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  1. Selling review materials on ebay: Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam - Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems - NCEES PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration Sample Questions & Solutions -
  2. I used all 4 ASHRAE books, MERM, MERM quick reference, and a binder I created with key formulas I collected throughout my studying. I also brought a copy of ASHRAE 62.1. Besides those I did bring all my books including 6-Minute solutions and NCEES practice exam just in case I wanted to look back through. Being familiar with locations of material and having pages tabbed in the MERM is key.
  3. saloms

    Hvac exam

    All the books listed above are great. I just passed the HVAC exam this past fall my first try using the books above. I am selling most of them below their retail cost and they are in brand new condition. See link for the post with the books for sale. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
  4. Never mind...I just received the email from PCS!
  5. I have not received an email from PCS. I am in MA and passed the mechanical exam.
  6. I took the Mechanical PE Exam for the first time this past October and was able to pass on my first attempt. I took both the PE and FE exam after graduating from college and there were two very similar studying strategies that were the key to my success. For both exams I focused my studying on doing practice problems over and over again instead of just reading reference materials and re-reading college textbooks. I have used the EB forums throughout the past years a source to ask questions and understand what others are doing in our common goal for engineering licensure. I understand that people learn and study differently, however I believe the method I used to prepare for the exam works perfect for the PE and FE exam formats. By constantly doing practice problems you are not only exposed to the different material and concepts tested on the exam, but it also does the following: 1. Trains you to read the question in its entirety, then identify what is being asked. 2. Forces you to open the MERM (or other references) and identify the location of different topics, equations, and appendix charts/tables. Throughout time you will have reference materials that are not only tabbed with the key items, but navigating them during the test will be that much easier. 3. Trains yourself to only spend the 6 minutes per problem or if you are lost to move on and come back. I can not stress this enough. Sometimes you get to a problem where you think you know how to solve it, but then it doesn't work out or you struggle. You must learn to move on and not waste time, by doing so you will get to all of the problems on the test and then have time to go back to any unanswered problems. I hope that some of this insight into my study methods will help anyone who is preparing for upcoming exams. I would also like to share that I am selling some of the materials that led to my success on the Mechanical PE exam this past fall. All of the materials are brand new and cheaper than what I paid for them on the PPI and NCEES websites. Let me know if you have any questions and/or interested in the materials. Mechanical PE Exam Study Material: 1. Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam (MEPP13), 13th Edition – PPI, Lindeburg (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $85 2. Mechanical PE Practice Examination (MEPE3), 3rd Edition – PPI, Lindeburg (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $85 3. Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems (SXMH2), 2nd Edition – PPI, Elder (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $75 4. NCEES PE Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration Sample Questions & Solutions (NCPEMH) – NCEES (more info) Condition: Brand New Price: $30 Please note that all of the prices listed do not include the cost of shipping. Please contact me for more information on the books and I can supply the shipping costs.
  7. Past HVAC PE exam takers, Did any question(s), or more specifically topic(s) throw you off or catch you off guard on the actual test as compared to the NCEES HVAC practice exam and 6 Min Solution problems? I will be taking the HVAC and Ref. depth this Friday. Thanks
  8. The duct is 24" x 24" (2' x 2'), therefore the area is 4 ft^2.
  9. ikesdsu and past PE exam takers, Did any question(s) or more specifically topic(s) throw you off or caught you off guard on the actual test as compared to the NCEES HVAC practice exam and 6 Min Solution problems? Thanks
  10. There is a problem in the PPI Six Minute Solutions for HVAC/Refrigeration that requires you to calculate whether or not a reheat coil should be added to classroom HVAC unit. The unit supplies 1000 CFM of supply air to the room. The classroom contains kids, age 7. My problem is not understanding how this problem is completed it is how PPI calculates the minimum ventilation air. I opened my ASHRAE 62.1 book and found the ventilation rate for classroom (age 5-8), 10 CFM/person and 0.12 CFM. The occupant density is 25 people/ 1000 ft2. Based on this information the space will need about 463 CFM of outdoor air. When PPI calculates the outdoor air required they only take the portion of the ventilation calc (people x CFM/person) and they do not include the second portion of the calc (area x cfm/ft2). This scares me a bit because now I do not know if I should be including this second part of the outdoor air calc when I go to take the exam. Anyone run into this? I do not have my 6 minute solutions book on me right now, so I can't give you the problem number. It is almost at the end of the book problem 75 to 85, somewhere in there.
  11. I do have the six-minute solutions book. Thanks.
  12. I am currently studying for the mechanical PE exam in October. I will be taking the HVAC afternoon section and was curious if anyone knows of additional books or online resources with exam type problems for both morning and afternoon. I have already gone through the NCEES practice exam and the problems from that I have heard are more realistic to the problems I will see on the test. I have the PPI mechanical practice problem book and practice exam, however these problems are more in depth and harder for the most part when compared to the NCEES practice exam. I am not saying it is a bad thing to master the harder problems, but I would like to study with materials that reflects the test more realistically. When I studied for the FE exam I used the website and it was an awesome resource. I have not found anything similar for the mechanical PE. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! If not I will continue to use the PPI books. Thanks
  14. I am selling my review manual for anyone who wants a great study guide at a reasonable price. The Lindeburg FE Review Manual helped me to pass on my second try and is an awesome resource. If you are interested follow the link below, I paid almost double for what I am selling it for. Get it on the cheap, good luck to you all. FE Review Manual - Lindeburg
  15. saloms

    FE MA results

    I passed!!!!! This was my second attempt I took it previously in Oct '09, both general in afternoon. I have been out of school for 2 years. You lose those test taking skills quick and when I studied for the April '10 FE I used, very cheap and it allows you to get your timing down so you can get to all the questions.
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