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  1. im kind of upset to find out the chihuahua was a girl...
  2. This will fix your nipple problem from the last page...
  3. that is not what engineers at devon make. that is what the average salaried employee makes. the most common salaried title at the company is engineer. read what you post and dont exaggerate.
  4. i like PE, as mentioned above, having multiple degrees/licenses after my name it gets cluttered with all the dots.
  5. i agree- change that one to medical field. my husbands a doctor. other engineers i know are married to engineers, nurses, programmers, people that work in engineering firms, teachers, doctors. ha, that is everyone i can think of. i never thought of it until you pointed it out. my exboyfriend just married a stripper. :-) i was there :-D
  6. i had a bissel and it was terrible on pet hair. got a roomba and its fantastic. works better and i dont even have to do anything! brands i hate- norton- i cant even erase it! gm- my first car was a POS and the rest of my family keeps buying them even though theyre always in the shop. cant figure out that thats not normal. hard headed man. chrysler screwed me bad on my next car so im not a fan of them either. walmart- i stopped going in there years ago. crowded because it takes as long to check out as it does to shop and the workers are all pissy because they dont get paid crap. the NBA- youre overpaid brats and your season never freaking ends.....
  7. of all the crazy crap ive done, i cant repeat any of it "without being too revealing".
  8. i took wr in the pm, but here are my tabs from the cerm: fluid properties*, pressure on planes, buoyancy, bernoulli*, Re*, friction*, pipe systems* and tanks*, flow measuring devices, momentum*, drag, pumps*, cavitation, turbines, channel geometry parameters*, uniform flow*, weirs*, steady flow*, critical flow, hydraulic jumps*, culverts, hydrographs*, reservoirs, permeability and conductivity, flow nets items with a * im pretty sure i remember a question on. its been a while so im not too sure. i cannot reiterate enough to know mannings backwards and forwards. i think there were 3 questions on that. its not difficult once you get it.
  9. oh sorry- i was thinking we were talking about the pe. let me try again. largo is correct. you have a calculator and your equation book. if you dont know either one by heart, then youre at a disadvantage. you need to know exactly what section to turn to for each equation youre looking for. when youre studying, dont look up equations in your study material, use our equation manual. you can write in it if it helps but remember your writing goes away on test day. also, ONLY use your test calculator. at work, studying, balancing your checkbook or wherever. youll know it well that way. get a study guide, doesnt really matter which one as long as its reputable, and do one chapter a week. you have plenty of time. if its your depth area, skip it for now. when you get finished, go over your depth area one chapter every 2 weeks. know it well. make sure you can find all your equations. its not about what you know but how fast you can find and solve equations. in the am, dont skip whole sections just because you dont know it well. look for plug-and-chug questions- theyre easy points. do longer questions only if you have time. you can go through the whole test and do just the easy questions and start the whole thing over and still be fine on time. YOU WILL NOT ANSWER EVERY QUESTION SO DONT TRY. pick your favorite subjects and do those. at the end, pick your favorite letter and fill it in. i picked D because no one else did. :-) dont get discouraged. some of my coworkers took it 5 and 6 times and then passed the PE on the first time. theyre different tests so dont think youll be doing this again necessarily. good luck and keep coming back with questions!
  10. tough call. we'll go with: pe app- in texas its a bear. and tracking people down over 3 jobs and 4 states- whoopie! pe exam- its open book, how hard can it be? ;-) for me it was just a matter of putting the time in, in the end it wasnt bad. i fully expected to pass, as i put the time in fe exam- they give you the equations. if the question isnt in one of the equations youre screwed, but so is everyone else.
  11. never used it. got canned the week i got it, went into project management where i didnt need it and kind of like it over there. it is sometimes a hiring requirement so its nice to have it for that but i doubt that thing will ever see ink.
  12. i took the first test after the construction was added. there was no construction section of the cerm but most of the info was in there anyway. i passed with an 87. so if you dont want to spend the money then dont. get an extra construction book instead that will cost much less and youll be just fine.
  13. you can do it. ive done it. just watch out for water jumping out of the ground. if you also have high velocities it gets nasty bc of the erosion potential in the pipe at the back of the bend. but if you have high velocities you probably wont be doing this. we had a pipe like this 17 ft underground but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do :-) i think that was a 30 degree turn. might want to make sure and use water-tight joints even if they arent required, *just in case*.
  14. agreed- i hated having eit on my cards. they didnt ask me though.
  15. i really believe the trick with the PE is knowing your references. if you cant find the info fast enough youll never finish. it has NOTHING to do with what you know. if it did, it wouldnt be open book. you have to know how to solve basic equations. learn those. then learn how to find information in your books. mabe you need more books. maybe you need to tab your books more. why dont you list what books you take with you and we'll see if you're taking the right stuff in? how did you do on the practice exams? you should be able to find the answer to most of the questions in your books. if you cant then you need more books. wr and geotech are easier to take the right afternoon books in i think than some other ones, but start with the AM first.
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