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  1. We have a tow behind popup, and love it. We went to Grand Teto NP and Yellowstone last summer, and camped in the popup the whole time (almost). We're heading out on Friday to go camping over on the Grand Mesa (near Grand Junction, but up high).
  2. WTF. Banned for bringing this topic to the top.
  3. Fried egg with cheddar melted on top, coffee (with almond milk creamer)
  4. Have a great day, @goodal!
  5. Best three row SUVs for hauling a pop-up camper. V-6 engine only, please. GO!
  6. Hooray Denver traffic! \sarcasm
  7. Oatmeal with PB powder, COFFEE.
  8. Happy birthday to our Dear Leader. Make the most of it, @Road Guy!
  9. Fruit smoothie with protein powder, coffee.
  10. Chicken burrito, tortilla chips, cherry Pepsi.
  11. Open -face fried egg sandwich with Swiss Cheese, bacon, and one Fried egg, coffee
  12. ^Don't forget mid-morning snack, Elevensies...
  13. This year is also hella wetter than last year.
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