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  1. Possibly Vt is used in hauling because trucks are limited to a certain weight for legal weight on highways. Even offroad trucks are limited by weight, the amount of cubic yards they can haul per trip can vary as the the total weight per cubic yard varies. This is sometimes the case when you are asked for the number truck trips required to provide x amount of cubic yards material at certain moisture content.
  2. I was told a long time ago to put hard boiled egg in a milk bottle, they reach I and grab it, and since they won't let go of it they can't get paw out. I never tried, maybe it will work. Or you can put sugar cubes by a big pan of water, they will dip the cubes every in the water and it will dissolve, they never seem to figure it out.
  3. Has anybody purchased or tried out the remarkable tablet? I thinking of purchasing one. I hoping somebody had tried one out.
  4. Not my subject, but an acre-ft is an acre covered with water 12 inches deep, so an acre-in is an acre covered1inch deep. So from the solution 4hr x Q/2 = 200 acre-in so then Q = 100 acre-in/hr x (43560 SF/1 acre) x (1 hr/3600 seconds) x (1ft/12 in) = 100.833 cfs /in of precip. or 100 cfs/in. Does that make sense?
  5. I miss the HP 48G. Mine died about 6 months ago. I liked the reverse polish notation. I have Panecal free app on my phones, looks like the HP48, but I can't play Tetrus or minesweeper! So I just use the TI-30X IIS I used for the multiple times I took the PE. A friend in community college got dozen of us to buy a 12 of them in 1993, she got one for free. It was $180 each. Which was cheaper then retail. I think I used it on the EIT in 1998. RIP HP48G.
  6. LOL The ones that got the answer 16 must have used their computers Microsoft standard calculator; enter 2+2*4 you get 16. Using the scientific calculator entering 2+2*4 you get the correct answer 10. Using Microsoft scientific calculator entering 2+2*4 you get 10. Scary that someone needs a calculator to do this!
  7. Hi, Would suggest Principles of Foundation Engineering by Das. I think I have the fourth edition, I got it used for $28, I think you can get a used one on line for $40-60. New is pretty expensive, but it was the reason I passed the Geotech. Also a book I like is the Foundation Engineering by McCarthy, you can probably new edition of one of older editions online for less than $20, great bargain. It is a good reference book to have, helpful the Geotech exam, different then the CERM or Das book. Might not be the best book for retaining walls, but a good reference.
  8. You can probably expect a concept, lookup, or a regular question about the following: Modulus of subgrade reaction, Frost Heave, or Lacustrine deposits. A couple of questions that through me were questions about testing methods that I didn't have any experience using. A Das book about principles of foundations is a must. Or at least it was when I took the test in 2010. Good Luck.
  9. Hi, This is becoming interesting problem. I noticed when I studied these take off problems it was always easy make a mistake. I not sure, since I have not seen the original problem, but I think when it says the crew's productivity "Crew productivity is 200ft^2 /LH", it means that the five man crew will paint 200 square feet per labor hour. Which means the crew working together will paint 1000 ft^2 per crew hour. Hence 5 crew hours at $108/hr = $540, or 25 LH (man hour) at $21.60/hr = $540. So I vote for the answer $540. I think the problem was poorly worded, but another way to think about it is how long does it take to paint an 8' by 25' wall? With 3 people painting, a help and supervisor setting thing up, in 8 hours I think they can paint 8000 ft^2, at least if there was no chipping and it was only one coat, it can be done I think. I really don't miss my short time as a house and fence painter, and even less painting steel bridges, although that paid well, but I only lasted a month or so. Just my two bits worth
  10. I think the Bobcat excavator probably can do it, shouldn't take to long 5 or 6 hrs, if the concrete is not reinforced. $12k is pretty high. Just my two cents.
  11. Hi, I would also suggest you take your PE in Petroleum Engineering. Since you should be able to pass, you have a year of experience. Probably until oil prices climb back up, maybe get and civil engineer or transportation entry level job, and get some experience. Take the civil later. Never hurts to have options, especially since the oilfield is always up and down. Long time ago I thought about petroleum engineering when I was working as worm, chain hand, motor hand, and derrick hand, and hoping to be assistant driller. Then life happened, oil prices dropped and the rig got stacked out. Started working on workover rigs, great for six months then the wages got cut 25% and hours went from 60-70 to 40-45hrs per week. Then the cut insurance, and we get our 40 hours in three days servicing pumpers, breaking them down by hand, paraffin all over your clothes. That's when I moved back home. But my daughter was born in Oklahoma and m sister still lives there. It was a great experience. But I like my civil engineering job now a lot more. Good Luck
  12. Badger

    NFL 2015

    Well Green Bay put on a good show tonight. Don't like the Rogers much, but he and Janis made great plays to tie the game in regulation. Carson and Larry put on a better one in OT. I got to root for them, too bad they will lose to the Hawks. Just watched High school basketball game and local team really sucked, and tonight they played the league leading team, and they played really well, one of my coworker's kid made three straight threes in the third quarter to keep it close, then they almost won it at the end of regulation, then lost a close one in overtime. Two overtimes makes a pretty awesome day for a sports fan. Now if Wilson and Hawks can score thirty plus points on the board and Cam C intercepts a couple Cam Newton passes and D line does, well then I will be a happy camper. GO HAWKS
  13. Jmcc06, I would suggest Six Minutes Geotechnical problems. Like JeffCTN I didn't pass the first time, I also wasn't very well prepared. Need to do a lot a problems, I ended up doing about 95 of the six minute problems using Das' foundation engineering and CERM to answer the questions. I also answered all the construction and geotech afternoon questions in the NCEES 2008 Example problems. I also had an old transportation book by Garber which helped for several morning questions and two or three afternoon problems. Some I was able to look up in the index and find either an answer or way to solve some slightly obscure problems. You might try Goswami's books and sample test. I got one before I passed. I believe it is important to pass the first time if you can. Doing well in the morning is important as you know you did well in the morning it takes some stress off in the afternoon. Since it took me three tries to pass, I had way more books then I needed the last time, and was real familiar with the CERM and Das book. I think the NAVFAC but are good to look at but they are hard to navigate and the charts are fuzzy when I downloaded them. One book I had was Elements of Soil Mechanics by McCarthy, I got it used through Barnes and Noble for about $12 (like new), I had some useful charts. I was helpful on some of the concept questions. Not necessary but I thought was worth it. I look at work occasionally. You probably heard this before, but read all the questions first and get the low hanging fruit. Good luck to both you and JeffCTN.
  14. Hi would suggest getting a copy of latest NCEES sample exam and if you can find a 2008 NCEES sample exam which has questions for each afternoon module. I found a lot of the afternoon questions helpful or similar to morning breath questions. And use the CERM to answer the questions, it is good for most of them. Good luck..
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