas while you're here.
  5. It just occurred to me this morning that I've been all "Ha, ha- Florida sucks" but it's hurricane season, so they will be actively traveling out of Florida with their germs and I'm pretty sure I don't want to see this Jerry Bruckheimer film.
  6. That's me right now. "Is it a sore throat from allergies or the end?"
  7. Make a note in your phone! That way you can see where to start and where you've been and all that jazz.
  8. Last week I learned that sourdough starter, when ignored in the fridge for 6 weeks or so, will make hooch. I also learned that you can pour that off, scrape the gray layer off, and feed that sucker and go. Bread was way easier to make when I was WFH. There's no time to do it and I was close to bringing it to the office to get it going and then decided that was not smart for many reasons.
  9. We did front squats from the rig. I did those at 105 and I think I'd be gassed working those from the floor first.
  10. csb

    Garmin Hack

    I was able to get two activities yesterday and I'm getting more today. I was kind of thinking of breaking up with Strava because now that you have to pay for segments there's no point. This highlighted that I really should break up with Strava. I don't need anyone liking my workouts.
  11. We also don't do everything from the floor. Two weeks ago we did push presses from the rig. It's amazing what I can lift when I don't have to clean it first.
  12. csb

    Garmin Hack

    My activities came through yesterday.
  13. Does your gym not have heavy days? Our thrusters today were supposed to be on the heavier side. There are some days where we do one rep sets, so we go heavy, and more than once I've seen 90% of max on the board. We do plenty of lighter weight, but I think our programming focuses on getting into heavy lifting. (csb wonders when she became a Chris Spealler fangirl...)
  14. I'm totally not trying to get you to join our cult. I lose my gains if I don't talk about it once a day. Really, if you want giant muscles, you kinda need to focus only on the weightlifting and kill the cardio. You also need to eat for those muscles- like we're talking massing and then a cut. I bet @akwooly or @Supe might have more info on big muscles. Speaking of which, at my wooden cube this morning, we did 30 thrusters and I'd like to report I have neither ankle mobility nor overhead strength.
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