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  1. Expedited Results through CBT

    4 marginals + 2 deficient = 1 failed ---- surveying
  2. Expedited Results through CBT

  3. Expedited Results through CBT

    me I failed again ! standard practice deficient data application 25
  4. results for CA specific engineering exams

    this is my last response to your stupid comments . I am on here to find out about an exam I have taken in California and I am expecting to receive the results anytime now. this forum is California Cvil engineering forum and here is exaclty where i should be . As for You numb nuts , you are living in virginia not in California and work as electrical engineers and not civil ... Why on earth are you on here hanging around for? That pathetic are you? With nothing better to do than trolling on here. Your lack of compassion for others at such tense time shows that you either lack empathy or just pure imbeciles! In either case , I have no interest in knowing you. " He must be a grown up" how dumb are you ? yes I am grown up ! and my 7 years old has richer vocabulary than bozos. What are you losers doing on here? No life ? no girlfriend ? no nothing ? Bunch of fat hairy asses nerds with nothing better to do than hang around here .. I guess it is better than being 6'under . If you passed your electric PE exam in Richmond then by god, yall need to go back to virginia and start duck hunting or maybe get a hobby to help kill time instead of trolling . I wonder if this weesal9 is an inbred hillbilly? Moving along to my serious question and away from these jackholes , did anyone on here beside these pathetic idiots get a letter from the board yet ?? I am in socal
  5. results for CA specific engineering exams

    now go duck hunting !
  6. results for CA specific engineering exams

    Mince Mec ! I am francophone ce qui vaut a dire that i am a native French speaker ...and you sir are not ! To me English is my third language , though not well versed in it as in french . I still manage to express my emotion effectively . Google translate is your dumb shorcut to evaluate my french speaking and writing ability. Alors, maintenant apres que je t'ai mis au fais, je vous pris de cesser les betises et que tu me fiche ma paix ...Minable es tu ! Now before you back google to make an ass again , remember french people speak slang french .. Argo! stop waisting my time aren't you go back home for billie goat huntin season this chrismas??
  7. results for CA specific engineering exams

    I am the troll .... CAPTAIN SOLO ?? Chaque fois que quelqu'un m'a offensé, j'essaie d'élever mon âme si haut que l'infraction ne peut pas l'atteindre. says DECARTES to you.... Shortcut!
  8. Expedited Results through CBT

    did you get any mail yet?
  9. results for CA specific engineering exams

  10. results for CA specific engineering exams

    PE in electrical no pe in electrical is the real joke here wooss.
  11. results for CA specific engineering exams

    LOL , getting laid is not really my problem (ask my wife) . My problem is that for the last 3 weeks , there has been too many false predictions regarding results release date in this forum . Furthermore, some people can find out quicker if pass /fail via data base meanwhile I am waiting for Thicker envelop to arrive on the pony express . I am in Socal not too far from Murietta
  12. results for CA specific engineering exams

    NOBODY ON THIS FORUM HAS RECEIVED A FRIGGIN LETTER YET.... IF YOU DID ,CANT you JUST SAY SO AT LEAST ! This forum is not as helpful as I thought . According to randykong2010 " that's great news, I live less than 5 miles from the boards office in downtown sacramento & if the letters are going out tomorrow, I should have it by Thursday I will keep you guys updated on this good luck to me & everyone else" Thursday came and gone and we heard nothing from you as promised . Are we being jerked around here with false info . Could any of you wise guys up here through in youz 2 cents worth of honest coherent opinion based on verified info ?? SO we can all finally expect the correct delivery time without waiting another 2 weeks speculatin on he said she said bull ! No ! I cant say I am gellin!
  13. results for CA specific engineering exams

    Thursday came and gone without a word from the board so I decided to write a song on how it sucks to wait so long ... I am bored!
  14. Expedited Results through CBT

    I still have the 8 hours to take so my name wont be popping out on the database. I am wondering if anyone care to share about receiving actual letters .. No database , just letters.
  15. Expedited Results through CBT

    anyone?? anyone ??