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  1. GerardCA

    Surveying Exam - Online Review Course Advice

    I used Mansour's dvd's, notes, and problem/solution manual. I found them to be very useful for this test. I have heard that the Irvine Institute class is very good also.
  2. GerardCA

    CERM Edition 11, Lindeberg Pract. Probs Ed. 11

    If item 2 is still available, please contact me at geramanuel33@yahoo.com thanks
  3. GerardCA

    References for the Construction Depth

    Did someone use the Ruwan Rajapaske Construction Book? I would like to know how good was this book for this module thanks
  4. GerardCA

    CA Results

    I live in So. Cal I got my results today. I need to start studying for next time. Good luck to the rest of you!!
  5. I am looking for a review class in Southern CA. Does anyone has any recomendations? Thanks
  6. GerardCA

    CERM ?

    Is the CERM 10th edition necesary for the water/enviromental module or the previous edition is enough?