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  1. FLBuff PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I prefer fermented grapes, personally.
  2. FLBuff PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    That's because your taste buds have become accustomed to that leather that you like (or as you call it, turkey 'bacon').
  3. FLBuff PE

    It's Friday!!!!

  4. FLBuff PE

    Home brew Beer

    I don't know if that would happen. That's just what popped into my mind when you mentioned all that added sugar.
  5. FLBuff PE

    Home brew Beer

  6. FLBuff PE

    What does the Fox say?

    Have you tried blue waffles? Do an image search for some examples.
  7. FLBuff PE

    Happy Birthday tj_PE!

    Happy birthday!
  8. FLBuff PE

    The 2018 Garden Thread

    We are currently in the process of improving the soil in our 12' x 10' garden. Digging up about 6-8 inches of existing soil, laying down new weed barrier, sifting the existing soil, laying down said sifted soil, adding more "planting soil" from Costco, adding some of our compost that we have been creating over the years, going to add some manure, and then plant. We have about a third of it done. PITA, but hopefully we get better production out of the garden this year.
  9. FLBuff PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Now. Yes.
  10. FLBuff PE

    It's Friday!!!!

  11. FLBuff PE

    It's Friday!!!!

  12. FLBuff PE

    It's Friday!!!!

  13. FLBuff PE

    Happy Birthday roadwreck!

  14. FLBuff PE

    The Automotive Thread

    That doesn't look real to me. There isn't a COEXIST emblem on it.
  15. FLBuff PE

    Home brew Beer

    You can get them from pretty much any large brew supply place. Mine have held up very well. You can also buy replacement caps for the bottles.