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  1. Happy Birthday Ble

    I hope that you simply...had a...wonderful birthday time!
  2. EB Cycling Club

    I agree with going to your LBS to see what works for you. Then try nashbar.com for better deals.
  3. Bagels

    I'm a fan of bagel thins. I like it lightly toasted, with chive and onion cream cheese (steer clear of me until after I've brushed my teeth that morning), or peanut butter. If we have cinnamon raisin bagels, I like just regular butter on those. Again, lightly toasted.
  4. Happy National Taco Day!

    ^That's why.
  5. Happy National Taco Day!

    I like my tacos with meat in them (beef, chicken, fish, pork). But I have trouble deciding which one. I found this great site that helps me decide: Meat Selector Tool Hopefully this can help someone else decide what to put in their tacos today.
  6. Happy birthday, Sschell!

    The Dude abides...happy birthday!
  7. Happy birthday, P-E!

    Happy birthday! Cheers!
  8. I was not impacted. Whew.
  9. sprinklers...

    I'm not sure the typical homeowner compressor pushes enough CFM to blow out the system. My guy (across the street neighbor) rents a tow behind diesel compressor.
  10. NFL 2017

    How 'bout them Jaguars?
  11. Space storm

    Calling @csb ...
  12. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    And it's rigged. The Commish won last year.
  13. It's Friday!!!!

    I've been watching the Vuelta a Espana (bike race), and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Makes me want to go. Have fun! BTW, it's Friday b!tches! Let's get f@cked up!
  14. It's Friday!!!!

  15. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Fried chicken, mac and cheese, yogurt, cheese stick.