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  1. started with a shared box of doughnuts for multiple reasons... a birthday, my passed pe exam, and an anniversary. After a few weeks I recently got my number and the company did purchase my seal (and actually got a stamp too without requesting it). When it came in I had just opened the box and had it out on my desk. My boos said nothing which is unusual since he notices everything. A few days later he did mention to me while we were enroute to a meeting together that he put in for a bump in pay. Did not specify an amount and I doubt the corporate office will award what he asked for. The only raises for 3 years have been for new credentials such as PE status and even those have been much lower and slower to be awarded than in the past. I agree with parts of the happy to have a job bit, but at the same time this has always been and always will be a good point in anyones career to shop around. Not always the case, but a lot of times current employers tend to have a hard time in seeing the upside and remember you as the youngster with less value than you may truely have. I have many frends in situations like my own where the market has prevented new highers from the bottom and we are a few years in and still just the new guy who has traditionally been the 'cheap labor' to do the mindless tasks and take over things the admin used to do before they got the axe. So I am waiting to see what comes. If it is not up to speed with the what I should get (based not on my desires, but raises I know for fact from billing reports other new pe's got) I will discuss it with my boss and see what the reasons are. If it is a bunch of smoke and mirors, then time to make a bigger push shopping around.
  2. Just had a kick off meeting for some work at a VA medical center. The architect we teamed with said during lunch that they are doing work for the VA all over the place. Did not get clarification if they have people that got licensed in each location or not. My boss and I are wondering if it is possible for us to do work with them in other states in addition to the local work or possibly team with a local architect in other states. Does anyone have experience with this type of situation? We are curious if the engineer on the project would have to be licensed in the state where work was performed if it is a federal facility (i.e. - fed. land/fed. jurisdiction not state or local jurisdiction?)
  3. Has anyone else submitted their signature form with seal and remaining fee yet? Estimate on how long it takes to be listed on the internet roster after submitting these items?
  4. Just got an email from DAPE with my number and the final steps to be 100% official. Submit a fee and return a form with your seal on it within 3 months.
  5. I have 2 coworkers that are still waiting to hear if they will be accepted to sit for the April 2011 exam. Does anyone have knowledge of how long it should be until they are notified of an approval?
  6. Anyone have any estimate on how long DE takes to get numbers assigned? I saw that they board has to finalize our standing at a meeting now that we have met criteria. Am I remembering correctly that the boards meets the second week of the month?
  7. Got the email monday morning, sent a copy to my boss, he forwarded congrats message to the office, we had congrats bagels for a morning coffee break. I'll expect a little something at some point, timing is the main issue. In the land developement field we are still kind of happy to be around after 2 years of this economic mess!
  8. gfreeman


    Agreed. I do not recall them telling us in Delaware that they were to remain on the table or not. When they collected the exam materials the pencils were left on the table. End of exam instruction had been read and we were told we could leave the room. I figured either way it was fair game at that point to take it home. I'd say 50% left them on the table, but I thought at some point it would be a cool little piece of history. For now it is still next to my calculator on the stack of books in the corner. I got my passing notice, but for some reason I still am waiting to move things until I ge my number from the board before I consider it officially over!
  9. Added Delaware Should have been last week, but the person in charge of validating the list was on vacation all week. Alaska, 12/29/10, Email Arkansas, 12/29/10, State Board Website Arizona, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Colorado 12/29/10 NCEES Website Georgia, 1/3/11, NCEES Website (SoS website observing holiday) Idaho, 1/2/29/10, IPELS website roster search Indiana, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Kentucky, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Louisiana, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Maryland, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Massachusetts, 12/29/, NCEES Website Michigan, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Montana, 12/29/10, State Board Website New Hampshire, 12/29/10 New Jersey, 12/29/10 NCEES Website North Carolina, 12/29/10, State Board Website Ohio, 12/29/10, NCEES Website South Carolina, 12/29/10 NCEES Website Texas, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Utah, 12/29/10, NCEES Wesite Washington, 12/29/10, NCEES Website Delaware, 1/3/11, NCEES Website
  10. Passed!!! Civil-Water Resources PE exam in Delaware
  11. Passed Civil PE! Congrats to those of you who passed, and best of luck to those of you who will collect another NCEES pencil.
  12. Really? That's awesome news! I had just called DAPE and the woman who answered was very short with me and only said they'd be released sometime this week. I hope you're right. I definitely believe Peggy over the woman who answered the phone. Peggy was very helpful during the whole application process. Agreed. I know if possible Peggy will get things done today. Fingers crossed!
  13. Anyone placing a guess as to how long into the day on monday until we hear something? I hope by morning so I can check my email at home during my lunch. If I go to some websites to many times at work it locks me out, so refreshing the NCEES site too many times may cause me to be locked for the rest of the day.
  14. Check on your state board website to be sure, but most states I know of once you are accepted to sit for the exam you have up to 4 attempts before they require some additional actions to be taken. Some states ask that you take an additional course or training in the areas you struggle with on the exam as part of the repeat application process.
  15. Our firm typically gives around 10%, but market factors as they are now will determine the amount and also the timing of the raise.
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