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  1. https://www.engineerseals.com/Professional-Engineer-c20803174 It's interesting to see what states have cool stuff in the middle.
  2. Watched The Politician on Netflix and it's like someone watched Dear Evan Hansen and Mad Men and decided to do a thing.
  3. Tips won't be as good with only one?
  4. I can confirm that rum whipped cream is a thing, having made it myself.
  5. Is it really Friday if you have to go to the inlaws this weekend?
  6. I have no idea either, other than there's fat involved.
  7. I feel like they would be on Pinterest as Keto Cookies.
  8. Eleven years ago it took three whole months for them to post results.
  9. This is highly reminiscent of Jessica Dubroff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jessica_Dubroff
  10. This is the unholy love child between a planner that promised a chicane and an engineer who said no way.
  11. How is this? I see ads for it all the time and it seems like Soylent Green.
  12. Holy cow! Hey, old-timer! I have nothing exciting to report, which I think is a good thing.
  13. I found a relative that appears to be the result of an extramarital affair by a great uncle. That was a fun message.
  14. csb

    Movie thread

    7PM is late on a school/work night. That means I don't get home until 9PM and I'm at work on Monday's by 7:30 at the latest. I don't understand how anyone on the east coast ever sees Sunday Night Football.
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