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  1. It's Friday!!!!

    A double side eye for bumping this on a Thursday and for bragging about going to Vegas.
  2. NFL 2017

    With seconds on the clock!
  3. NFL 2017

    I mean, how's he supposed to know how to photobomb captain's photos? Can he braid Clay Matthews hair? Can he keep Tae Adams sizzling? No.
  4. NFL 2017

    I think McCarthy's statement has less to do with any political anything, which is what it's being made into, and more to do with the Packers tend to draft guys out of college and develop them, rather than trading for other guys. Rodgers spent three years as Favre's backup. Why wouldn't McCarthy do the same thing?
  5. elliptical machine

    One more on the stride length thing. I had an elliptical and hated it and think it had to do with I never felt quite right. (I also hate exercise that doesn't translate to something real world, so take that with a grain of salt. No one is ever going to have elliptical anywhere.) (Minus those stupid ElliptiGo things)
  6. The Running Thread

    You look special needs, but you swear by the comfort.
  7. The Running Thread

    Hokas are the recumbents of the shoe world. My switch to Newton continues to go well. I just feel good when I run in them.
  8. Happy Birthday engineergurl!

    Happy birthday, Sweet Cheeks!
  9. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    @knight1fox3 That's totally on the structural people and the patrol!
  10. LinkedIn Protips

  11. The Running Thread

    Everything in life that you can do in costume, you should do in costume.
  12. The Running Thread

    Maybe it was his weekend to babysit?
  13. NFL 2017

    One Seven had a good day!
  14. Have you ever gone home for a nooner?

    People eat there!