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  1. pbrme


    ^Same here... Like what was previously said, I didn't know him outside this arena, but he always had something great to contribute. Sad to hear... here's one to yeah dude
  2. Thanks duders! Yeah, I haven't been on here it seems in ages. Funny how little time I waste when not being paid to do it. Nothing new to report, still looking for a job, being at home is becoming a real sock cutter. Luckily the ol' lady got in as a provider with a oncology/hematology clinic in town around the same time they let me go. Gotta get back to pulling weeds and shampooing carpets, will be kicking back a few later. Peace
  3. Here's the progress on the hired help as of last night: He's halfway accross the shed, looking more like mid afternoon until he finishes. Lot's of little piles of de-rocked dirt, which I didn't have to shovel (awesome). The machine works! Might have to take the prototype to the next level and sell a working copy to the local rental store.
  4. First official stamp was on the bosses reciprocity application. Haven't used it since, just sits in the drawer drying out which is fine by me.
  5. ^ True, but the piece of mind that those damn rocks are gone is worth it. I want to keep the garden down level with the bottom of the shed, we're inheriting a nice rear tine tiller, which will work nice with this system.
  6. Just went home to check on my hired helper, the kid's got another 6' wide row done (woohoo!) and wants to stay till 6 tonight. Thinks he'll have it wrapped up before lunch tomorrow. Not bad for a 16yr. old going for his GED. I am soooo glad I'm not the one working that shovel like I want a raise. I'll put up some pics after he's done tonight.
  7. Got around to posting some pictures from the weekend. The FIL and I moved over 3 yrds of dirt on Sunday, and the rock separator worked like a charm. Five wheel barrels of lava rock, large river rock & organics pulled from the ground, all in about 4 hours. Here's a shot of where the garden will be, the shed is 12x14, and the garden will be to the left w/ same footprint. We have potatoes planted in the big flower pots. The old lava rock is mixed in with over 30yrs of windblown dust and extends 20 ft. or so from the fence out to where the potatoe pots are, for the full 97ft of back fence. Here's the area we dug on Sunday, starting from the old planter boxes and worked to the shed, out six feet from the fence for an area of 14'x6' by 1ft deep. We started with a 6'x6' pit next to the planter boxes, and sifted the dirt directly into the planter boxes. Once the pit was cleared, we moved down there and started making piles, clearing an area and moving the box... then repeat. We took a lot of breaks as it was high 80's out, and the palm sander would start to heatup, but so far it's working great. Seemed to work the best to throw about 4 shovel loads on, and then use the flat blade to scrape across the grating as some of the organic materials would hang up the rock. The shovel would gather some of it together and then the rocks would just peel off. Also, if anyone is looking at duplicating this design, I'd say go closer to a 20 deg. angle for the screen. The 15 deg. in this Rev. works, but we found if we dug the front leg's down a little and increased the angle it worked better. So my back is wrecked now. While clearing out the first pit, we were shoveling rock/dirt into 5 gal. pails and hauling it over the planter boxes for sifting. All that initial hauling, lifting and dumping has ruined any progress my back has made in the last month, feels like I'm starting over. So yesterday I checked craigslist for some help and found a 16yr old kid willing to shovel the rest (over 7 yrds) for $250. He and his dad came by in the evening to check out the job. Worth it to me if he can do a good job. Supposed to be there to start as I type this, I'll report on the progress as it's made. Hoping he has it cleared for me to start chicken proof fencing on Friday. The wife wants to put the seedling sprouts in the ground next week. Ahhh, my back.
  8. Did you bleed the lines? Sounds like air pockets.
  9. ^Lol, ..."what do you kids want for dinner?" :mf_bounce8: !!!!!Ketchup packets!!!!!
  10. ^ double blah, Katsip should never go on eggs.
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