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  1. Does New York have an online lookup up for the F.E.? Thanks in advance.
  2. DPOR: "It's actually a pretty funny story what happened to your exam info." Us: "..." DPOR: "Oh well, it was worth a shot."
  3. I never heard of any Civil graduates making $50K out of school. If that's the case then things have definitely changed for the better since I came out of school (Spring 03').
  4. DPOR website is back on and shows 2 more, total of 29904. My name is not there yet. We'll be added by next Tuesday.
  5. -Didn't stress when studying (worrying about getting in 300+ hours of problem solving) -Learned how to quickly determine what the questions are asking for and if you can work the problem -Learned how to skip questions -Don't rush when doing calculations (you would be suprised at how many times you select the wrong answer by mistake) and of course tons of prayer.
  6. Passed Civil Transportation in Virginia. Party Time:
  7. By God's grace I passed. Oh yeah, time to celebrate! I'm going to be like this in my boss' office:
  8. 1 more license issued in the Old Domminion...
  9. Don't even think about it. I did it once and the same day they cash the check sent me a letter saying that no change was made to the score Ha, that's it? Not even a description prefaced to what was done... a signature of who verified it or something??? Sounds about right I guess... I believe somewhere it is written that since they have switched to the scantron/electronic grading there has never been someone who passed becuase of having their test hand scored, after initially failing. That pretty much sums it up to me.
  10. Probably a bunch that expired on 12/31 that did not want to renew for whatever reason. I guess this is forward movement.
  11. Good Morning Virginia. Still waiting, don't be discouraged. The end is near (whether that be good or bad...)
  12. 3 more commitee licences were issued...? what does that mean? If you put an "*" in the name filed of the DPOR license loop-up page, it will give you a total figure of licenses per discipline. The P.E. total increased by 3 from yesterday to this morning.
  13. I would imagine DPOR would be the first place we would find out from. Speaking of which, 3 more commitee licences were issued...
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