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  1. The number of bikes one needs is easily computed by the simple formula # bikes I need = N + 1, where N = number of bikes currently owned.
  2. Nun-chuck skilz. Make sure to include those.
  3. So far it's good. The team is happy to have me, and it's nice to feel wanted and like I fit in. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole at my previous job.But I made that last 15 years, with large bonuses, stock options, etc. It seemed to be going really well, till it wasn't. We shall see how this career move (private sector to gooberment) shakes out.
  4. Not only Friday, but payday #3 at my new job for me! It has been puking snow here since yesterday, and I think this storm came from CA, so you should be set? Have fun!
  5. Avocado toast (mushed 1/2 avocado and bacon with salt and lime juice) with a fried egg on top. Coffee.
  6. Not sure I want to try that in a vehicle (other than a "REAL" Jeep). I mountain biked that about 15 years ago. It's beautiful, but very technical. Not sure I trust my offroading silz that much yet.
  7. Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McD's. Because F it.
  8. I just realized I never updated this. I asked about the best three-row SUV, but decided that since Mrs. Buff has the minivan, we didn't need a three-row SUV. I wanted something we could off-road in, and haul our popup camper with. I've always wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I found a 2016 Limited with 11,000 miles on it in Minnesota when we were there in November. Had enough from my former company paying my stock options off to buy it outright, then drove it from Minnesota to Colorado. It's everything I had hoped for, so far. Not great mileage, but good for an SUV. It has the V6, which means it doesn't guzzle gas, but it will be powerful enough to haul the camper. I considered the Overland model, but I didn't want to get into the adjustable airbag shocks, which are at least $3k to replace when they break.
  9. MiniBuff #1 turns 12 TODAY! And it sure is "fun" having a 12 year old in the house.🙄But in all seriousness, it is amazing how time flies.
  10. We went to a neighbor's across the street to watch, and were assigned an appetizer, so I made bacon-wrapped Lil' Smokies. Wrap each in PORK bacon, sprinkle with brown sugar, bake in 350 degree oven until bacon is crisp. They were gone before the game started.
  11. That's what you get for deviating from the plan! Leftover eight treasure fried rice, string cheese, yogurt, Gatorade
  12. Put me in the last open squares. I'll get funds sent to you by COB.
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