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  1. Congratulation!!!. But be midful of the fact that PE is more harder than EIT, you need to change your reading/studying habit to be able to face the challeges accompanying the PE. Good luck.
  2. Yes, i had similar experience. Go ahead with your PE and you will get your license when you pass your PE exam. I personnally do not believe in EIT cerificate but if your college is not ABET recognized, you may not be given an EIT cerificate in NY. dont worry abot this, worry more on how to pass your PE. Good luck.
  3. Another area that is a potential danger that can cause a pitfall is Unit conversion i.e from hP to Watt or other way round, CFM to LFM, GPM to MGD and so on. You neeed to get a conversion book saperatly. M. Lindberg has one which is very good. Do not understimate conversion. It is very very important.
  4. I am considering getting a copy of the NCEES sample exam and possibly the PPI sample exam although if the PPI questions are on the same difficulty level as the MERM practice problems, I would put more emphasis on the NCEES problems. If I can manage to get a schedule/plan set up to start in February, I should have more than enough time to take the sample exams. Right now, I am trying to prioritize what books/problems/sample-exams/etc to study and how long to study. I am familiar with where everything is in shigleys and have tabbed what I found important, but haven't tried any problems just because I was running out of time leading up to the exam. I had to use shigleys for a senior level undergrad class and was assigned HW, however that was back in 2004. I could foresee trying some problems as I reread through shigleys again. Forget reviewing MERM, you already did that. Work problems. Practice tests and practice problems. You'll be reviewing MERM while you flip back through it to find equations. Get the practice tests! Why do you not have those???!?!?!?! I guess I'm totally confused on you taking the test twice but not taking either the NCEES or PPI practice tests? Forget doing Shigley problems...your focused on the wrong material. The practice tests and practice problems exist because they work. Stick to those. If I were you I'd do a practice test, all the PPI practice problems thats matter (you don't need to do the math problems...), and the other practice test. Then do them again if you still have time. You'll do great. You obviously have the knowledge and will to do it, just don't get sidetracked and stay focused on the practice material. Best of luck. The trick to the exam is not to be panic on the day of the examination. Be relaxed and have confident in yourself. It may seem very easy, but many people ignore this basic reality. The exam is a test of your organization ability, ability to remeber where to find the right information quickly couple with having stidied hard enough. Concentrate on other area in the depth module and study them as if you are going to take them in the afternoon. That was the trick i used. I wanted to take HVAC but i equally studied T&F hard enought that i am equally preapred for the two. MD is my weak are but i masterd the basic i knew is sufficient for AM. With ample time ahead of you, you need to sudy all the three modules as if you are going to take them in the PM, then you will see that come oct. 2011, you will have been prepared enough to pass the exam. On the day of the exam, be relaxed, scan through all the questions, do the one you are able to do first and shade them in the scantron making sure that you shade the right answer for the right question. Leave difficult question first. After you complete the easy question, then spend time to go through the difficult ones. Guess when all efforts to work out difficult question failed. Time is of essence in this exam. spend your time wisely. Work out all the 6MS, NCEES 2008 and 2001, take practise test before the examination and use it to know where you stand. Use AM to boost your chance because PM is always very difficult. Thank God i passed the first time having applied all this techniques i outlined above. Good Luck. Oluade PE.
  5. If you are willing and able to transfer your transcript to to the state board administring your PE, you should be fine. I had my Bachelor from Africa and when my Transcript was tranfered to NY, i was approved to take the exam. I am now a PE. Abet or no Abet, the state evaluating your transcript are interested in the content of your transcript and to see if it is contains all the relevant cources necessary for Bachelor. You do not need additional class and plus you have MS, man you are good to go.
  6. Are you kidding? I can show you at least a dozen of vacancies where they require EIT. Things have changed!! I supported your writeup. i must confes that having passed the P.E, my employer is not willing to promote me. I work with the government and it is sad to note that withiin my work division where we have the consultant as well, the resident engineer doen not have license nor the assistant amd we have highly experienced P.E reporting for them. i am even cosidering divering to medical line since i am still young. i want a profession where hard work or talent is rewarded.
  7. I havethe following books for sale. NCEES PE MECHANICAL 2008 ($30). Six minutes solution HVAC, MG, T&F-($30 each) Please check my message. Thanks. NCESS MECH 2008 Mailed today to your address.
  8. I havethe following books for sale. NCEES PE MECHANICAL 2008 ($30). Six minutes solution HVAC, MG, T&F-($30 each)
  9. Mary, I had to take the Mechanical PE three times before passing. I too had a similar feeling each time I had found out I failed (I recieved a 69, twice!). It's hard to pick yourself back up on the horse and try again, but if you want to be a PE that's exactly what you have to do. Here is your first problem. You say you plan to put in "no more than 240 hours." Why stop at this arbitrary number? Put in the number of hours it takes to pass. That number might be 240. It might be 400. Who knows? Don't limit yourself is what I'm saying. Do what it takes. When I finally stopped trying to study "just enough to pass", that is when I finally passed. My third attempt I studied my arse off almost every day from about the 4th of July until the test in Oct. I never counted up the hours but I'm sure it was well over 300. It was hard on the family, but they supported me and I ended up passing with flying colors. What did I do different? I didn't stop studying my arse off until it was test time. I devoted every ounce of extra effort I could muster to studying and practicing problems. That's what it takes in my opinion. Some folks might be lucky and be able to get by with less studying, but for me it took about 3.5-4 months of solid studying. Hope this helps -- you can do it. Just put in the effort required and you'll pass. +1
  10. I took Mechanical but the test tip should be the same. Beside your hard working that you have to prepare smart. In mechanical there are 3 deapths in the afternoon and morning are mix. I created several pages for each deapth. I put down the tables and next to the table that I put down related equations and important information. (I did for all afternoon deapths). I study day and night from the end of Jan to the exam. After I finish one topic that I refresh again until I finally got it. I took Mechanical. I prepared for two depth module (HVAC and T&F). I also prepared for MD but not too hard as the other two. It help me because in the AM, i was confident with all the HVAC problems and almost T&F problems. I was able to answer few question in MD and guessed about 4 questions at the end. I budgeted six months for preparing for the exam including day and night and two weeks off from job close to exam period. On getting to the exam, i saw that HVAC has a lot of problems with long sentences that if care is not taken, you may miss an important detail and get distabized. I glansed through both modules using 10 minutes. I decided to do T&F. Pay particular attention to small thing like efficiency, Have a conversion book, Beside your hard work, you need to work smart. Thank God I passsed first try.
  11. Forgot to Add. You need a conversion book. Lindeburg has one available for about $25.00. I was able to solve one problem conviniently in AM with the conversion table which without it, i may have got wrong. You can print Psych charts online and bind it securely.
  12. The books you may need are 1. MEMR by lindeburg 2. Lindeburg practice Problem 3 101 solved mechanical endineering problems by lindeburg 4 Mechanical PE Sample examination by Lindeburg. 5. Trane air condition manual 6. Six Minutes solution (HVAC, T&F, Machine design) 7. All four ASHRAE books--Very Important since you are taking HVAC depth module) 8. NCEES mechanical engineering problems and solutions. 9. KAPLAN review books for mechanical PE examination contains some problems that may be useful expeciallly for Boilers, Compressor, Springs, Pumps/blowers etc In NYS, you are allowed to take any book to examination room as long as they are securely bounded in a three ring binder. Be ready to invest in book and time. Best of Luck.
  13. You need to be more specific. Which area are you focusing on during the Depth module?.
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