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  1. One Week (+1 day) left

    Hookers & Blow. Whoops, did I say that out loud???
  2. It's Friday!!!!

    My Friday. Off to Vegas this evening!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Ble

    Happy belated! Turkey bacon?
  4. What does the Fox say?

    It is.
  5. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    The default order for the games is chronological. And the corresponding points for the associated games is in descending order.
  6. What does the Fox say?

    Now I have to find the video for your exact phone make and model? Do I look like Best Buy? LOL
  7. What does the Fox say?

  8. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    LOL!!!! Dammit @leggo PE & @thejulie_PE. Please go back an re-read my very first post with instructions. Must be something with structural engineers and not reading specs. The first game of the week (i.e. TNF) most certainly does NOT have to be 16 pts. Yes if you miss that game, the system automatically assigns you 16 as penalty. But you can rank the games however you see fit. Leggo, when you first go to your picks, the top game doesn't have to be your 16 pointer. You can drag & drop that game to the bottom and then that game would now be 1 or 2 pts. So you don't just pick the team to win in the order that's pre-assigned based on game time. You order them anyway you want and the points assigned will change sequentially. Does that make more sense? I think that's the reason why Leggo is tanking. Because I can see how she's allocating point values and it was very confusing. Which is why I asked earlier on if you had any questions.
  9. What does the Fox say?

    http://www.techarmor.com/installation <------OCD about bubbles/debris with screen protectors. No issues with TechArmor. Thank you very little.
  10. What does the Fox say?

    Of course, silly.
  11. What does the Fox say?

    TechArmor >>>>> Zagg
  12. NCEES email in your inbox!

    But from the sample statistical data that has been collected over the past 10 exam cycles, receiving the email survey is basically a definite indication of exam failure. Yours apparently was an anomaly and has been duly noted. I also thought it was funny that trackerjacker thinks it don't mean jack! LOL
  13. NCEES email in your inbox!

    A colleague of mine got the same email within the week of taking the exam and failed. Also 100% provable. But now your distribution curve is skewed.
  14. NCEES email in your inbox!

    A sample size of (1) is not sufficient to make an absolute claim.
  15. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for stalking