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  1. I watched Abducted in Plain Sight and HFS! I mean...HFS!
  2. Offer to babysit the kids for her.
  3. So I should start planning my March 14th protest now?
  4. csb


    You'd have the same vowel issues you have with your real last name.
  5. csb

    Winter Camping

    If you die, my friend might be the one to pick up your body!
  6. Finished season 2 of Future Man on Hulu. I still like it and want to see where it goes, but gosh if it doesn't feel like it won't be renewed.
  7. csb


  8. csb


    Nah, sounds like you have a similar chance of shitting your pants as anyone else does.
  9. csb


    My kid had been pretty scandalized by what he saw on The Strip (showgirls, regular girls in questionable outfit choices), but Fremont Street was a whole other ballgame. We saw more than one guy in a Borat swimsuit and, in between nude people, kids busking. It was rough.
  10. By strangulation!
  11. csb


    And there's a giant fire breathing praying mantis just down the street? It actually was a decent restaurant. The casino itself was pretty run down, but it had a certain charm.
  12. csb

    NFL 2018

    My husband, who was a tiny bit drunk, kept exclaiming, "ALL THE COMMERCIALS HAVE ROBOTS!"
  13. csb


    Want to feel like you might get shot on your way to an old-timey restaurant? Check out Siegel's 1941!
  14. csb

    Random Topics 3.1

    Sounds like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is settling to be The Mediocre Mrs. Maisel.