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  1. October 2013 Results RELEASED

    Got the official email from the Texas PE board, results are released
  2. When Can I use PE in my signature?

    Here's a simple answer, because I asked this to David Howell over at TBPE when I passed, he said as soon as the board grants you the license number, you can add PE to your signature. However you need to make sure you submit your paperwork showing your seal and picture within 60 days of award, if I remember correctly. I'm not sure how the other states' rules are but at least that is what I know for Texas.
  3. My experience mainly is utility design and lift station design as well as I have worked on a few industrial projects involving Stormwater mitigation or segregation. Basically I'm almost 9 years into my career, but it will be like I'm starting over even though I have a PE to my name.
  4. As the topic says, how many of you all have done it and what did you do to get your oil and gas employer to hire you especially if you have no previous oil and gas experience? Seems like it is pretty difficult.
  5. Passed, Pay Raise?

    So I got my PE after I passed the October 2010 Exam. Still with the same company but haven't really made a move yet due to the economy. I am considering it though since I haven't been promoted to a project engineer.
  6. SE Results?

    I wonder how happy NCEES is with the pass rate being 27% for the first administration of the 16 hour exam.
  7. States Requiring Only PE

    If you passed the NCEES 8 hour exam for the PE, most states will accept that, however that means you are only licensed to practice in those states, but cannot call yourself a PE in CA until you meet CA's requirements. In Texas for example they require the NCEES PE exam and their state ethics exam to become a PE.
  8. SE Results?

    Texas has their SE results out
  9. Passed, Pay Raise?

    So not even your boss is a PE? If you are the only PE how is your firm selling engineering services beforehand? In Texas your boss would get reprimanded and be ordered to cease and desist.
  10. Growth in Civil Engineering Jobs

    that is sound good. I was working at the government office as civil engineer and my position was cut off 3 weeks ago. The only available opening in my city are for PE (I am still working on it). Yesterday I had an interview with very popular engineering company, but the salary they could pay for not licensed engineer $45,000-55,000. And for license engineer starts $60,000. Is that common?! Or its just because they know that I am out of work? Where you are in the country makes a huge difference. I'm down at 46k after 10 years at the same company (2 years with PE), and I don't think I'm too out of line with the surrounding area. Last time I got an interview I requested 50k, and was told it was too much. Of course, while my license is Civil I'm actually doing structures as my primary focus. How is 50k/year too much with a PE? Most starting PEs in Texas are at least making 65k to 70k/year in Civil.
  11. Passed, Pay Raise?

    That depends on where you live. I made more then 65k without a PE. Now that I passed, I hope to get about 7-10k more That's cool, what kind of Civil work do you do? Maybe that makes a difference since I'm in the consulting business doing public works.
  12. hubby got results today

    Congratulations KathyJ. I'm glad your husband didn't give up on the PE exam. Best wishes to you both.
  13. Passed, Pay Raise?

    Out of curiousity those that received a raise from passing the PE, did your salary get bumped up to at least 60k? Mine didn't unfortunately, but at the same time we don't have alot of work going on right now but it's slowly turning around so I do feel lucky I did receive something for passing the PE though. Plus side from my job is my health benefits and other miscellaneous benefits are top notch. The other question is what should a brand new PE be actually making in terms of salary? I always thought it should be at least 65k.
  14. SE 2-day

    What I would like to know if those that took the 16 hour exam felt it to be a better format than the previous Structural I and II format, talking to people that took the previous format but didnt pass. Also did the NCEES new study material really prepare you?
  15. Since I just passed the Civil PE this past October, I was wondering if it is worth being multi-discipline certified by taking the PE again. Was contemplating taking the PE in Mechanical-Thermal and Fluids considering my main line of work involves lift stations and pumps. What are your opinions? Just to note Texas will allow me just to sign up to take it without having to submit additional SERs