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  1. If you don't have time to watch videos, perhaps you can do EET's problems and review selected topics/videos you don't understand. However, it's very IMPORTANT to watch mock exams and 1st Simulated Exam (8 hours) videos. I think those are gold mine in terms of Ahmed talked about tips and tricks of how to approach questions and how to spend time on problems etc. He also explained each and every problems and how the questions could be twisted to ask differently, and i thought it was a gold mine. Also, EET's additional 3 CBT exams are very valuable. The problems inside are very similar to exam questions. I noticed that some questions are even identical. I've never opened ASCE or IBC during exam but i brought the books into exam room just in case. The material EET provided was more than enough. I think problems from EET and Hiner should be enough for you to prepare for another round. You probably don't need the other books unless you feel like you need more.
  2. I'd get at least EET's CBT exam set. It comes with 3 or 5 CBT exams that you can practice on its website. But as i suggested on other thread, it's better to stick with one method so you won't confuse between 2 instructors.
  3. Let me share my experience with both EET and Hiner. I passed Seismic on 2nd try. Here is what i did. 1st time - I watched on demand EET (60 hours.. yes it's long but worth it) videos, did HW, Mini Exams, and all CBT exams, and only Hiner's Final Exam. I spent around 150 hours on seismic 1st try. I was very confident before the exam...so much that i was over-confident and didn't do review because I was having 80% or more on CBT exams and I passed both 8 hours and survey on 1st try. . However, during the exam, I got panic and wasn't ready to break down the question. I spent more than 5 mins in a few questions and realized that i was 30 mins behind the schedule. Needless to say i failed the exam with Marginal, Deficient, Deficient, Marginal and Marginal. For 2nd time - I reviewed EET's book from cover to cover, watched the selected videos that I feel i need to review again, Mini Exams and 1st Mock Exam (no more than 10 hours). This time on top of all EET's HW, Mini Exams, Mock Exams, CBTs Exams, I also did Hiner's 450 HW problems and Final Exam. THIS IS IMPORTANT - I realized that after my 2nd time studying materials, all the gaps between my seismic knowledge fell into pieces and i was able to make sense the seismic subject. Now, I can remember most of the formulas from EET's cheat sheet and that helped me to speed up during test and not looking at formula all the time. I tried to analyze what happened during my exam from 1st attempt and how i could do better this time. I have both EET's cheat sheet and Hiner's summary sheet, I'd say EET beats Hiner hands down. I can't speak of Hiner's lecture since i have never taken it before. But I suggest you stick to one method (either Hiner or EET), master its cheat sheet (or summary pages), work problems from both EET and Hiner. Good luck.
  4. 1. Surveying 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 20 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 20 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 15 5. Did you pass/fail? PASS 1. Seismic (1st Attempt / 2nd Attempt) 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? (25 / 35) 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? (15 / 13 ) 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? ( 15 / 7) 5. Did you pass/fail? (FAIL / PASS) Lesson learned: SURVEYING - I spent 20-30 hours only on Survey due to my daily work requires dealing with survey. I was able to eliminate 2 impossible answers on educated guess. I didn't even bother studying Traverse and skipped all those questions but i was confident on the rest. SEISMIC - Failed the first time even though i felt well-prepared because i got over-confident on the exam. During the exam, i got panic and froze for an hour. I took a break and caught up myself but i was 30 mins or so behind the schedule. That experience was valuable for my 2nd attempt. However, i felt all the Seismic materials started to click together after 2nd time study and felt very confident before the exam.
  5. May's results were released on June 11th, Monday. So my bet is it's coming...could be today...
  6. No i'm not. My answers are based on my knowledge and fellow engineers words here.
  7. Perhaps contact the board to see what's going on? I'd give them another week or so. Licensing take awhile since they have to go thru a lot of steps.
  8. Mine is expiring on Sept 30th. I think everyone should have same date.... P.S. I just found out there is daily limitation on 'reactions' on EB.COM ..... 😥
  9. Got mine today as well! It feels like a combination of (happy+delighted+joyful+pleased+satisfied+rewarding+fulfilling+accomplished)^10
  10. I got my license number this morning as well when i checked it!! Finally after 3 weeks of waiting!! Congrats to all who got their numbers as well!
  11. I talked to a few of my coworkers who got license last year. They said usually take no more than a week to get their license numbers after they got passed results. It's been almost 3 weeks and no updates yet.
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