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  1. Jonnyg83, can you use your PE without recieving your number and stamp and registration documents?
  2. Any ideas, when we are going to recieve the package from the CT DCP and when we use the PE?
  3. Congratulations everybody! Good luck to those, who didn't make it this time.
  4. Sorry to hear that "Ona". Good luck for the October. Is it your first attempt? and what is your subject?
  5. Finally, the long awaited results are here. I recieved the Pass letter from PCS today. Good luck to everybody, who are awaiting the results.
  6. Got results for connecticut through regular mail and passed on first attempt. Added Connecticut Alabama 6/4/2010, Regular Mail Alaska 6/3/10, Website Arizona 6/2/2010, Email Arkansas 6/3/10, Website Colorado 6/15/10, Email Connecticut 6/21/2010, Regular Mail District of Columbia 6/10/2010 Regular Mail Florida, 6/2/10, Email Georgia, 6/7/2010, Website Idaho, 6/4/10, Email (From State Board) Illinois, 6/4/10, Website Indiana, 6/3/10, Email Kansas, 6/8/10, Regular Mail Kentucky, 6/9/10, Regular Mail Louisiana, 6/1/10, Email Maryland, 6/18/10, Regular Mail Michigan , 6/1/10, Email Minnesota, 6/9/10, Mail Mississippi, 6/5/10, Regular Mail Missouri 6/11/2010, Email Montana, 6/1/10, Email Nebraska, 6/9/2010, Regular Mail Nevada, 6/8/10 Mail New Mexico, 6/3/10, Email New York, 6/10/10, State Website; 6/14/10 Regular Mail North Carolina 6/14/10 State Website Ohio, 6/3/2010, Email Oregon 6/12/10, Mail Oklahoma, 6/18/2010, Mail Rhode Island, 6/18/2010, Mail South Carolina, 6/4/2010, Email South Dakota, 6/14/10, Mail Tennessee, 6/11/10, Mail Texas, 6/8/10, Website Vermont, 6/2/10, Email Virginia, 6/18/10, State Website Washington State, 6/2/10, Email West Virginia 6/4/2010, Regular Mail
  7. bridgeengineer


    Looks like they are milk the cow. They are going to milk it until it's gonna drain out. Our luck depends on when it's going to drain out.
  8. Atleast that's a good news, so we don't have to wait for another month to get the results. Thanks for updates "Ona" as well as "rls"
  9. Can we complain about this anywhere or anybody? Does the PCS has any evaluation?
  10. That's really rediculous. They gonna sit on the results for week and a half? what the heck are they doing, are they reanalyzing the test or what? freakin PCS.
  11. Sameh, Can we assume PCS is going to send the results to us, not NCEES?
  12. Can somebody confirm this, does our results are mailed by NCEES or PCS? I did talk to one of a girl from my office, who took the last year april exam. She said, she recieved just a simple letter from NCEES saying Pass and later she recieved the package from CT DCP for licensing and further information. Does anybody has any information regarding this?
  13. Don't be discourage. I figure the guys at the PCS as big dumbies, who are not supposed to be there. Or else, connecticut is wasting public $$ by hiring those guys to administer the exam.
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