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  1. Don't feel so bad. When I took the test in Oct 09 we didn't get the results until the Dec 30th. That was ridiculous. I am still upset over it.
  2. I thought the MD 6MS was great practice even though the problems were harder and it had all kinds of errors in the solutions. I can say taking that gave me more confidence than any of the other practice exams I took.
  3. Thanks Supe. You are right about the Company wanting this credential on their Resume. Apparently it's held in high regard. I am familiar with the link you sent and appreciate that. Unfortunately the reference material list is 2 pages long and I can't understand how they can possibly expect me to study all this material. Studying for the PE exam seems easier than this.
  4. Anyone here an AWS Certified Welding Engineer? My company wants me to take the exam to be a Certified Welding Engineer but there isn't much information on the exam itself. I was wondering if anyone had taken the exam and can give some advice on what books to study. Thanks in advance.
  5. guys are lucky. Last year we had to wait until Dec 30th before we got results!
  6. I went into the exam with just my MERM, Shigleys and the Practice exams (Lindberg, SMS, NCEES 2008). I may have used Shigley once or twice but the MERM was all I really needed. If you prepared and took all your sample exams I think you will get a feel of what is needed. What was more important to me was being totally familiar with your reference material. I knew exactly where to look for any given type of problem. I guess that's what happens when you spend a year reading the MERM. Good luck!
  7. I found the MD 6MS filled with many errors but I really learned much from it. The problems were challenging but solvable and certainly not in 6 minutes. I did only the breadth sections for T&F and HVAC since I took the MD depth. Although I found some of the problems frustrating...especially the ones with gave me confidence. By the time I took the NCEES sample exam i found it relatively easy.
  8. That's great Kathy. I certainly remember the story and am very glad for both of you. Good hard work paid off in the end!
  9. Relvinim

    Passing Banner

    I'm surprised the Passing Banner isn't up yet. For the Oct 2010 exam we had to painfully stare at a blank banner for almost 3 weeks before the first results came in. Of course no one realized it would be the longest wait ever for results.
  10. I think I remember several people saying they received a pdf file that had "Diagnostic" in the filename. You don't want one of those attached!
  11. I passed the Oct 2010 exam and received two letters. Can't remember what they were called but the first was a "Pass/Fail" letter and the second was information for Passing Candidates in Florida. It was basically a letter from the FBPE explaining the next steps to receiving your License. good luck...this is an exciting time!
  12. I made that mistake of going by the Apr 2010 results and got totally disappointed. The Oct 2010 results turned out to be the longest wait ever for most states. Something to do with their "streamlined" process improvement.
  13. By Dark Knight? Cuz, then you might have some cred... Except for last of the longest, most agonizing, excruciating waits, ever... Oh well, at least I'm not waiting this time! Yea that was a painful wait. Probably go down in the record books as the longest wait ever. Just glad I don't have to deal with that again although the celebrating part was fun!
  14. Whatever date you predict the results to come out, just add an additional 2 weeks to it.
  15. Yes...this is totally normal. I felt pretty good after the exam but the more I thought about the problems the more I convinced myself I got them all wrong. There is not much you can do at this point. The waiting stinks but weeks before the results come out you will be a wreck. And this board will be buzzing with anticipation. When you get that passing letter and read those first few words that say "Congratulations..." you will be on a high for weeks. I think I was more excited knowing I didn't have to go through all that again.
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