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  1. Although it doesn't really compare to humner... I went to an NFL playoff game 3 days after major cranial surgery. It was worth it to see the Broncos win their first playoff game since Elway, coupled with Tom Brady losing his first playoff game.
  2. I took and passed the Mechanical - HVAC P.E. in April. I am selling a like-new set of the Mechanical PE Readiness program, which I didn't end up using. MGI PE Readiness for Mechanical Engineering (Volumes 1, 2, 3) – Price $250 (original cost was $440) Free shipping I have never registered or logged in with my email, etc. So you may still be able to use the personal instructor help provided by the administrator...I am not really sure what the policy is on that....I was able to pass without relying on the instructor help or sending in the tests to be corrected. The books are in good shape and the practice tests, etc. have not been marked up.
  3. Doing a quick Google search, it looks like MA uses PCS for all of their PE licensing. Go to the PCS website and you'll find the Massachusetts applications, which includes places for references as well as the table we all know and love where you put in your experience and then have it verified by your references. If MA is anything like Colorado, you'll need to have your experience approved before you take the exam itself.
  4. Also, if you can get your hands on a copy of Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, I found it surprisingly helpful on the exam.
  5. Although my letter from the State says that I will be awarded a license upon passing the exam, and I'm antsy to add the letters to my signature, it's probably smart to wait until I have that number first.
  6. 11/15. I obviously need to study more.
  7. Anybody know how long it takes DORA to give out license numbers?
  8. About a year ago I found this forum almost by chance. It quickly became a place I visited frequently, and I'm honestly not sure if I would've passed without the valuable advice and tips that were provided here. I got my pass notice yesterday, and I wanted to say thanks to everybody here for the help!
  9. NCEES is showing I passed also! I almost can't believe it!
  10. Hmmmm....You may rely on it! Awesome, now I can order new business cards/
  11. There was an ejection during my exam at a table next to me. Nobody, including the guy sharing the table, had a clue what had happened, so I don't think it was anything blatant like a cell phone going off or having some other kind of recording device. Speculation only gets one so far, but nothing seemed to be up until it happened. I should've guessed something was wrong when the police officer started moseying down our aisle and stopped a table away while the proctor spoke to the test-taker. The person first acted shocked and then you could see the anger start. The pencil was thrown down and there was definitely a loud packing-up of test materials. If the proctor hadn't been a little, old lady, librarian type, there may have been even more aggression. But it was definitely surprising and I definitely felt bad for the person. Does anybody know, if you're dismissed from the PE, are you able to take it in the future?
  12. Definitely another beer...don't crack another book until you get your results. Like I've commonly seen on this site, I felt pretty darn good after the morning session, and then in the afternoon I took a beating. In the morning I first worked through everything I had a clear idea on how to solve (or knew the correct answer to outright) and had 28 bubbles filled in. The other 12 I searched through my books to find equations and methods of solving, and only had to end up completely guessing on a couple. Needless to say, I sat down feeling decently for the PM portion, but as soon as I started reading the problems I realized how much harder that session would be. I only had 12 bubbles filled before I had to start digging, and I guessed on a solid 7-10. I'm hoping I did enough to pass, but my confidence isn't super high right now. That being said, I was positive I had failed the EIT, the LEED Credentialing exam and most of my exams in college, so hopefully I'm wrong now like I was then. I took probably 12 books and used 4 heavily, 3 occasionally and the others not at all. I was surprised how much I used my unit conversions book and was very thankful I had bought it. The most exciting part was the ejection that took place at the table next to mine. Everybody in the vicinity was curious about what had happened. The test-taker definitely acted shocked and then royally pissed off when he was tapped on the shoulder.
  13. Even though I didn't start this thread, I have been feeling the same exact way as wjrez. Solomonb's and Merrimac's responses were exactly what I needed to hear and I really appreciate them. It energized me for this last week and now I'm looking forward to going in on Friday and crushing this thing. THANKS GUYS!
  14. MechMark

    Over It

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets shaken by the Lindeburg problems. I spent early this week working through SMS and was actually feeling decent. Then I sat down last night to do some of the Lindeburg practice exam problems, and felt like I knew nothing. I'm hoping for a minor confidence boost when doing the NCEES practice exam on Saturday.
  15. MechMark

    Over It

    I'm taking the HVAC depth. I plan on taking the NCEES sample exam this Saturday and then will use next week for any last minute studying that I may need after that. Like everybody else who is taking it, I'm just ready for it be over.
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