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  1. Hey does anyone have a link to the downloadable problems from I printed them out a while back, but now can't find the electronic version. I couldn't successfully navigate to them from the site either. Thanks.
  2. The CA board posted this one on Facebook. It's not as funny as the others posted here though.
  3. This coming from a person that has multiple PE on different disciplines lol Lol. I guess I just have some good self control and can resist temptations. My buddy's dad who works for a construction company was telling me that on their Hawaii bids or San Diego bids, they have to throw in a lower productivity factor due to people skipping work when the waves are good. I wonder how those places stack up in terms of PE pass rates.
  4. Yeah check your state law. In CA you cannot establish an LLC for the purposes of offering professional services.... Other states can.
  5. Then there is also the explanation that we have amazing weather about 360 days of the year and the last thing anyone wants to do is study when you can do something else fun.
  6. Yeah we get wallet sized every time we renew. However, I don't know anyone that carries it. I carried my first one for a year and then said, "no way." I don't see when you would need it.
  7. I got mine in the mail today. Funny they changed the font. The names are no longer written in Old english. Perhaps it was just too gangsta!
  8. I once read somewhere that CA has lower results possibly because we only require 2 years experience beyond a bachelor's degree whereas other states require significantly more.
  9. I think you are in good shape. I was in a similar boat as you. I took the mechanical PE, then electrical PE, and finally Civil (construction). I agree with your method of learning from The ppi reference manual. You will notice that the CERM and MERM are very similar (same author). There is lots of overlap. I actually took my MERM with me into the civil exam so I could answer the water problems. If you read CERM, it has lots of statements about requirements along with a code reference. I feel he puts what you need to know in there. For the structural depth, I think you are well equipped. Just make sure NCEEs hasn't updated their code references to new editions (eg. Asce 7-10 or IBC 2012). One of the things I did for a lot is code references is google them, find the PDF, print them and bind them.
  10. Anyone else considering doing this for old times sake?
  11. Hiner posts some of his lesson on youtube. That will be helpful. Some of the problems are so detailed that you can't copy them quickly. Contrary to doing normal work calculations, practice writing down only the minimum of what you need such as values you look up in ASCE 7 and CBC/IBC and write down only the formulas with actual values you will crunch on the calculator. Try to skip steps in your head while you practice so you don't have to write every formula down. This will kill you when it comes to time. You only have 2 min, 44 sec per problem on average. Bring a protractor for surveying. It is one of the few things they allow in the exam room. If you don't know the answer of a question, simply guess and answer and "mark" the question. If you have time you can review the ones you "marked" at the end. However, if you are racing to guess on the last few as the timer locks you out, you will be grateful you've actually have an answer selected for all of them instead of incompletes. Remember this is no penalty for guessing. Lastly, make sure you eat a light meal and don't drink too much liquids. Make sure you take a leak and drop a deuce just before you get into the exam room (preferably at the prometric center). The issue is they take you through this thorough screening before you get into the exam room which can take 3-5 min. You have to go through this screening even if you go potty and your time doesn't stop! Make sure you have the latest codes from ACSE 7-10 and IBC 2012/CBC 2013 for Seismic. Too many people have asked can you get away with the old codes. The definite answer is no! Particularly the values you look up for ELF. They are different. I would invest in the code master seismic design laminated sheets. They are good summaries.
  12. It appears that the CA board will in the future start offering Seismic and Surveying Computer Based Testing year round. That means no more waiting for the test cycle of April or October. I responded to one of their inquires as a volunteer. I'm not sure if I really want to take seismic again! Even if it is just for fun.... Read the following email: Good afternoon, Hope everyone is well. The reason for this email is that we are looking for a minimum of 50 licensees for Seismic Principles and 50 licensees for Engineering Surveying who recently took the Civil exam within the last 4 years and have not participated in any exam development with our Board. The 50+ people take part of an exam at one of Prometric site locations located in California on the computer, choosing a date to attend between June 20-27, 2014. You will be able to choose which exam you would like to take either Seismic Principles or the Engineering Surveying exams. The reason for this is we will be testing all new questions to see how they perform. While taking the exam on the computer there will be a button on each question for comments, you will have the opportunity to make any comments/suggestions to each question. You will be given 4 hours to take either the Seismic Principles or Engineering Surveying exam, the reason for a longer time is so that you are able to review each question, answer it and make comments and/or suggestions. Our goal is to have an exam that will be continuous testing without having any more exam cycles. In order to reach our goal we need to test the new questions to see how they perform before we place them on the actual test. I have attached an application and a questionnaire if you are interested. You will also be paid $32.00 an hour for your time and be paid mileage from home to the exam site. If you could please fill out both forms and e-mail it back to us with your resume attached. We would like to thank you for your time and we hope to hear from many of you! Vania Sevilla, Exam Development Analyst Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Ste 300 Sacramento, CA 95833 Fax: (916) 263-2246 Website: E-mail address:
  13. I just saw you have WA listed as your location. Some time ago there was a gal on this board with a Civil PE from Washington. She took the structural depth and didn't have an engineering degree at all.... i spoke with my state board last friday and you're right, i'm eligible to sit for the Civil PE exam. thanks for the input palvarez83. Congrats. Now it's time to put in some long study hours to get it done. Best of luck.
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