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  1. Safety against people who stand up the minute the plane lands.
  2. csb

    PROWAG For OCT 18 Exam

    I anticipate that you should be familiar with this: https://www.access-board.gov/guidelines-and-standards/streets-sidewalks/public-rights-of-way/proposed-rights-of-way-guidelines/chapter-r3-technical-requirements
  3. csb

    WR&E Test / Studying Anxiety

    Switch up what you're doing to study. For instance, if you've been just working problems, switch over to tabbing references or reading through them. Also, it's okay to take a week off.
  4. Dang it! I forgot to add...arm on each seat and boobs on my head. Those were not complete instructions.
  5. You're facing out towards the aisle, with an arm on the seat in front of you and an arm on your seat.
  6. Be sure to stand up, then drape your arms on both headrests, lean forward a little and let gravity do its thing.
  7. As long as your crotch or butt isn't in my face, stand away. Also, don't rest any boobs on my head. Brought to you by things that have happened to me on flights.
  8. csb

    The Triathlon Thread

    I'd do Iron Man. It would be high on sarcasm, but I think it'd still be hot.
  9. Dropping this here so you guys can quit jacking up the running and cycling threads.
  10. HFS! The fricking seats have massagers!
  11. csb

    The Running Thread

    I figured so. At the beginning of the race, I made sure to line up with the proper pace group and then during the race get to the side when it was time to walk. As the crowd sifted out, we found ourselves with several other people doing the same. There were a few we kept going back and forth with, so much so that the one lady said, "I should just switch to your interval!" We definitely weren't holding up any world class runners like RG.
  12. csb

    The Running Thread

    PR'd by 3 minutes at the half this weekend... ...using run/walk intervals.