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  1. Banned because the only thing to fear is fear itself.
  2. I was also considering this for the other part of the basement we are presently finishing. Ended up being too much of a pain, both effort and $$ wise because it would involve similar work you described.
  3. Game Night was a pretty good movie that had me surprised a few times and laughing throughout.
  4. I was just there in Dec. for a friend's wedding. I stayed at Excalibur since it was the cheapest I could find at the time. Most of the wedding party stayed at the Cosmo and there was an underground bridge connecting it to Excalibur. Party bus was a good way to see the town as well.
  5. So the game was lack-luster, but any favorite commercials from last night? I liked the John Malkovich skit pre-game. The Game of Thrones/Bud Light Knight cross-over was pretty funny. And a cool teaser for the next Avengers movie. Other than that,
  6. We went there as part of our Vegas meet-up. Lots of fun. Also a fun fact, the overhead cranes in the turbine building were built by my former employer P&H/Konecranes. During the tour, I was offering all sorts of technical data about the cranes. Not sure if the tour guide was happy about that or not. LOL
  7. Happy birthday @PE-ness! Hopefully you don't have too hard of a day today!
  8. 2 kids in the house now, I might indeed need a break in Vegas this year. LOL
  9. Who's everyone putting their $$ on? I'm going to pick the Rams as the seemingly underdog in this match-up.
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