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  1. I actually had to overnight mine to the TX board on the day it was due. I heard back about two weeks later. They send you all kinds of emails telling you what stage of approval you are in, and that they have received the application/ transcript. That being said they cashed the check right away so I knew they got that...
  2. There is no way anyone would have time to figure out if one module is easier than the other....
  3. anyone taking the ME exam in any discipline needs the Cameron Hydraulic Data book.
  4. I don't know about you guys but I have trouble putting P.E. behind my name on the signature of my email. I definately ordered new cards, but it just feels too pretentious. (is that the right word?) Maybe its because I have the least amount of experience of any of the engineers in my company and none of the older guys use the letters even though there are a couple of PEs out there.
  5. Texas doesn't require that a PE that you worked with endorse your application. They will take any PE who knowingly submits a reference of your character. Basically saying that he or she believes that your aren't lying about your experience at company A. I got my father in law to endorse my application even though I have never worked with him.
  6. So I got the stamp of my seal today. Since the Texas Board wants a copy of your stamp and signature on file along with a photo, (I guess this is for forgery protection), I set up my camera on a tripod, got dressed up on a coat and tie... (no pants) If you have seen the news anchor in HIMYM then you will know the look I was going for. and took my own photo then sealed it and sent it to the board. I think this will be the last time I have to seal anything in my career! 200+ hours of studying for two tiny letters. And all they had to say at work was this. "PE? Everyone gets an "A" in PE don't they?"
  7. I think you are talking about the PE, this thread is about the FE where 55% is the believed cut score. some states require a 70% score to pass by law. But the test is curved to achieve similar pass fail rates in each state. One states 55% might be equivalent score to another states 70%.
  8. Studied maybe 80-100 hours. All of it was studying the NCEES sample exam for mechanical. I worked the whole thing twice through and made sure I understood every question. Mechanical Thermal Fluids. Took it once and passed. Got an 88, but I only felt like I got 55 out of 80 questions correct.
  9. Extremely agree with Ecoli. Thermal Fluids is the way to go. The only thing I studied was the NCEES sample test and I got an 88. There is way too much reference material needed for machine design, and unless you work in HVAC there are too many codes that they could ask you about. Cameron Hydraulic data was my bible during the exam, but it doesn't have very good steam tables. I used my old thermo book for steam tables and probably used the Cameron book 15 times. Good luck
  10. Assuming a reservoir pressure of 15000 psi that puts the pressure at the wellhead some where around 500 to 1000 psi over the hydrostatic pressure of the sea floor. Average OD of the wellhead or BOP section is at least 36in. Any sealing surface would act like a hydraulic piston with a force acting area of about 1000 in^2. That iss about 560 - 1000 kips to keep anything sealing over the wellhead or the BOPs. That a lot of force to try to stop with just rubber. any external seal would have a tough time staying in place.
  11. txaggie04PE

    TX-PE results?

    As I understand it, there is a raw score and the score reported to us. And there is a non-linear relationship between the raw score and the reported score. Anyone more knowlegable care to add anything? I got an 88 and I think I got about 35 questions correct in the morning and only 20 correct in the afternoon in mech Thermal Fluids. That would put my raw score somewhere around 69%. With the amount of people who get 69's out there I feel like they must draw a line in the grades and try to hold the grades at or about the same pass/fail percentages each year.
  12. txaggie04PE

    TX-PE results?

    I passed first attempt. Got an 88. This is the first post I have ever written as I had to wait due to my screen name... Thanks for all the advise.
  13. Some companies offer in house courses for employees that they sell seats for to other people. I know Anadarko in Houston does this. I would not be surprised to find out if the majors had these as well.
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