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  1. What town did you ride to in Maine? I'm from "The County" originally.
  2. My exact words were, "It tastes okay, but then it kind of tastes like dry heave." Oskar Blues should get back out of the spiked seltzer business. That hippie pop tart had gluten!
  3. Even pretty cheap suspension has a way to lock it out. Have you tightened down the adjustment knob?
  4. csb

    Movie thread

    When I'm out on a long run, I think of The Long Walk.
  5. I enjoyed Forever, but not in a "I need another season" kind of way.
  6. Now completely caught up on Santa Clarita Diet. I can resume binging Brooklyn 99 from the beginning.
  7. I feel like those groups are the ones that get me buzzed by vehicles when I'm riding solo, way over on the right. Like the driver has built up rage from cyclists who don't share the road.
  8. We didn't want to say anything.
  9. It's on my wish list, but not for this year. My tip for butt calluses will always be to buy a recumbent. If that's not feasible, I suggest coating your chamois with so much diaper paste that you can't see the fabric. Or something about getting rides in and you'll be fine. You'll be fine.
  10. If you're doing that, this is the setup you need: But, in all seriousness, the REI bike should be fine.
  11. I remember being really nervous about PMI when we bought our house, but it now seems like it was a very long time ago. Well, it was 15 years ago...anyway, it was a blip in the home buying process for sure. We were able to shake it off a couple of years into the mortgage. Now it seems crazy to have bought a house at 24-years-old. I wasn't grown up enough for that!
  12. Italian Lightning?
  13. That's the mortgage on my house!
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