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  1. txjennah - If you had to choose only one review course, would it be School of PE or the one you’re taking now? Thanks!
  2. txjennah and JohnLee - good luck to you both! txjennah - May I ask, with this being your 3rd time, have you taken any other prep courses before? Also, is your current course online? Lastly, how far in advance did you start studying this time? Thank you!
  3. Hello all, I’m assuming it’s alright that I post this topic in this thread. If not, please let me know, and I apologize in advance. As the title states, I’d like old NCEES Environmental PE practice exams. Anyone willing to sell them to me? Thanks!
  4. CMacc, did you feel you were able to answer all the questions from the reference manual provided? Did you miss the ability to bring in other references? Like, txjennah, I’m assuming the questions will NOT reflect formulas, charts, etc from outside books, but will instead only reference the provided reference manual? Thank you!
  5. Dleg, Thank you for all your advice! It's all very helpful!
  6. Dleg, Thank you for your input! One must still study with all the other books (such as LaGrega, Metcalf, etc.) recommended on the consolidated advice thread, don't you think? Isn't that how one would learn the difference concepts and not just learn from the NCEES allowed reference? Also, with an 80 qu CBT, will there be those random qualiltative (conceptional) questions anymore that one would find the answer to in one of their many books they brought in? Or would all the qualitiative questions be able to be answered through the NCEES reference? Anyone know any Chem E that took the CBT exam? Thanks all!!!
  7. Maryam and kmill23, thank you for your responses. kmill23, please share your experience once you take the exam. So to clarify, I've sat for the Civil PE (Water Resources) before, so I've had the paper experience. I was able to bring in anything and everything. Unfortunately, I think I relied on that too much. Maybe a CBT will force me to truly learn the concepts since I won't be able to rely on solved problems. Also, from a person stance, my Spring is much more open than Fall due to birthdays and holidays. I'm curious as to how companies like School of PE are going to change their approach. Their website states they have already changed for the Chemical PE. I encourage others to please give more advice! Thanks!!!!
  8. Hello, It's been a few years since I've been here... boy oh boy did get a few surprises!!! The test changed from 100 to 80 questions for 2018!!! It's going to be computerized starting in 2019 and you can't take any references in with you!!!(Yes, I understand we will have access to the PDF version of the NCEES reference.) I was going to take the test some time back in 2016, and started to study/collect many resources, but had to put it on hold due to family obligations. Now, I feel I can consider taking it. I've never sat for the Environmental PE, it will be my first time. Please everyone, advise me, do I try for the Oct 2018 test (last paper test/able to bring in resources) OR wait and be part of the first group who takes the computer based test (CBT) in April? Here is the main question, will the CBT questions be "less complicated/more straight forward" since we will only have access to their PDF reference guide? I mean, we can't even bring in the standard Lindeburg one? Clearly I need some guidance. Dleg? CU07? Can I ask NCEES directly if the CBT will be structured to where we only need THEIR PDF reference to pass? I'm sorry if this post is too long!!!! I really wanted to explain my conundrum in hopes someone could offer some sound advice. Thanks for listening!!! Appreciatively, peacock321
  9. Hello everyone, I have the 2nd edition of Lindeburg's ENVRM. I don't thinks it's too different from the more recent 3rd edition so I don't plan to get the newer one. However, ppi's website only has the 3rd edition's downloadables, like Table of Contents, Appedix Index, and regular Index. I'm not so concerned about Table of Contents, but I'd like an accurate copy of the indices. Does anyone out there have a pdf of these for the 2nd edition of ENVRM? Or know how I can get them? Thanks!
  10. Dleg, I like it just fine, but I don't know how to compare it to the older version since I have not seen it. I'm slowing making my way through them now. Is your version very dated?
  11. Thank you all for your advice and help! I ended up ordering the international version of Davis and Cornwell and am waiting for it to arrive. My Masters is a pretty old edition (1998)... And I already own the newest 3 book edition of Salvato. So, I'm gearing up again and will probably seek more advice and support in the near future. Though when I do, I'll start another thread, to keep things better organized on the board.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm curious if one text is better than the other. I already have Masters (Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sciences) but was curious if I should also purchase Davis & Cornwell (Introduction to Environmental Engineering). The last few people who posted in the consolated advice thread said that the Davis & Cornwell text was very helpful and was highly recommended. Is there a difference? Thank you so much for your time.
  13. Congratulations to all who passed! Please consider posting in the "Consolidated Advice" thread pinned at the top. Thanks so much!
  14. Thanks for all the guidance, and especially all the specific advice. It really helps when we have to deal with so many resources. Speaking of which, I've read through the various threads as well and have come up with this list: 1. Air Pollution Control, by Cooper 2. Practical Design Calculations for Groundwater and Soil Remediation, by Kuo 3. Environmental Engineering, by Salvato (5th edition is one book, 6th edition is a set of three books) 4. Environmental Engineering Dictionary, by Lee 5. Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse, by Metcalf & Eddy 6. Environmental Law Handbook, Sullivan 7. Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Davis & Cornwell 8. Hazardous Waste Management, by La Grega 9. Environmental Engineering PE Examination Guide & Handbook, King 10. Sources and Control of Air Pollution by Heinsohn/Kabel 11. Applied Hydrogeology by Fetter 12. Hazardous Waste Site Soil Remediation by Wilson/Clarke 13. Basic Environmental Technology by Nathanson I think that I've seen books 1 through 8 mentioned the most. It's unfortunate that the 5th edition of Salvato is so hard to find. (Anyone willing to part with theirs? ) I really admire the members that continue to share, long after they've passed the exam. The rest of us EITs really appreciate your generosity and time. It would be so easy to just pass and never bother with coming back.
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