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  1. I have never been the one to be committed to a company because they aren't to you. They hire you at a certain salary with 2-3% increases per year. Then 5 years later, they turn around and hire someone in a similar position pay them more money than you're currently making because the market now dictates more money but they never adjust your salary to market values. They continue to string you along at a 2-3% increase....So my suggestion is seek other opportunities...and if you're able to get federal goverment employment.... stay there and retire... I like your suggestion, it is time to look for new chance,especially the chance in goverment.
  2. Guys: I got my P.E., getting confused. Hard to move up along the rung of the ladder. Does anybody has such experience, around 4o years old, boring with current job, which is nice, good for retirement. Another side is the family which is VERY important to him so he has to bring the bread home. How can you guys find the solution for middle-age-crisis? Regards Lianwei
  3. I got my PE from NY this year, where can I get the stamp and seal?
  4. It is interesting to see engineers to discuss the polotical questions as mechanics fix the PC issues with hammer!!! I would think the US policy-make will close the door to prevent foreign engineers entering US if it can make the country better! I also would think majority memeber of the state education board are smart person as well becasue they are either P.E. or Doctor or both. They probably evaulated similar thoughts you had already. As a engineer, show me your proof "China has massive issues with plagerism and academic dishonesty, they have not done one original thing technically in a very long time (like 1000's of years long time)", otherwise, you can not claim yourself as an engineer! I believe that "1+1=2" no matter where you live.
  5. My BS from China is not treated as ABET so I have to need 7 years of experience----frustrating. Luckily, my MS from University of Cincinnati gave me 1 year credit. I finally got my transcript from my University in China because the Library has the program---as long as you pay, your transcipt can be translated and sealed and mail to wherevwe-------Lucky. If the mountain does not move, you need move to close to mountain-----You need make the Board happy.
  6. I am the PE in NY, passed the CSE in last October. According to the timing experience, It is hard for you now gather all three years experience and send to TX board before the deadline even with MS degree. Why do you not apply for the job with mentioning that you had FE, preparing with PE within a year? Actually three years I&C experience is not bad for job hunting.
  7. I had same issue, my BS from China is not listed in the ABET, so the NY Dept. treat my BS as Bachelor of Engineering, which means that I need extra two years working experience. I had enough years of working experience in US, so I finally got approval for the exam. Your case is similar, as long as you got the Bachelor of ENgineering, maybe okay.
  8. 200 hours It includeded the quiz, sample exam time, about 1 hour per day from Monday to Friday. 1st time, passed. I think after you take some sample, you know how many hours you needed, I add 1.3 multiplier on mine.
  9. Thereis comity between ABET and other country's education program, you may check the ABET website to see if your college in the list. Good Luck!
  10. I am looking for Sr outside when I am building the seniority now. It is hard to find 100K income, does anybody has successful experience? Personally I think a PE with 14 years expericne shall deserve that amount income.
  11. I am working at Utility, I had PE last year. I am wondering which direction to go after having license. As a engineer at power plant, 80% of the time does not feel the need of PE, but relatively stable, income is okay, not as high as the firms. I had no firm experience at all. Anybody had silimar experience for career development?
  12. You better explain this situation to WI exam board and ask them if it is okay you translate and let your university stamped it. Besides, you better check whether any form from WI need signed by your university. It is tough, you can do it, it took me almost 1 year to get the approval from NY state. Do not give up. P.E. is a BIG advantage for job hunting.
  13. For example, you had BS in Germany and you want to apply for the MS, or PHD study from a university in US, normally the university will ask you ask your college send the official transcript (NOT from youself). What will you do? If your college does not have the program, it will be tough. I do not know the requirement from WI, from NY, the Dept. of Education sent a form to my university in China, let them fill and sign the form ,send them back with the transcript DIRECTLY. You maybe can translate the transcipt in englishby youself and get it stamped from youe university if your university does not international education program. or maybe as you said, get it in German and pay someone translated in English and notarized in US.
  14. I had BS and MS from China and MS from US, when I applied for the PE exam in NY, they sent the verification letter to the University where I got my BS. It took about 3 months that the NY Dept. of Education get the verification letter back from China. I do think every normal college/University has the program of transcript translation becuase almost any University need the undergrauate transcipt for the application of MS, or PHD admission. Check your university, tell the board the mail address of the office probabally will make the verification fast. Do not fight with the verifcation procedure, find a way to make the verification done.
  15. I am using the editable PDF software to edit the form 4a. I wroted experience by project-basd way. I also put the code name along with i. Be serious, I has been denied once so that I have to wait for next year's exam.
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