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  1. knight1fox3

    NFL 2018

    It is. And super annoying. I've been saying, if the NFL could put out ONE SINGLE INTERFACE that I could watch anywhere on any device, I would purchase. But instead, they have all these special days that are network syndicated and there's multiple interfaces. Hulu Live and Sling TV were the ones I was somewhat considering. I can still stream most of the games from the Netherlands though. LOL
  2. knight1fox3

    The Automotive Thread

    I'm on my way to Cincy now actually for an IEEE conf. Spending the weekend with friends and hitting up some Oktoberfest festivities they have there.
  3. knight1fox3

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Ya, there's no real way to completely disable, it just eventually dissolves due to inactivity from the commish. Kind of annoying actually.
  4. knight1fox3

    It's Friday!!!!

    Have fun at work today everyone!
  5. Since we all tend to travel quite a bit rather it be for pleasure or business, I found this to be an interesting article. I'm sure there are plenty of other annoyances too so feel free to add to this list. I can't say I ever encountered anyone eating a hard-boiled egg on a flight. LOL Ref: https://ourtripguide.com/travel-guides/top-5-dumb-and-disgusting-things-people-do-on-a-flight/ #1 – Unwanted Physical Contact - "One of the worst behaviors on a plane is unwanted physical contact. Pushing, pulling, jiggling, kicking, or messing with another passenger’s seat… This is just inexcusable. I had lowered my seat and fallen asleep until awoke to the man behind me grabbing my arm and yelling angrily at me in a language I don’t understand. After a while, the flight attendant explained to me that he was asking me to put my seat back to its normal position. Well, the debate whether seat reclining is rude continues. But going as far as touching another passenger is absolutely and inarguably inappropriate." —Caroline #2 – Malodorous Bare Feet - "Some people take their shoes and socks off and feel free to put their feet anywhere except on the floor. Have you ever thought that the airplane cabin is not your living room? We didn’t pay pricey tickets to see and smell your feet! And we definitely don’t want to see them at the same level as the food we’re trying to eat. I was on an 11-hour flight and as soon as I sat down I smelled something nasty. I looked down and discovered the surprisingly malodorous bare feet of the person sitting behind me. Asking somebody to contain their foul smell didn’t seem a nice way to start a flight, so I decided to activate the air nozzle above my seat and had to keep it on the entire flight. Why do some people like to make others suffer?" —Christine #3 – The Vomit Nightmare - "This is probably the nastiest puke experience ever happened on a plane. The most disgusting and horrible behavior on a plane is actually something I experienced unwillingly. Well, somebody had puked into the seatback pocket on the previous flight! I’m not referring to the air sickness bag inside the pocket, I’m talking about the actual pocket. So I was the lucky one who’d find the gross surprise. If planes are supposed to be cleaned between flights, then the cleaning staff decided to leave it there as well. Oh, and this was a full-flight and no I wasn’t able to change the seat." —Josh #4 – Dirty Diapers - "The worst things I’ve seen during flights all involve the kind of people who apparently don’t realize that smells can actually travel within an enclosed space. Like that woman who changed her baby’s smelly diaper on her own lap in the seat, right next to all passengers. And that other young woman who decided to freely apply perfume and then follow it up by painting her nails." —Patricia #5 – Hardboiled Eggs - "Are you the type of person who loves attention so much you don’t mind whether it’s full of love or hatred? Bring some smelly food and you’ll become the most hated passenger on the plane. I was once stuck in the middle seat on a flight like if this wasn’t enough irritation for me, the woman sitting to my left pulled out a whole bag of hard-boiled eggs (that had obviously been sitting out for a while) to snack on. That horrible smell was certainly not something you want to deal with in a confined space." —Denise
  6. knight1fox3

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    Picks entered. Thanks for setting this up last minute. On a side note, yes, Yahoo's pick 'em version is..........how do I put this.......special. Better than nothing though. They all have their quirks.
  7. knight1fox3

    EB Cycling Club

    This was the same guidance provided by the instructor during my motorcycle training course.
  8. knight1fox3

    EB Cycling Club

    So you're saying it's probably high time I purchase a helmet then???
  9. knight1fox3

    The Running Thread

    Well I finished the event this past weekend. But wow, it seemed about 10x harder than the first one I did. I completely underestimated all the elevation gain of this particular location. I realize being in the midwest that the "elevation" is still laughable to you westerners, but some of those inclines were killer! Saw a lot of people tossing their cookies and just getting off their bikes to walk. But I powered through it! And somehow, I even shaved over 3 min. off my swim time and over 2 min. off my run time. Both of which are usually my worst events. I ended up with a 9 min swim and a 28 min run. But the steep hills killed my bike time (transitions at 3 min & 1.5 min). On the descent, I topped out at just over 35mph so we were bookin' it! Still ended up with an overall chip time of 1:57 (previous was 1:55) though so I'm pretty happy with that. It was tough as hell but a heck of a way to end triathlon season!
  10. knight1fox3

    EB Cycling Club

    x2! Yikes!
  11. knight1fox3

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    The more you know...
  12. ^ also agreed. I've had this discussion so many times on this board that I'll let txj take this one. But the information she provided is accurate and something I also agree with from an ethical standpoint.
  13. Agreed. Any material that was purchased from a vendor such as School of PE is copyrighted material.
  14. knight1fox3

    The Running Thread

    Not bad at all! What I liked about it was the overall experience between events. I had planned to take all these transition clinics, coaching events, etc. But just ran out of time with work and the actual training for the event. So in true engineering form, I crammed by watching a number of different YouTube videos on transition tips and tricks the night before. So I had a pretty good feel for what I planned to do the day of. Ended up with a chip time of 1:55 so I was pretty happy with that. This is the event I'm competing in this weekend: https://www.devilschallengetri.com/