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  1. hi everyone, I passed the AE exam in April and it was definitely challenging trying to study for the exam given the limited study prep material. I have an Architectural Engineering degree but really never worked directly in design, most of my experience is in the field of Construction Management. I found the exam wasn't too bad as far as being familiar with all the questions and having ample time to answer everything except for those few guesses. I posted in another forum what I used most in the exam as far as reference materials about a year ago so if you search the forum for AE study you will find the thread, it has good information of how other prepared for the exam. I basically studied by going through the 2nd edition of the practice guide and finding my week points then putting more emphasis on those. I would suggest going through the study guide in detail and writing out all the solutions knowing them inside and out. (there are ever a few questions right from the book, word for word) I also found helpful and old CERM manual that one of the older engineers in my firm gave me, it was dated from 1982 but i found the structural review topics really helpful and the problems were relevant to the type on the exam. I would also suggest absolutely having the NEC Handbook if you can get the full version (I had the 2002 which is sufficient) then I had a great referenece that covers alot of the material on the examwhich I had from college, it is called Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings (just a great overall reference and practical - came in handy in the exam for looking stuff up) I also used a concrete and steel textbook i borrowed off of another engineer (get one that references the ACI and LRFD) These are much easier that paging through the Steel and concrete manuals for the people like me that aren't strong in structures. I also went to the web site engineeringtoolbox to pickup short refreshers on specific topics and get right to the necessary formulas. I printed and organized them by topic then put them in a 3 ring binder (i think most states allow this type of binding just not loose papers - so check with your requirements by state) I learned of the 6 minute solutions after the exam so i wasnt able to have those but i think they would have helped alot. I ended bringing about 20-25 books into the exam but really only used 5-6 of them. if anyone has any other quesitons drop me a note or i will check back to this post. and good luck studying if I can do you all can too!
  2. archeng1


    I guess all we can do now is wait for the Pont Express to arrive!! thank you.. i just got that animation.. i couldn't figure out why he was hitting the donkey.. wow, i feel great about these results now. PA had the same PCS update but stated letter were mailed 6/21 (letter was dated 6/17) and results arrived 6/24 my guess is you are looking at Sat or Monday
  3. Studied about 80-90 hours total, began 2 month prior to the April exam tried to study enough to pass due to busy family life and work life - worked out for me Passed on 1st attempt
  4. congrats to all who passed, it was great having others to share in the waiting and finally the long awaited celebration!! to all who didn't make it this time...keep at it you will get there!
  5. Passed PA! - Added 6/24/2010 by Mail and housekeeping for WI 6/24/2010 by mail Alabama 6/4/2010, Regular Mail Alaska 6/3/10, Website Arizona 6/2/2010, Email Arkansas 6/3/10, Website Colorado 6/15/10, Email Connecticut 6/21/2010, Regular Mail District of Columbia 6/10/2010 Regular Mail Florida, 6/2/10, Email Georgia, 6/7/2010, Website Idaho, 6/4/10, Email (From State Board) Illinois, 6/4/10, Website Indiana, 6/3/10, Email Kansas, 6/8/10, Regular Mail Kentucky, 6/9/10, Regular Mail Louisiana, 6/1/10, Email Maryland, 6/18/10, Regular Mail Michigan , 6/1/10, Email Minnesota, 6/9/10, Mail Mississippi, 6/5/10, Regular Mail Missouri 6/11/2010, Email Montana, 6/1/10, Email Nebraska, 6/9/2010, Regular Mail Nevada, 6/8/10 Mail New Mexico, 6/3/10, Email New York, 6/10/10, State Website; 6/14/10 Regular Mail North Carolina 6/14/10 State Website Ohio, 6/3/2010, Email Oregon 6/12/10, Mail Oklahoma, 6/18/2010, Mail Pennsylvania 6/24/2010, Mail Rhode Island, 6/18/2010, Mail South Carolina, 6/4/2010, Email South Dakota, 6/14/10, Mail Tennessee, 6/11/10, Mail Texas, 6/8/10, Website Vermont, 6/2/10, Email Virginia, 6/18/10, State Website Virgin Islands 6/19/2010, Regular Mail Washington State, 6/2/10, Email West Virginia 6/4/2010, Regular Mail Wisconsin 6/24/2010, Mail
  6. I must have done something right b/c i found out today PASSED the April exam! feels great - good luck to all who are going to sit next April give me a shout if you have any more questions and keep at it - you can do it!!!!
  7. Awesome! Congrats! Describe the envelope - thin, thick, how many pages etc? well my wife opened it from home so i don't know the exact details from what she told me it was thin 1 page letter, i believe was in a regular size envelope. thanks and good luck to all!@
  8. my wife is home and opened the mail......PASSED! :bananadoggywow:
  9. noticed your discipline is Construction, who do you work for a building construction, road construction company? or other I was working for a large commercial CM in the Philly area but switched over to a fornesic delay / construction claims firm a few years back.
  10. I hear what you are saying...just the anticipation is killing me??!?! Hokie are you near Philadelphia?
  11. just a note the bottom of VI add says 6/16 while the list says 6/19?
  12. got one too, send in the hook!
  13. Did any of you read down below the stroy at the posts to the article. There is one in particular from a guy who says the article is a crock of you know what. This story does sound out of wack-interesting to see the reply from a guy who says he knows him and he is nothing more than a trust fund kid. Gotta believe this guys post - i think this kid would have had some better pictures from across the country than his lambo sitting in some field.
  14. God bless the men and women who serve our country may you return home safe!
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