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  1. Yea thats what this article says to: Some states aren't going to allow it without retaking the principles and practice exam at least not right now....
  2. I passed the principles and practice exam in Illinois before I had my required experience in. I passed in Oct 2010 and had my required experience complete in May 2011. I have heard that other states will not accept my professional engineer license to be transferred to their state because of this. Has anyone else heard this or run into a situation where this was the case? If so, do you have a list of states that will not allow my license to transfer to their state without retaking the principles and practice exam? TIA!
  3. I would also be teaching math. I enjoy engineering but I would love to be a teacher.
  4. I'm sorry that sucks. Mine came through last Friday, so a pretty quick turnaround after the meeting. As far as the math I had was Calculus I, II, III and Differential Equations. There may have been one other class but I don't remember.
  5. Thank you! I didn't realize that was a step that had to be done. I still wonder why license numbers are posted almost daily, surely they aren't still putting them up from the 06/23 meeting. Also I do not think they are all reciprocation licenses because plenty of them are from IL, oh well. Thanks again.
  6. Still not have it? I had it on 27th 4 days after the board meeting. You better check it I sent my experience in after my exam... it is being reviewed next meeting Ok, maybe you can help me. My timeline is below, I'm just wondering what the holdup is. -I passed the PE exam in Oct. 2010, -Had my experience complete at the end of May sent in my application and it was denied (It took them 2 weeks to deny it) since I didn't turn in experience forms for my co-op (they were certified on my college transcript, why do I need VE-PNG forms but either way). -Sent in those 3 VE-PNG forms and IDFPR received them July 6, I'm still waiting. I had not heard of having my experience approved by the board but is that what I'm waiting on, and if that is the case why do licenses get approved everyday? Thank you in advance!
  7. Great question, interested to hear the answer. Also, an engineer I work with says IL stopped giving scores for passing exams years ago, even though other states still do it. I was wondering if that's true.... I failed the exam last Oct. and a diagnostic report came in the mail with a graphical analysis of correct answers for each area (Geotech, WR, Transp. etc.) I thought it was helpful in identifying weak areas. I got it about a week after the results were posted on CTS website. Not sure if they give any result info for passing. They do not give a diagnostics report if you Pass. Now that you all have licenses maybe they can begin verifying my experience.
  8. asunw


    The board said to wait until June. I'll probably mail it in a few days before I'm eligible.
  9. asunw


    I emailed the board we'll see what they say.
  10. asunw


    Darn, thanks for the quick answer.
  11. asunw


    Quick question: I passed in October and am eligible for licensure at the end of May. I was planning on sending in all of my paperwork to IDPFR tomorrow. Does anyone see a problem with this?
  12. Principles and Practice of Engineering: Civil Engineering, Sample Questions and Solutions from NCEES has sold.
  13. I agree with all of your points, but I also think civils everyday work is geared more towards the PE exam as well, where as electrical isn't. I work for an MEP consultant so I don't deal with half of the things on the exam and going through school. Come to find out I might have actually qualified for my license in Illinois. I need to email the board and find out but I have: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2006 M.Eng Electrical Engineering 2009 One year of co-op I worked full time from 08-09 which I will need to count for my experience so I don't know if they will allow that or not will be the only thing. If you were in school while you worked full time 08-09. IL will not count that experience I have an email where I asked the same question.
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