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  1. me too! kinda sad that the card is just a piece of paper that we have to cut out ourselves
  2. Yup the database is fully updated now. Looks like 714 new licensees (pretty low this time around).
  3. THE DATABASE IS NOW UPDATED. Looks like about 700 new licensees this time around!
  4. HAHA Darius your situation is identical to mine!!!!!!!!! Congrats Mansour's books are what did it for me!
  5. I passed the survey and am now a PE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all others who passed! To those who failed keep your head up, don't give up, and good luck next time!
  6. lmao you are being paranoid. I've passed the 8 hr and seismic and still receive ads in the mail! hope that makes you feel better.
  7. how certain are you about the 55%??? I swear every time I've taken it I've felt like I had at least 35 problems correct but kept failing last time was 4th)......Im hope you are right. Its the only part for me.
  8. So do I need to take any paperwork to take the exam like the exam entrance sheet we used to take>? Or are our names in their system?
  9. So here's a crazy story for you guys. One of my friends got a phone call yesterday from the board. They told her she cant take the exam unless she had proof that she was there!!! And she asked them how to you want me to prove it and the person on the phone said I don't know, why don't you just email us details of what happened that day! Now she's panicking thinking her email may not be in enough detail. Besides its been about 2 months so how much can someone remember? It's sad cause I was there with her, and know she was there. And she's been studying for the past 6 weeks....AGAIN. I honestly would not know what to do if they told me I had to prove I was there to take the exam! BTW she is already signed up for an appointment for the week of the exam.
  10. thanks for all info!!!! So you're saying the sketches arent numbered yet it tells you to go to "figure g". Are you saying that you might be wasting time looking for the figure??? Also, are you able to take more than one calc with you? I generally like to have two just in case...
  11. So I can't make my backpack, I have to take a "box"?????
  12. It would be ideal if all we were doing was clinking answer on computer and we had questions in test booklets. I guess we just have to wait and see!
  13. I too am very concerned about this. The 2.5 hours for the exam is not enough time to begin with and now that it's on computer we would have to generate some problems on paper which will waste more time!!!!!! All of this is just too stressful.
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