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  1. I believe it is because of Florida's sunshine laws. Makes it easier for court records/police reports to be made public.
  2. Today is my Friday. I'm going on vacation, starting tomorrow through the 22.
  3. Florida man sprayed other inmates with urine, deputies say
  4. The position on the road bike is very different than the mountain bike, so you are on different "sit bones". Just keep riding, and you'll get your ass in shape!
  5. Y'all can GTFO and GFY.
  6. On Saturday we had a bike swap near my house. Took my wife's and my old mountain bikes to the swap (they were pretty worn out), and they sold! We were shocked. More importantly, I found a mountain bike for myself. Breezer Repack Expert with a dropper post the former owner put on. 27.5" wheels. I ready to get out on some trails and get back into mountain biking. I'm not giving up road riding, just expanding my horizons. The pic below is not my bike, but a pic of what I picked up.
  7. ^Nor have I. We are supposed to get some snow starting this afternoon through tomorrow night. Last weekend I got some compost, mixed it into our garden, and hand-turned over the soil. I have my FIL tiller, but after replacing the carb on the tiller, gas is coming out of it, due to the float in the carb being mis-adjusted. I didn't have the time to open it up and adjust it, so I decided to just muscle it.
  8. Fruit smoothie with protein powder, spinach, and oatmeal in it. And coffee. Always the coffee.
  9. We've been using a commercial compost system that is offered around us this winter, and the compost giveback is this weekend. I'll be picking up a load of it on Saturday, then tilling our garden so the wife and kids can plant it in the next few weekends.
  10. Oatmeal with fresh blueberries and honey, two cups of coffee with sugar-free creamer, a donut on the way into the office (no will power, damnit), and black coffee in the office.
  11. Rueben on marble rye, cole slaw, and a pickle.
  12. Tua is at Bama, you're thinking of Jalen Hurts, who transferred to Oklahoma. In addition to Tua, Hurts, and Fromm, Ehlinger from Texas might declare, as well as Justin Herbert from Oregon. Lots of QB prospects.
  13. ^Too true on the gadgets. I broke down and got a Garmin bike computer (not the ultra fancy ones), and got the cadence and speed sensors for it, as well as the heart rate monitor. I find that I like to know where I'm comfortable riding (HR and cadence), as well as how hard I'm working (HR).
  14. @Road Guy I rode the Colorado National Monument this weekend, in the same direction that you will. The loop starts out rolling, then when you get to the west entrance of the Monument, the climbing starts. 1,100 feet of climbing in the first 4 miles to the visitor's center. Take it easy, and ride your climb. Make sure you and Mrs. RG have both front and rear lights...there are two tunnels that you ride through on the way up. After that initial beating over the head, the grade flattens out, and is a more gradual climb. There are a few "You thought you were done climbing? Take this!" grades, but nothing like the initial climb. After you hit the high point (6,400 feet), it is a gradual decent until Cold shivers (or something like that), and then the decent becomes fast and winding (and fun). The best piece of advice I can offer, other than what I have previously, is make sure that you are used to being on your bike for 3 to 4 hours.
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