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  1. Still have my calculator and use it at work. Faster unit conversions than using an app during meetings. It's probably good that we don't see a lot of clients younger than I am, though...
  2. Congratulations! (Still patiently waiting for FE confirmation to get from Michigan to Wisconsin... hopefully soon)
  3. Edited to add: I would think the EB board member hired as marketing director for OM would be proud of his/her new job... and own up to it!
  4. Happy Fathers Day? Tired of getting ties? Oscar Mayer has you covered Edited to add:
  5. Too funny - me too, where is the thread where I stop in for 5 sec, type, "spam" or "twinkies" - I miss that Congrats! (I like you're new name, too!) (Edited to add: How many exclamation points in a post before people think you are trying to sell a used car? I guess if I HAD IT IN ALL CAPS THAT WOULD HAVE DONE IT.)
  6. We only have one kiddo - but I agree completely. Being a parent is easier when you can trade off, and catch your breath.
  7. Thanks for asking the question! Our top 10 thread spammers so far are: Lumber Jim 757 smckeon pe 641 Dexman PE 635 sycamore PE 613 Judowolf PE 551 BCIH 372 Phantom 333 pabelong PE 297 golfingdiver 190 NJmike 173
  8. getting a little brain fried today - started a new project. Trying to find information, and it's like pulling teeth
  9. Of course all the sci-fi people are thinking, that's the emperor, not vader!
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