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  1. Western States just canceled and it's at the end of June.
  2. I have a cheap pair of Cowins that I use on flights and at the house that are pretty effective. White noise is pretty easy to find from most streaming services.
  3. I think marathons are almost all about time on feet. Have you thought of walking to Boulder?
  4. We've got some hypotheses about that one: 1. Some people live in towns without things like grocery stores, so they are driving 15-40 miles to go shop and get back home. 2. A lot of people also commute from those small towns into bigger towns to work. Douglas to Casper and Douglas to Gillette come to mind. 3. We have no stay-at-home mandate. It's a conservative state, so a good portion of the population is still operating under the "this is a liberal hoax" mindset.
  5. This made me laugh out loud. I appreciate humor like this. So I just saw yesterday that Bike Across Kansas was canceled for this year. That ride happens the first full week of June. I contacted Bike Ride Across Nebraska and they are leaning hard towards canceling. I'm guessing you'll hear in the next couple of weeks about things canceled in mid-June. Continue to not train and see what happens when you get to Leadville, though, in the event it's not canceled. Take pictures.
  6. Oh man. I don't want to go to Reno.
  7. A bunch of the tigers from OK ended up at the sanctuary in Keenesburg. https://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/rescues
  8. I've decided to join this. I'll be needing to TRX row as well. I'll get this done tonight.
  9. Keep in mind I signed up for this because my first race was cancelled and I had a free entry into this one. Fuck.
  10. Fixed this for you.
  11. With the stories you tell about the bathroom, this was the second thing that came to mind when you said you broke your phone with a log.
  12. Well, it's almost Heaven.
  13. My gym started a facebook group and is posting workouts for us.
  14. https://www.hofmarathon.com/status?fbclid=IwAR3F5vTlPLS-Sd109FeXTJJ2OBH9oD3OZ5WzL0hp6J8aZ0nxDIvbkMVfBBs First half of the season is cancelled.
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