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  1. Hello XOXOXO,


    In one of your post you stated that you can take the PE exam in Connecticut as many times as you one. In other words, the state has no limitations as to how many times you can take the test. Is that still the case?



  2. I really miss having Spike. Manswers is great...and I miss UFC. At least we can catch the UFC fights at Hooters and have great wings! I don't have cable...which is why I am spending so much time on this board today while I'm home...
  3. I'm sure its embellished but real deaths all the same. They guy who died from anaphylactic shock due to a latex allergy while his mistress was beating him (he had been bound and gagged and was wearing a latex suit) was just, unreal.
  4. More at: http://www.wltx.com/news/national/article/...er-Hitting-Head Ahh...the freedom to be stupid. Can't beat that with a stick. I started watching old episodes of "1000 ways to die." (avail on Netflix, not sure if the show is still on the air). Totally and unequivocally unbelievable.
  5. Now that Congress isn't busy with Weinergate, yes, maybe they can focus on this.
  6. Yup...me too! I also started an NCEES record but can't finish it till I get my start and end dates for my CT license...
  7. Such a sad story...I have a little beauty who is 2.5 yrs old and it just breaks my heart...accidental or not, how you could party after something happens to your child is unbelievable. I haven't kept up with this story...and just gave wikipedia a whirl to get some of the highlights (if not the facts)...and I'm glad I never kept track of the story...there's enuf to worry/be depressed/be angry about in this world... I just hope that stupid woman doesn't get pregnant again...
  8. Belly-aching always has its merits!
  9. When dealing with the Empire State, answer each question thoroughly. Rephrase the question and provide specific details (tasks, specific codes and standards) and applicable dates. If indeed your total experience on these projects qualifies toward what they are asking for equals or exceeds two years you will be ok. I think. Good luck.
  10. My advice is to find an online civil engineering certificate satisfying the credit criteria. As for bridge coursework to get you into the program, well I applied to a Master's program, and was told I had to take three bridge courses to register. I got accepted into the program with these "suggested required" courses as a prerequisite...then I called my advisor directly and just registered for classes. I never took the additional prereq courses...I completed my master's with no problems whatsoever...sometimes you just have to forge ahead and hope they don't notice A typical civil handbook/CERM will give you much of the background reading for the AM exam. The PM exam will require a formal course be taken, and many hours of self study because it will be outside your area of expertise. Good luck...
  11. You don't need to "transfer" your EIT at all. You just need proof of your EIT (certificate and number). Hold on to that until you have the requisite amount of experience (4 years minimum after college). Each state has a different PE application process, but they will all require official college transcripts and proof of EIT. Regarding law stuff, I have no idea. M
  12. I took the exam 5 times as well and then registered for School of PE and finally passed. I totally recommend them... I took the course in NY by LaGuardia Airport...it was a 40+ mile drive one way, several weekends in a row, but I know it made the difference. Wish I had shelled out the $1100 bucks two years ago. Self study did help me tho...I knew the CERM upside down, and the course moves at a VERY fast pace...so self study is necessary. But taking the course right before taking the PE totally did it.
  13. When I log in and check my name in CT it says the PE exam results are still pending? How about for you? Tim Yup, still says pending because they are gonna send us a package in 60+/- days and we are gonna fill out more papers and pay more money before they turn it from "pending" to "active." But as far as I'm concerned, I'm a bonafide PE.
  14. I wrote on facebook that I had passed the PE. One guy wrote, "didn't know you were studying to be a gym teacher." UGH. Of course, I was forced to explain (on my wall) what the PE entailed. Then I just sounded like an a$$. I never win I tell you. But I still think of it and do my little dance secretly...
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