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  1. csb

    The Running Thread

    Easily less than that magic hour of running.
  2. csb

    The Running Thread

    But not all at once!
  3. csb

    The Running Thread

    It's only a few short runs!
  4. csb

    Thailand Soccer Team

    Nah, the weakest ones are still in the cave. They just went with the weaker ones first.
  5. csb

    Thailand Soccer Team

    Reports were the healthiest were taken out first.
  6. csb

    Thailand Soccer Team

    It's the absolute darkness in caves that really creeps me out. There's no waiting for your eyes to adjust, because there's no light.
  7. csb

    Movie thread

    It was enjoyable. Much more Guardians of the Galaxy than other like other Marvel movies. We were trying to watch the list of movies to see before Infinity War and we made it through Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, GotG 2, and we were trying to watch Captain America Civil War, but we all fell asleep. Now we've instead found an 18 minute YouTube video that fills in everything we need to know. There's a point where Thor gets his haircut and my kid points out that the deacon at our church looks like Thor.
  8. csb

    Movie thread

    I used to like Ben Stiller, but I feel like he's gone the Adam Sandler route, where it's the same damn movie over and over. Only Ben Stiller doesn't have a Spanglish in his repertoire that saves him. I finally saw Thor Ragnarok. Am I still within the statute of limitations to talk about this one?
  9. csb

    Thailand Soccer Team

    They've started to really talk about the lack of oxygen. The article I read said that the deceased diver was a retired SEAL who was volunteering his time. He was placing oxygen in places where there may be stretches too long for one tank. Count me in on never doing anything like this, because tight spaces creep me out, as does being underwater. I can snorkel, but I first have to get over the screaming in my head about putting my face in the water. I can't imagine trying to take a kid who's never swam through this ordeal- seems like they'd be a very large hazard to the trained dive team.
  10. csb

    Please delete my account

    Is this because your duplicate thread got shut down?
  11. I am always looking for hot mechanic chicks, but didn't realize I needed to change careers to do so.
  12. csb

    Happy Birthday CSB!!

    Thanks, everyone! I had to go to a work conference on my birthday, but who doesn't want to party with engineers?
  13. We just hired a EE at $3700 gross a month. He lives with his parents and rightly so, because there's no way to get ahead in the rental market here. It's easily $700-$1000 a month for a decent place (I know, I know...in SF/NYC/wherever that's cheap) and that's 50% of take home. Living at home will give him a chance to get up. As far as we can tell, he's not an asshole to his parents.
  14. csb

    It's Friday!!!!

    The office is emptier this Friday than it was last Friday. Slackers.