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  1. Did the board start out angled on the road side, or is that due to friction?
  2. Congrats on the new bike!
  3. I will admit to being skeptical of the 1X setup for mountain bikes, but after buying and riding one for about a year now, I have zero issues with it, and like it a lot. I have not met a hill that I can't climb (yet) with my 1X.
  4. Just tell her it's cheaper than another race car.
  5. You have jumped into the cyclist stereotype wholeheartedly. Welcome! Number of bikes needed = N+1, where N = current number of bikes owned. Also, you are upgrading your bikes at a record pace!
  6. That is the EXACT stand that I have. LOVE it. I had to put a new chain on my road bike last weekend (snapped and dropped the old chain while on a climb), and having the bike elevated on the stand made the repair so much easier. Also, washing/cleaning the bikes is a lot easier on the stand. Clean bike = fast bike.
  7. I am also primarily a cyclist (mainly road, but getting back into mountain as well), and was a rower in high school/first semester of college. TERRIFYING LEGS are LIFE! and so is the cyclist tan. Whenever I see someone else with it, they get the knowing head nod from me.
  8. Make sure you tell us when you do check out CF. I didn't have to tell you that, cuz I think it's like one of their laws that you tell everyone about it.
  9. I saw on the Google (Sux) that you can get an RF controller for that model. Not sure if it'll work with the switch already hardwired in, though.
  10. So did you base the model of fan on your house square footage, or go smaller? I have been interested in a whole house fan, as p here in the hills it would work really well, and I don't want to fork over the $$$ to add AC to our existing central air system for just 2 or 3 months of the year.
  11. Two scrambled eggs with onions, sweet peppers, sausage, and cheese mixed in. COFFEE
  12. Oatmeal with fresh blueberries, brown sugar, and cinnamon. And coffee.
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