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  1. Ya, I limit myself to about once a month. And I only get a single burger, not the doubles they offer. I was down in Denver last month for stormwater training, and went to Five Guys. HFS, that was good.
  2. There is one in Glenwood, about a 5 minute walk from my office.
  3. Culvers. With the cheese curd substitution.
  4. Well, I've been limping my mountain bike along for many years now. Last year, my chain snapped while climbing up Mary's Loop in Fruits. A couple of good guys on the trail gave me a quick link to fix my chain. Then, on a different climb, it snapped again. That was a long walk back to the trail head. I had the bike tuned, but it still was shifting weird. Then, last weekend while riding it to the store, it shifted the chain between the front drive and the frame, and jammed. It's a ~20 year old Kona full suspension, so nothing super special. I looked into upgrading components, and it would cost about as much as a newer bike. So, long story short, I'm in the market for a new mountain bike. Anyone have experience with the 1x drives vs. 2x?
  5. We have those over here, too. And I have definitely seen the racer wanna-bes in the metro area.
  6. No, because I prefer to ride solo, most times. See discussion in the Fitness thread about getting away. Better that you know now.
  7. This one time, @DVINNY wen to Big Lots...
  8. I can't remember the top speed I hit on the way down...maybe 50...I went to CU Boulder...does that make me an asshole?😉
  9. I rode with both a front and rear light that I got off the Amazon. Yes, there will be the riders who see themselves as semi-pro, and there will be an "old people" group. The nice thing about these organized rides is that there are groups of all rider abilities, and you can find a group of people who ride the same level as you. I really enjoyed my ride at Tour of the Moon. Just remember it is a RIDE, not a RACE, even though some will treat it that way. Don't worry if people are passing you...ride YOUR ride and climb, and, most important, HAVE FUN!
  10. The year that I did Tour of the Moon, we happened to be camping in Loma that weekend, so I just got up early at the campsite, and trucked into GJ for the ride. I just put in miles to avoid butt callouses (no chamois butter for me). Just get some longer rides in, make sure that you can handle the 40-mile ride. The best thing you can do (apart from pre-riding the course before the event), is try to map out a ride that will be similar to the Tour of the Moon and ride it a couple of times. Failing that, just get in some miles!
  11. I did that a few years ago...it was awesome! Great views, and good food afterwards. I invested in some thorn protector tire strips, because the Monument is known for having crown thorns that will dig into your tires, and I got paranoid. I did the metric century (~61 miles), and you're not missing anything by skipping out on those 20 extra miles. It is just a spin around Fruita and the surrounding farmland. Unfortunately for @csb, I forgot my cowboy hat at home when I rode it.
  12. It's been a long week. TGIF.
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