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  1. I have last years NCEES PE Sample Problems book for sale. This was one of the most helpful books I used to pass the PE exam in October 2010. The questions were very similar to what you will see on the exam. This is the book that has 20 general morning syle questions and 20 questions for each PM topic. This was good because you can do all the PM problems to get extra confidence. Price: $35+shipping. I accept paypal.
  2. Does anybody have experience with roof mounted solar panels out there? I got a call from an electrician who is going to install solar panels on a customers roof. He needs engineered drawings to get a permit. I would like to take the job, but I have never dealt with solar panels before. Most of my experience is in the site development field, which most of you know is non-existent at this time (especially in Florida). Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. mpm1732


    I passed too!!!!! It's all over now!!!
  4. mpm1732


    I just took a nice relaxing dump... Did it stink? because if It didnt, that means you passed. It didn't stink. And when I wiped, there was nothing on the tp. It's called a ghost shit.
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    I just took a nice relaxing dump...
  6. The transportation depth was easier for me than the morning breadth problems.
  7. I wish I would've had it for the OCT 2010 exam...I had to guess on one question because I didn't have it. There were at least 2 more problems that came out of it that I had covered in my review notes.
  8. I took the OCT 2010 exam and bought the 11th edition CERM. I only bought it because I took the School of PE Review Course and I was told to get it as a reference. I think I could've gotten away with using an older edition of the CERM for both the review course and the exam. As long as you start studying from whatever edition you buy, it shouldn't matter which one you get. You can have my 11th edition for a good price if I find out I passed...GOOD LUCK
  9. I know for a fact that we will not have results before December 17...
  10. If at the end of this long wait I find out that I passed, I really could care less. If I fail, that might be another story...
  11. Hey KevinA, how long have you worked for NCEES???
  12. validation for Texas Board means match name and scores, which is a very quick process That would be the only "quick process" during this whole exam process.
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