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  1. Bump of thread to say I was in the same room as ya'll and passed! Congrats to those that did, and for those that weren't as fortunate, best of luck in April!!
  2. Audioaddict - PASSED PE ELECTRICAL (POWER) - SC
  3. I used my PE in the signature the very next day after getting my results (still two weeks from getting a license # in NY). Funny thing was that I was laid off two days later, so in the grand scheme of things no one was hurt, lol. And at least I got the message across that I was a PE before I left!!!!!!!!!
  4. Is it okay that I post the first failing score in this thread?? Am I in the wrong thread? LOL! Ugh. First off, congrats to everyone who passed! I wouldn't wish failing on my worst enemy or anything along the lines of misery loves company. It's a tough test, and hopefully you are all as excited as I was when I passed the Fire Protection PE exam a few years ago!!! Anyways, took the test in South Carolina, Electrical/Power, 47/80. That's a one question improvement over the last exam I took (October 2010). I took the review course at Clemson which was fantastic except for the fact that they started it very late this year (about 5 weeks from the test date!). Additionally I didn't start any prep before then, and then work got real busy so despite my desires to really put in the effort this time around (#3), that didn't happen. I'd say I studied less overall than last time but did better. I believe in myself that I can pass this exam if I put in the right amount of effort with the new weaponry I have (2 practice exams from Imaginary, tons and tons of practice problems from Clemson review - a lot didn't get touched unfortunately) in addition to what I already have been using. It's becoming easy to start having a lot of doubt and losing confidence with each failure, but having passed a PE exam outside of my discipline I know it's doable. I'd like to say there's some indifference to taking this exam because I'm already a PE. Unfortunately that hunger is one of the necessary parts needed. So instead of giving up I will make a go for it yet again in October. I will start a separate thread going over my diagnostic, and laying out what I have and what I should have. Never picked up that Grainger book, and I feel like an idiot for not doing so. I will get this thing!! F****!!!!
  5. State: South Carolina Discipline: Electrical/Power Score: 47/80 Result: Fail
  6. Feel this thread needs a bump. I'm a licensed Fire Protection Engineer, and all Navy/Marines Corps fire alarm/sprinkler/life safety drawings have to be prepared by someone who passed the NCEES FP exam, no exception. There are certainly qualified Electrical/Mechanical PEs who can fill the role in most cases (maybe even better in some cases), but they are not allowed to seal these jobs. That's why I was hired as the sole FPE in a Civil/Structural/MEP firm in another state. Once the laws changed they had to sub out their seals initially to an outside consultant. In FP, given the specialty aspect this is rather common. A Mechanical,Electrical, etc. job would raise questions, although I contend there is always at least one or two good reasons why this scenario is kosher. My viewpoint is if you treat every job as if it were your own, then it's not a big deal to seal drawings prepared by another Engineer so long as you put in the proper amount of time to review the drawings, make calculations, etc. The sad reality is that the PE in the big firm is probably not reviewing drawings of his subordinates in the manner he should. A good chance it's not as good as these one off scenarios of reviewing work by an outside Engineer.
  7. BS - Computer Engineering '01 PE in Fire Protection - passed Oct 2008 exam PE in Electrical Power - passed ???? Hopefully that will say April 2012
  8. I took the PPI before. Some good materials, but not over the top dominant materials. To be fair I didn't fully exploit it as my study habits were a bit complacent (I'm already a PE in another discipline), but if you want top notch stuff on symmetrical components, power electronics and other annoying topics I don't think they were there. I am about to take the Clemson review course in two weeks -- 4 Thursdays with Engineering Economics on Saturday before the exam. Looking for this review course to get me over the hump. It's supposed to be the top one given proximity to NCEES.
  9. Sorry for taking awhile to get back to you...I wasn't checking the board recently. These are some pretty good scores for a non pass I think... Means of Egress and Water based have to come up, and I think those wouldn't be too hard to do. Means of Egress is mostly NFPA 101 and some SFPE Fire Protection Engineering Handbook. Water based is sprinkler calcs, NFPA 13 storage, fire pumps, and some miscellaneous stuff like water spray nfpa 15, hydraulic gradient stuff, fire hydrants. Which of these areas do you need help in? The Green reference manual by itself can cover everything but the SFPE Sprinkler for Engineers course can help a lot. Expensive class but I took it a week before my exam and passed. I think you could benefit from it. You can throw lots of money at this problem if you's up to you. An NFPA seminar on 101 could very well make you get a perfect score on Means of Egress, but I didn't do it and passed. A friend of mine did the CFPS review course (but didn't take the exam, haha) just to be very strong with the NFPA fire protection handbook. I considered this as well, didn't do it but want to do it. This is also a bit of money... Fire Alarms are my specialty...and while some questions seem easy, they definitely throw 1 or 2 nice hard ones, harder than anything from NICET III or IV exams (but those fools at NICET don't understand that). I could help you with this myself, but not sure how leveraged it would be to dominate this section. The good news is you did pretty well with the annoying stuff....100% on explosion prevention, a lot of people get 33% or 0%. Special hazards you're good. Fire Dynamics you could bring up a bit. Most of this is just knowing how to access formulas. I recently got a 2 time FP test taker to finally pass on his 3rd try. I'm confident you will be an FPE January of 2012.
  10. Same Score, and I take it we were in the same room as well. Pratt?
  11. Passed the October '08 Fire Protection exam at age 29. Failed to become a dual PE (electrical power) before 30....gonna be 32 this year, maybe it can happen this year. Been working since '03, graduated school in '01. Was laid off for awhile plus had construction experience that could not be counted. Had a buddy who was a PE at 25...took the exam at 24. Managed to beat the system somehow...counted experience pre-graduation and they let him.
  12. I was thinking of applying for a Texas license, because I hear they release scores there. Any chance I get my PE in Texas and they'll give me my raw score from when I passed in 2008? Or at least the scaled score of that test or my other failed tests?
  13. I failed PE electrical/power. Anyone interested in exchanging diagnostics? I'm down. We could do it in this thread or the dedicated diagnostic thread. Please give me more info. Measurement & Instrumentation: 0/6 : 0% Special Applications: 6/8: 75% Codes & Standards: 6/10: 60% Analysis: 4/9: 44% Devices & Power Electronic Circuits: 3/7: 42% Rotating Machines: 7/10 Electromagnetic Devices: 5/6: 83% System Analysis: 6/10: 60% Power System Performance: 3/6: 50% Protection: 6/8: 75%
  14. Because that's how life is unfortunately with these tests. Would you mind sharing your raw score? I got a 46/80.
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