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  1. McEngr, if you are preparing for SE 2 - I would recommend to buy 'seismic and wind design by Alan William (kaplan). I used this book and found very useful for my prep. it covers slenderwall design for masonry, it has all masonry stuffs in SD- not good from exam point where you need ASD. But helpful for slenderwall design in SD. My suggestion is don't worry about definition of slender wall - it should be clearly mentioned in exam if it appears. thanks
  2. PE vs SE after name : If a person passed SE II, can he writes S.E. after his name irrespective of state ? My assumption is the state should have structural engieering title act rules enfrorced. that means a person in AZ can write SE and one in KC can't write? I would appreciate if some one can confirm.
  3. ARLORD -It seems that you are heading towards California. My question to all you guys is : which states require Civil as a must? Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Buening, congratulation!!!! You made it -That is awesome.
  5. Jennifer, You probably wanna keep all your SE 1 books except bridge if you are taking Bldg on SE II. I would add: Civil and structural engineering: seismic design of building and bridges by Allan williams to the list by ARLORD and Bigwolf. Good Luck.
  6. Annas- I am from Texas. thank you very much for you all and for Kevo_55 for previous posts related to STR which are great for all takers.
  7. YES, SE II results are really in. I Passed SE II (TX). Thanks to all.
  8. I just got mine SE II results-- passed. Want to thank you all for great support. Best luck for waiting folks. thanks.
  9. ARLORD, Congratulations!!!!! Well done. Stay around.
  10. Mcgill

    Bridge Problems

    I used Kaplan book for civil eng PE in addition to SERM. I heard bridge book by Kim Kim is good , but I think it is based on old code. Because 20% questions will be from Bridge section, you have to study more.
  11. SEII-Building guys, How was your pace with time? For me -It was short in morning but I finished earlier in afternoon.
  12. My understanding is allowable stress reduction provision based on inspections are not in recent codes( 2002 and later)- so don't worry about it anymore.
  13. Mcgill


    Yes, that's true. ASCE 12.7.2 is about effective seismic weight not about load combination. To add- according to IBC ASD Load combo you can ignore snow load if less than 30 psf. I don't see such provision on LRFD combo- dont know why.
  14. See the link- that has same discussion.
  15. Mcgill

    SERM questions

    Anyway, anybody know which chapter it is for "plate girder" in new 13th edition steel code? The old code has a distinguish chapter for that. But I haven't found it on new code. Thank you.
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