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  1. jldavis2

    Last minute advice

    agree totally. A little bit of nerves is good, but if you've prepared hard you should have confidence in that. Last bit of advice, DON'T think you have to work the problems in the order they're presented on the test. Work from your strengths FIRST, give yourself the opportunity to see and solve all problems.
  2. jldavis2

    when to "quit" studying for exam?

    i didn't look at any "new" problem types or subjects @ 1 week out. I did do about a 30-45 min review of my notes and organizational stuff the night before but didn't look at problems/solutions. I felt better giving my eyes one last look in case I saw something I could pinpoint during the exam. All the best you guys, relax and enjoy it
  3. jldavis2

    Multi Discipline PE license

    My license says i'm a Professional Engineer, not a Mechanical Engineer, and certainly not a Thermal & Fluids Mechanical Engineer. Similar to you not needing to take multiple depth sessions to permit you to use your license in those areas, taking the test again in a different discipline wouldn't make you any more "legal" from what i know of the process. I believe the key is, if you have the proper level of professional on-the-job competency in a particular area, you can stamp and certify accordingly. Ultimately, only you (and/or peers) know if you have that level of competency.
  4. jldavis2

    Kaplan Material

    if you have your core competencies down but have a few areas where you get tripped up, it sounds like you're prepared. EVERYBODY has their difficulties (mine was unfortunately almost the whole subject of heat xfer) so the key is to skip those problems altogether. I put it like this: don't feel ANY obligation to work the problems in the order they are presented to you on the test. Give yourself the chance to see and work every problem that you know you can work. All the best....
  5. jldavis2

    Mechanical PE references for sale

    I have the following two references for sale, both in great condition: - Mechanical PE Sample Exam, 1st edition, 3rd printing ($60 new) - Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 3rd edition, 2nd printing ($55 new) Price w/shipping included = $50 contact if interested: john14_3@hotmail.com
  6. jldavis2

    Second thoughts on PM Session

    I don't know much about ME, but if I had been in the same boat in EE I think I would have just looked carefully at all the percentages for the "subtopics" in the exam specifications and picked what I thought I was best at and required the least study. Sometimes the questions overlap a little anyway, and don't exactly match the specification from what I hear. In my case for EE it was easy. I am horrible in power, and the computer section looked like Greek to me. So I picked the Electronics section. Thanks for the advice. I actually went and tried a random sampling of problems from the 2001 sample exam and did far better on the Machine Design without having studied for that section at all yet. I guess that settles it. I was in the same situation myself. I took senior coursework in Design and hated Thermo 2 and Heat Transfer. But I ended up picking T&F anyway because I was so out of practice with it that it didn't much matter at that point. If you are stronger in MD, just put your head down and go with it and don't look back. I think NCEES does it's takers a service by not allowing you to select your P.M. session on test day, as was the case in April. If you haven't picked your subject by then, you've got PROBLEMS!
  7. jldavis2

    Practice exam materials

    yes that's it. It is a MUST HAVE. PPI has a little bit of "false advertising" in my mind when they brand their Sample Exam as "the most realistic" preparation for the test [although still very valuable, enough so that I'm about to post it for sale on a different thread ] The most "realistic" is actually the NCEES Sample Exam. I would recommend taking this in a timed session about 2 weeks before the real thing. Leaves you enough time to work thru your mistakes and find your weak spot(s). I passed in April first try.
  8. jldavis2

    ft-lbm vs ft-lbf

    yeah there's a whole section devoted to it in PPI's ref manuals from what I remember. I found that as tedious as it is, tracking my units all the way through during prep made me think about what units are logical, and therefore actually understand the concepts better.
  9. jldavis2

    Response From Employer

    I've thought about this topic a good bit over the last 9 months since setting out for the PE (and gaining it this week!). There's two worlds here: the ideal one and the real one. Sometimes they coincide, sometimes not. In my position a PE license is not needed. However, if there are opportunities for projects where a PE is required, then yes I will be "more valuable today than yesterday" because the projects that hinge on having licensed PEs add value to the company. If this becomes the case with me and my company is not willing to extend a part of that revenue increase via an honest raise, then of course I'll be disappointed. In fact I will just continue in my current role, albeit while looking for opportunities elsewhere. Due to company shortfalls over the last 3 years as well as the bigger picture of industry, I've been consistently performing more duties for no additional money, not even cost-of-living. Hey if the company wants to use YOUR license as a means to gain marketshare and doesn't want to pay for it, that says something. As someone mentioned, it behooves them to produce PEs internally to maintain continuity and build a more valuable work force.
  10. jldavis2

    GA results

    and for those maintaining the spreadsheet: I got the word via email (to my "Junk" folder no less!) on Monday 6/7.
  11. jldavis2

    GA results

    I passed! Thanks especially to all MEs that shared tips and encouragement along the way.
  12. I heard that this was in the works. Out of curiosity I was tempted to look at the 2 other depths but knew it was a waste of precious time and didn't do it. Here's to hoping it won't matter for us April takers
  13. finally got around to unpacking my stuff from test day and found this coupon: 10% off your next online PPI order use promo code 'PSS1A' at checkout expires 4/30 (tomorrow!) enjoy,
  14. jldavis2

    # of Hours of study & prep

    1st try (and 1st use of 90% of the subject matter in 12yrs out of college) so.... 200+ hrs of actual review/problem solving with more for misc stuff like reading these forums
  15. jldavis2

    Mechanical PE

    "Since I felt good about the AM, I knew I was going to get it once the PM started. I underestimated. I worked the problems I could do in about 2 hours (20 of them). I came back and knocked out another 6 or so. The last 15 or so, I didn't feel good about. I probably guessed on 8. " Ditto here, except my first pass took close to 3hrs. Heat Transfer (my nemesis) came out in force. Fortunately I stuck to my strategy and skipped those problems and gave myself every opportunity to answer easier/quicker problems. But I still probably had 10 complete or partial guesses in afternoon. Just glad that the dreams of enthalpies, coefficients, and HHP have as of last night finally ended - for now....