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  1. TXengrChickPE

    Products/Brands that you hate

    We bought a standard (not pet version) Dyson after dog hair killed 2 $200 vacuums in less than 9 months. We have had it for about 7 years, and it's still going strong. I never thought I'd say "love" and "vacuum" in the same sentence... but I do love that vacuum.
  2. TXengrChickPE

    A week in Houston

    I live a few minutes from Webster. Maybe we (meaning me, you, and CivengPE) could get together while you're in town! Other than that, honestly, Houston in August is not much fun. You will want to be staying inside as much as humanly possible. I'm not sure if we've had a single day in the past month that it didn't at least hit 90F... most days we are closer to 100F... and August is worse! How old are your kids? Galveston has some fun stuff to do that covers a wide age range... both of my kids (age 15 months and 8yrs) like the Moody Gardens Aquarium. We haven't done the other Moody Gardens stuff since before the baby was born, but there's lots to do there. Check out www.moodygardens.com . My daughter and FIL like the rain forest pyramid, but most people think the aquarium is better. The Discovery pyramid sucked as of 2 years ago... we haven't gone back. If I had a whole day to spend at Galveston, and didn't have to worry about nap-times... I'd skip the beach and spend the day at Moody Gardens. Get an all-day pass ($5 off if you buy it online). I'd probably hit Palm Beach (sort of a cross between a beach and mini-water park) in the morning. After lunch I'd stay inside and hit the pyramids (Aquarium is best) and catch as many of the IMAX shows as possible. They also have a couple of short (12-15 minute) shows with some cool special effects. They are worth catching if you get the all-day pass... but not worth paying for individual tickets. Most of the shows are very dinosaur heavy right now, but most kids like that. Right next to Moody Gardens is Schlitterbahn. www.schlitterbahn.com/gal/. They have some huge water slides (with correspondingly huge lines, especially on weekends), lazy rivers, and other water-park things. Some of it is inside, but I don't know how they handle inside temperatures in the summer (it's heated in the winter). Personally, I want to go back, but without the kids. Unless the kids are at least 48" AND daredevils, most of the slides are going to be too much for them. I'll PM you my contact info, in case you want to get together while you're in town.
  3. TXengrChickPE

    Women's Room - come talk

    Wow, I just read this whole thread... I've only been gone about a month, but I missed a lot! Mary, you have some awesome stories! As for how I got into engineering, I was good at Math and Science in high school so the guidance counselor said I should go into Engineering. I had no clue what engineers did... but at 17, that's what I decided I was going to be "when I grew up". I was another female who didn't know until I got to college that girls weren't supposed to be good at Math and Science... as a female in engineering, it was recommended that I take a course about Women in science and engineering as one of my required humanities classes. I almost failed the class because the instructor wanted us to write/talk about how hard being a woman in a male-dominated field was...
  4. TXengrChickPE

    TX-Results- April 2009

    IIRC, you'll get instructions from the state via email and snail mail soon. You can go ahead and have your stamp made, but you can't use it until it is approved by the board. Your instructions will tell you to get the stamp made and then mail in a form with your photo and stamp imprint.
  5. TXengrChickPE

    How does EB.com make money?

    Oh, I don't really care what is done w/ that picture... I just don't think it is good enough to be calendar-worthy!
  6. TXengrChickPE

    How does EB.com make money?

    Holy shit! did you actually have that made into a calendar? That's just wrong!!!
  7. TXengrChickPE

    Would you let your family be a "reality" show?

