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  1. North Carolina gives the option of going to an awards ceremony. We got results on the Website first then I got my wallet card and passing letter in the mail with the option of either getting my wall cert mailed to me or the option to attend one of two Recognition Ceremonies in July (Raleigh on the 22nd and Charlotte on the 29th). I'm going to one of the ceremonies.... taking my parents, brother, grandfather and fiance...... This is more important to me than my college degree was... ............ and I'm just that much of a dork.
  2. Is it bad that I'm going to go to the Ceremony with my parents, grandparents and fiance and we are going to take pictures like it's prom night??? This feels more important than my college diploma.....
  3. I stand corrected, Looks like 9am was the magical hour.... Totally passed by the way...
  4. I was Water Resources and I found out the good news today..... Second time around...
  5. Holy Crap!! I just passed and I totally Screamed in my office and started crying.... Wow. Someone actually gave me legal authority to design something. What the hell were they thinking?
  6. North Carolina FE may have been released... but the PE HAS NOT. Wrong Board. Wrong Thread. Please do not add North Carolina. We are not scheduled to find out about the PE results until TOMORROW (tenatively per good information).
  7. This needs a bump... As do I at 417pm..... Looking forward to Tuesday Morning.....
  8. That's a definate No. They arn't very helpful... EngineerGirl is THE exception.
  9. Congratulations on the weight loss and the family addition... Hope all is healthy and happy.
  10. OH NO!!! I'm going to be in VDOT Training Class.... ALL DAY..... I wonder if I can get out of it...
  11. Ummm... My heart just did a stop drop and roll.... wow. a solid date... Thanks engineergirl! have a good vacation...
  12. VBinNC


    EngineerGirl ~ you are the most valued member of the board........ In my mind atleast. Thank you for all you do.
  13. VBinNC


    With that being said, I'm still going to go to www.ncbels.org every 5 min and type in 36736
  14. VBinNC


    It's all of the out of state people being processed first... I believe Mr. Zur was from SC if I remember correctly...... I am NERVOUS. I think I probably type in 36736 about a dozen times a day hoping it pops up.... I just want to know now.
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