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  1. I agree. Don't build a strategy to perform to the cut score, build a strategy for succeess. Success in this case is to answer the majority of the questions with confidence and accuracy, and apply your good engineering judgement to the remaining ones. NCEES does a lot of things that we don't now or never will understand.(Wait until scores start being released across the country!) All of your power, focus, energy, prayers, etc. should go toward preparation for the big event. Good Luck!
  2. Hey SapperPE... How can I tell how many posts I have on my way to the magical 25?? I wanna see my name in lights!!!! Thanks....Sharon :bananapowerslide:
  3. I can tell now, they have plenty of potential. Damn, may be another good year. :tt: My husband says the Steelers are the "real deal".
  4. Here is the link Sharon referred to. Thanks Knight1...How did you do that? It was a crazy week last week and my brain couldn't fathom looking that up!
  5. Frank, Don't be discouraged. I passed in Oct 2010 and it was my second attempt and I had been out of school for 25 years. Career just went in a different path for a while - got some great experience (DuPont, IBM, DoD) and a Duke MBA paid for by my company. Anyhow, I started a topic called Success Strategy where several have chimed in on what they attribute their success to. I don't know how to create the link, but the location is Engineer Boards>Exam Discussion>PE Exam Results and then you will see the Success Strategy topic in the list. Good luck and thanks for your service to our country from the daughter of an Air Force Retiree(deceased). It was a great life for our family we traveled extensively and experienced other cultures, people and countries. Best of Luck and my prayers are certainly with you!
  6. I agree Mary......48 here!!! :bananapowerslide:
  7. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    Excellent point!! I checked my answers quickly to make sure none were missing that I had marked the correct bubble per question. That scenario is very possible where you get out of sync and have the correct anwers but just in the wrong place. You would think they could check for that. But, I guess it's too much trouble.
  8. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    Same here, I studied everything. I didn't tab the reference manual because I remembered where most things are at and tabbing doesn't help me. I used different color highlighter for different sections and those helped a lot. Sounds good. Whatever works best for you - just make sure you can navigate quickly.
  9. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    Texas tells you your score and puts it on your engineer seal so that everyone knows how good of an engineer you are. (Obviously kidding about the second part). LOL!!! You had me going for a minute!
  10. Sharon

    No Studying

    I haven't. That's a pretty tall order.
  11. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    Great advice Robert.
  12. I finally got my license number!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! :bananapowerslide:
  13. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    My management was extremely supportive with time for study. I was able to take time at work as well as take time off to study. That is indeed a blessing.
  14. Sharon

    Success Strategy

    Wes... How did you know what your score was? Did they tell you? What state are you in? I live in SC and I heard that they don't tell you your score. I guess that is up to the individual states. I sure would like to know what my score is. Of course, I am not even posted on the SC site yet!!!
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