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  1. AyanHein

    CA seismic and topo -June results

    May's results were released on June 11th, Monday. So my bet is it's coming...could be today...
  2. AyanHein

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    No i'm not. My answers are based on my knowledge and fellow engineers words here.
  3. AyanHein

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    Perhaps contact the board to see what's going on? I'd give them another week or so. Licensing take awhile since they have to go thru a lot of steps.
  4. AyanHein

    Wanted: Hiner's Seismic Design Review Workbook

    I'll PM you.
  5. AyanHein

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    Mine is expiring on Sept 30th. I think everyone should have same date.... P.S. I just found out there is daily limitation on 'reactions' on EB.COM ..... 😥
  6. Some lucky dude ..... look it up!
  7. Got mine today as well! It feels like a combination of (happy+delighted+joyful+pleased+satisfied+rewarding+fulfilling+accomplished)^10
  8. AyanHein

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    I got my license number this morning as well when i checked it!! Finally after 3 weeks of waiting!! Congrats to all who got their numbers as well!
  9. AyanHein

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    I talked to a few of my coworkers who got license last year. They said usually take no more than a week to get their license numbers after they got passed results. It's been almost 3 weeks and no updates yet.
  10. AyanHein

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    I'd like to know as well!
  11. AyanHein

    Has anyone tried EET or PPE Exam Cafe?

    I heard nothing but all the good thing about EET Water Resources/Environmental depth course. Never heard of PPE cafe.........😎
  12. AyanHein

    EET Advice

    I heard a lot of people said EET breadth review was very helpful. But I felt it was helpful up to certain point when i took it. I didn't have to use breadth binder a lot for most of the questions. However, the breadth class was really good except structural portion. I thought structural portion was their weakest point out of all the area they cover. Overall, I'd recommend everyone to take EET's both breadth and depth courses.
  13. Which is today! They probably meant June?
  14. AyanHein

    Can I pass Seismic with just ASCE 7-10?

    I took EET's seismic class and didn't have to use both ASCE 7-10 or IBC. His materials were enough for me to pass the exam.
  15. AyanHein

    EET Advice

    I took both EET breadth and depth Transportation. Passed on 1st try. I wouldn't pass 8 hours without Simar's transportation depth class. 80% exam questions came from his binder. I also heard a lot of good things about other EET's depth classes.