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  1. The truth is that I've taken this test 3 times and also have the sample test and there has yet to be a question that would have a different answer if you had the 2002, 2005, 2008 or 2011 NEC and I don't think they would put a question like that in there since different states are using different versions of the NEC. Unless your state is quick to adapt, I would get the 2011 NEC since it would be the best for future use.
  2. Got my official mail info with the certificate, etc. Also came with a cover letter congratulating me on licensure as a Licensed Master Social Worker.
  3. Mine is finally shown on the search.
  4. I'm in the middle of the alphabet and mine isn't up yet.
  5. Also useful from Bussman for the test:
  6. I used the Bussman book.
  7. I bet you it's one guy and he won't be back til after New Years.
  8. I think they're going in some kind of super slow alphabetical order. I know they are at least past "El".
  9. $377 to NYS to qualify $249 to take exam x3 $364 for PPI books (won’t count NEC) $875 for class in 2010 $498 for class 2nd time (class is now $1K but he offered me half off) ________ ~$2900 Reimbursement from work: $0
  10. Don't see mine or a different person I know who passed when I searched just now.
  11. That was my exact failing score the last time I took it before this one and passed.
  12. I know what you're saying. Take the example below Special Applications 10% 1. Lightning and surge protection 2. Reliability 3. Illumination engineering 4. Demand and energy management/calculations 5. Engineering economics So you have 8 questions on any one of these topics. It can be 3 on economics, 2 on surge protection, 2 on iluumination engineering, 1 on demand and 0 on reliablity. Or any combination thereof. And engineering economics itself is a very large subject so the questions can be in different areas or 2 questions that are the exact same thing with different numbers.
  13. You have people getting kicked out? The most I saw was a long discussion on whether a compass was allowed.
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