    I saw her quoted somewhere as saying "The show must go on" They obviously don't give a rat's ass about the kids anymore (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it USED to be about the kids). It's the "Reality TV Show Curse". She says something about him on-camera that she'd normally ONLY tell her best friend, he does the same. Then, when they both see what the other person said, they react, maybe appropriately, maybe not... regardless, the boundaries that exist in a normal relationship disappear when everything's on camera.
  8. TXengrChickPE

    Hello from Switzerland

    I don't know much about Canada, but in the US, each state has their own method of licensing engineers. In most cases, you have to have a degree from an accredited engineering school and anywhere from 2 to 4 years of qualifying work experience (each state has their own definition of "qualifying work experience"). In addition, most states require a certain number of references from practicing engineers. From there, you need to take the PE exam in your field. The exam is the same no matter what state you take it in, BUT, once you pass the exam and fulfill the requirements for one state, you only get a license in THAT state... and you can only sign off on designs for that state. For instance, I am licensed in the state of Texas. My old company did projects in Louisiana, but I couldn't sign off on them because I am only licensed in Texas. Now, it is possible to get licensed in multiple states. You don't have to re-take the exam, but if the 2nd state requires more experience or more references, you have to fulfill those requirements before you can get licensed in that state. Also, each state charges money to be licensed. It varies from state to state, but I've heard anything from about $100 US per year up to $400 US per year. In most states, there are additional requirements if you let your license lapse, so you can't just pay for the license for 1 year, not use it for 5 years and then pay again in year 6 because you happen to have a project in that state. I don't know what kinds of projects you are getting in the US, but unless they are all in one state, it probably isn't cost effective to try to get and stay licensed in a bunch of states for the occasional project. Also, the exam itself is very difficult. A LOT of engineers need to take it 2 or 3 (or 4 or more!) times before they pass it.
  9. TXengrChickPE

    Explosions & Boobs

    huh? you couldn't even see the boobs! you guys are easily entertained.
  10. TXengrChickPE

    20 years ago...

    On this date 20yrs ago, I was looking forward to my 12th birthday... and finishing up 6th grade. I was dating a juvenile delinquent named Tommy from 5th grade (maybe 11 years old?). The day after school let out he stole his Aunt's car, picked me up at my house and we drove to Baltimore (about 50 miles away) and back... didn't get caught.
  11. TXengrChickPE

    Quitting Smoking

    That is so engineerish of you.
  12. TXengrChickPE

    Quitting Smoking

    IIRC, I have quit smoking 10 or 12 times... and that's only counting the times where I made it more than a week. The most recent (and so far, still successful) try was when I found out I was pregnant 2 years ago. I'm still not sure how I managed it... I was in the middle of studying for the PE, was having some marital "issues", and work was crazy-busy... and, oh yeah, I had just found out that I was pregnant *while on birth control*!! And, hubby refused to quit with me because he was "stressed". (He did quit later... but only because I refused to kiss him when he smelled like smoke) Previous attempts were usually w/ hubby or a friend. I never tried the patches or gum or meds. My usual reason for not making it was my partner giving up... I am another person who truly enjoyed smoking. Good luck.
  13. TXengrChickPE

    medical advice needed

    Well, it went from salty to sour... but has been steadily decreasing. I hardly even notice it any more. The hearing is lots better! I go back for a hearing test on Tuesday, so I'll find out then if it's back to 100%. What's really kind of cool is that I was listening to a song on the radio that's only been out for a couple of years... and I heard harmonies and counter-melodies in the background that I hadn't even known were part of the song before.
  14. TXengrChickPE

    A Week in the Hole

    I actually got asked to leave a job site once (by the foreman, who was an ass) because the illegals he had working on his crew weren't getting any work done with me walking around. I told him to fire a few of them and he'd never have that problem with any of the crew again. It didn't take long for the word to spread that I was a bitch. So, yeah, the words "smoking hot" and engineer CAN be used together
  15. TXengrChickPE

    self healing concrete

    If you read the whole article, it sounds like it's not intended to be used the same way traditional concrete is used. It sounds like it's concrete that acts like steel... so reinforcing would not be needed... in traditional concrete, cracks lead to corrosion of the reinforcement... with this stuff, the cracks heal themselves, AND it has it's own tensile strength, so the steel isn't even needed. Pretty cool if it's cost effective.