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  1. ASG

    NEC & NESC editions for the OCT 14 Power PE

    The truth is that I've taken this test 3 times and also have the sample test and there has yet to be a question that would have a different answer if you had the 2002, 2005, 2008 or 2011 NEC and I don't think they would put a question like that in there since different states are using different versions of the NEC. Unless your state is quick to adapt, I would get the 2011 NEC since it would be the best for future use.
  2. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    Got my official mail info with the certificate, etc. Also came with a cover letter congratulating me on licensure as a Licensed Master Social Worker.
  3. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    Mine is finally shown on the search.
  4. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    I'm in the middle of the alphabet and mine isn't up yet.
  5. Also useful from Bussman for the test: http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/dam/public/bussmann/Electrical/Resources/solution-center/technical_library/BUS_Ele_Tech_Lib_Voltage_Drop_Calculations.pdf
  6. I used the Bussman book. http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/dam/public/bussmann/Electrical/Resources/solution-center/technical_library/BUS_Ele_Tech_Lib_Short_Circuit_Current_Calculations.pdf
  7. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    I bet you it's one guy and he won't be back til after New Years.
  8. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    I think they're going in some kind of super slow alphabetical order. I know they are at least past "El".
  9. ASG

    List of Oxymorons

    Microsoft Works
  10. ASG

    Ok you passed. How much did you spend?

    $377 to NYS to qualify $249 to take exam x3 $364 for PPI books (won’t count NEC) $875 for class in 2010 $498 for class 2nd time (class is now $1K but he offered me half off) ________ ~$2900 Reimbursement from work: $0
  11. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    Don't see mine or a different person I know who passed when I searched just now. http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm
  12. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    That was my exact failing score the last time I took it before this one and passed.
  13. ASG

    New York is Released 12/5/13

    Passed. In shock.
  14. ASG

    Electrical PE Exam - Oct. 2013

    I know what you're saying. Take the example below Special Applications 10% 1. Lightning and surge protection 2. Reliability 3. Illumination engineering 4. Demand and energy management/calculations 5. Engineering economics So you have 8 questions on any one of these topics. It can be 3 on economics, 2 on surge protection, 2 on iluumination engineering, 1 on demand and 0 on reliablity. Or any combination thereof. And engineering economics itself is a very large subject so the questions can be in different areas or 2 questions that are the exact same thing with different numbers.
  15. You have people getting kicked out? The most I saw was a long discussion on whether a compass was allowed.