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  1. Winter Olympics 2018

    I watched this morning and it seemed like a more defensive match than previously.
  2. The Automotive Thread

    I thought Mordor was within walking distance?
  3. Winter Olympics 2018

    How does @Road Guy find the time to run this place and coach the US Women's Hockey team?
  4. The Baking Thread

    Tee hee!
  5. The Baking Thread

    And now we're back on topic for the baking thread!
  6. The Baking Thread

    Watch it there, Mr. Making a Murderer State.
  7. Random Topics 3.1

    I can't wait until I'm old enough to wear sensible SAS shoes. The average demographic for that store won't notice what Carolina's really selling.
  8. funny pic thread

    Like "Man, these are like chips!" or "Not bad for processed vegetable straws!"?
  9. The Baking Thread

    It cute how you guys assume Yankees know the difference between trashy South and regular South.
  10. Random Topics 3.1

    Yeah, I think you have to have lived somewhere else for awhile and really have been immersed in the culture. Traveling a bunch makes you a world traveler, but not worldly.
  11. The Baking Thread

    Probably something to do with life choices?
  12. funny pic thread

    That was me shoving McDonald's french fries into my mouth last night.