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  2. The Running Thread

  3. The Running Thread

    Smart watch can do that too.
  4. The Running Thread

    I sure have. But having a smart device on your wrist should suffice. Which then syncs up to your phone upon reconnecting. That's particularly why I went with the Samsung Gear Fit 2. GPS, heart rate monitoring, altitude tracking, and 4GB of storage space so I can also stream music from it to my wireless headphones. Let's step up your technology game Leggo...
  5. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    The commish can also look at this. Just sayin'.
  6. The Running Thread

    LOL, why would you need/want to run with your phone?
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  8. Unless they just recently stopped accepting NCEES records for licensure (not sure how that would benefit them), that's what I used to become licensed by comity in IL back in 2014.
  9. Countdown to Star Wars

    That is, until she did what she did with that ship. Which was pretty GD epic...
  10. Happy Birthday YMZ PE!

    Hope you have a good one complete with some sort of new Android gift(s)! And possibly kick back with a glass of JW Blue. After which I assume you will be lurking on both Facebook messenger and LinkedIn.
  11. Less Enthusiasm?

    This was my initial thought as well. Something I would not be willing to risk at this stage of the game.
  12. NFL 2017

    Uh oh @Ble_PE, inter-team turmoil... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21798557/carolina-panthers-owner-jerry-richardson-selling-nfl-team
  13. Less Enthusiasm?

    Indeed, but sounds like you are also financially on track with the right amount of discipline to eliminate debt as best you can. So essentially, the mortgage is our only debt. We had a brief glimpse of being debt free shortly before we purchased our home. We saved a sizable down payment and had no other debt for about a 4-6 mo period. LOL
  14. Less Enthusiasm?

    Not that you were asking me, but we purchased our home in 2009 for roughly $255k. We're about half way through that now and are aiming to have it paid off completely in 15 yrs (30 yr loan). But then again, we also have 2 PE's under the roof.
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