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  1. rogerkamp88


    I got my letter saying that I passed seismic! this is the last part i needed to pass. I took Ahmed's class to prepare for this exam. I would highly recommend him if anyone is struggling to pass the seismic portion.
  2. rogerkamp88


    has the data base been updated with new names yet?
  3. I agree. Highly recommend. Great price and he really wants you to understand the material and pass.
  4. I have for sale the following items: 1) 120 Solved Surveying Problems for the CA Special Civil Engineer Examination by Peter R. Boniface (2005) 2) Civil Surveying Sample Exams for the California Special Civil Engineer Examination by Peter R. Boniface (2007) I purchased both of these new for the October 2012 exam date. Without these practice problems, I don't think I would have passed. They are lightly used. I'm located in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm looking for $50 + shipping for each (or best offer). We can also meet somewhere local to me if you want to pick them up. Please shoot me a PM or post in this thread with your contact information. Thank you!
  5. i studied the Hiner thoroughly and I simply didn't feel prepared. i felt like the Hiner simplified things way to much on certain topics and way too little on other topics.
  6. Can someone provide feedback on the webinars? I'm interested and strongly considering taking his coarse online.
  7. I'm interested in purchasing used seismic study material. I have the latest Hiner, ASCE 7, and IBC, but I'm looking for additional study material. This is the only test I have left to pass and I took it once so far (Nov 2012). I felt that the test covered a lot of basic questions that I wasn't prepared for. I've read that the 350 problems book is a good one. Are there any other recommendations? For those that passed recently, will you contact me if you are interested in selling me your used seismic study material? Thank you and Happy Holidays!
  8. rogerkamp88


    according to this thread, the database for civils will be updated on Monday: />
  9. Thanks for the update! there's still hope =D I am out of town for the holidays. i also listed my work address as the place to mail my results. unfortunately, my building is closed over the holidays so i can't get mail until we get back after New Year's. the data base is the only way I will know if I passed/failed anytime soon!
  10. has anyone's name shown up yet on the license look up website yet who just needed to take the seismic and/or survey tests?
  11. rogerkamp88


    For the guys that passed all four civil exams (ethics, 8-hour, seismic, and surveying), do you see your name on the California PE board registry website? The reason I ask is because I'm waiting to hear back about the seismic and the surveying results only. I passed the 8-hour and the ethics portion previously and the board has record of those.
  12. I just took the Seismic exam instead of surveying, but I felt the same way. I took the test at a Prometric test center. The desk space was small so I had to use the floor for a lot of my reference materials. When they saw that, they asked me to move my reference materials closer towards the desk. It was very difficult working on a desk with barely enough space for a keyboard/mouse. My figures book also came un-stapled. I felt like a lot of time was spent flipping through pages as well. I wished it was a properly bound book of questions with a Scranton instead of computers.
  13. Still for sale? I would like to purchase 1 and 2. Thanks, Roger
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